YAISHWARYAJ: CIC imposed fine in less than 0.66% cases

YAISHWARYAJ: CIC imposed fine in less than 0.66% cases: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/lucknow/CIC-imposed-fine-in-less-than-0-66-cases/articleshow/30789610.cms

Neha Shukla,TNN | Feb …

Whether it is rule of law that your friend is seeking information since more than five years in regard to penal action taken by UPSIC against erring PIOs of Mirzapur district . Some times it is told that five penalties have been imposed on four PIOs in two financial years as sought but latter it is told that only three penalties have been imposed on only two PIOs . More surprising is that even these three penalties are still not recovered from the salaries of erring PIOs which implies that no PIOs are penalized in this state as the imposed penalties are not recovered from the salary of erring PIOs. Where is rule of law in this state if the act passed in the temple of this democracy is not pursued by concerned staff of government. Accountable functionaries of government are taking rest and enjoyment in air conditioned rooms and public is spending nights without meal. Since more than two years ,8 posts of information commissioners are vacant and only two information commissioners are performing the job of 10 information commissioners but our state government didn’t make serious efforts to fill up the vacant post of information commissioners. Even the intelligentsia class is on the verge of hunger in this country because of corruption in the system. Please take a glance of following links-
 ,      http://yogimpsingh.blogspot.com/2013/12/it-is-unfortunate-that-no-pio-is_22.html,       http://yogimpsingh.blogspot.com/2013/06/no-penalty-was-recovered-then-how.html

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  1. There is sheer anarchy in the system. AAP leader Kumar Vishwash had gone to lodge F.I.R. as few volunteers of a party threated to kill him and attacked him . Police didn't lodge F.I.R. I was watching news today on a channel ,T.V. channel reported that when police is not lodging F.I.R. against the wrongdoers even in the AAP leader ,then how he will be instrumental in lodging F.I.R. in the case of common people. I was too much surprised with the foolishness of news anchor ,that inexperienced individuals reporting the news. Whether Kumar Vishwash is M.P. or merely a contender. Here police overlooks the M.P. and misbehave with M.P. . Once Yogi Adityanath had wept in the Loksabha because public functionary misbehaved and roughly treated him. Shivapal Yadav was slapped by policeman in B.S.P. government. This is U.P. Police.

  2. Whether this not constitutional crisis that in state of uttar pradesh , a constitutional body doesn't have appropriate members to carry out its function. Why central Government is not directing its agent to be instrumental in establishing the rule of law in state? Whether this lacuna devastating the transparency act couldn't be sorted out by central government as it would breach the autonomy of state government. In Delhi ,when Arvind Kejrival tried to reform the system ,then L.G. played the role of stumbling block for the government but in Uttar Pradesh when the parliamentary act has been kept at bay and its provisions are being grossly violated ,then Governor is mute spectator . Here position of rule of law is such that when a group of may attack you. Here goons and hoodlums run the parallel administration. On last Sunday ,three motorcycle ridden miscreants came who were in number from 8 to 9 abused us because I had expelled from the class one of them as he he was misbehaving with fellow girl students. When the crowed gathered ,they told the crowed that they have come to read tuition from Sir. When one month earlier I had expelled ,he threatened me face the consequences. This is the rule of law of this largest state of country. Here every one is feeling insecure . Here governor will not speak single word as central government is supported by the party which has formed government in the state.

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