Why disappointed henchmen of B.J.P. and its allies targeting volunteers of common man party.

The attacks on volunteers of common man party by B.J.P. and its
allies is showing desperation of Leaders of saffron brigade. This is not only
attack on simple, civilized and disciplined volunteers but tantamount to attack
of evils on goodness.
poll-related violence was reported from parts of Punjab on Wednesday. A mob
comprising Akali workers attacked AAP men and injured AAP candidate Dr
Dharamvira Gandhi in the Patiala constituency. Akalis have threatened AAP
workers at a village in Patiala. Gandhi suffered injuries on his head and the
vehicle in which he was travelling was damaged. This is
conspiracy of corrupt people of India to frighten the advocates of honesty and
corruption free government. But these people don’t know that whatever campaign
against growing corruption in the system 
was initiated by Anna ji and Arvind Kejrival ji can’t die out so easily.
AAP’s polling agents
were attacked in Patiala, Patran and Sanaur assembly segments of the
constituency leaving three of them injured. They were taken to Government
Rajindra Hospital, Patiala.
After the assault,
Gandhi and his supporters sat on a dharna outside the polling station, which
was later shifted to Patiala-Ludhiana highway where AAP workers blocked the
road demanding action against SAD councillor of Patiala Municipal Corporation
Rajinder Singh Virk for the attack.
Why are henchmen of B.J.P. are attacking on the civilized and
disciplined  volunteers of common man party as alleged by Arvind Kejrival?
anti-corruption crusader also made the allegation against both B.J.P. and
Congress who publically attack on each other but internally thay have tacit
understanding to cooperate each other.

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  1. Eminent eye-surgeon Balbir Singh, who is the campaign manager of the Patiala AAP candidate, said Gandhi was attacked around 4.30pm when he was visiting the polling station at Rasulpur Sadian village, where the Akali workers were threatening AAP members.

    "Virk has slapped our poling agent Satish Sharma at the polling station in a nearby village. We informed police but the help came only after the AAP candidate was attacked," Balbir said.
    Balbir said three AAP members were injured in an attack by the Akalis in Jalalabad village under the Sanour assembly segment of Patiala constituency. "Instead of taking action against the accused, police have taken our supporters into custody in Jalalabad," he added. -Amaninder Pal Shamra

  2. These attacks are being made by the criminal elements in the saffron brigade and its allies in despair as they were tension free to occupy the crown of prime minister but couldn't succeed because of AAP . Arvind Kejrival saved the country from going into the hand of communal forces who are not only communal but also corrupt.

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