Who is the husband of Sukkhan? Whether information Without father/husband is complete.

If a lady is married, then her husband is her identity as coincidently two women may have the same name but but their husband’s name differ so their identify is unique. Likewise if lady is unmarried, then her father is her identity. Unfortunately feedback about Sukkhan is without the name of her husband so we people are feeling difficulty to ascertain the identity of Sukkhan even when we are members of same village panchayat.
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Beneficiary Details State : UTTAR PRADESH District :MIRZAPUR Block :CHHANVEY Panchayat :NIBEE GAHARVAR Village :NIBEE GAHARVAR Beneficiary Name :Sukkhan (UP-62-001-022-001/9781) Personal Details Father/Husband Name 0 Gender 2 Category Other Whether Minority N Date of Birth Age at time of Survey 0 No. Of Family Member 0 Occupation of Husband Casual Labour Occupation of Wife Others Annual Family Income 0 Type of Allotee Woman-Married Allotee Status Others Epic No. 0 Ration Card No. 0 BPL Family Id No. 9781 BPL Member Id No. 1 Permanent IAY List No. 0 Unique Id No. UP-62-001-022-001/9781 Habitation Name 0 Street Name 0 Door/House No. 0 Bank Details Account No. 3999 Bank Name ALLAHABAD BANK Branch Name -Branch Code -House Site Details Site Alloted by Govt. N if Yes Whether site is Survey No/Plot No. Extent of the house Site(in sq.Yards) House Status House Sanctioned Sanction and Completion Details Administrative Sanction No. 1524 Administrative Sanction Date 10/5/2013 Scheme Under which Sanction IAY New Construction Unit Assitance Sanctioned 75000 InCash(in Rs.) 75000 In Kind(worth Rs.) 0 OrderSheet Details Installment Financial Year Amount OrderSheet No. OrderSheet Date 1 2013-2014 37500 5434 15/01/2014 Financial Details Installment Financial Year Amount Cheque No. Amount Transfer Date 1 2013-2014 0.375 098765 15/01/2014 Convergenc details Whether DRI availed Whether Drinking water is available Whether sanitary Latrine taken up Whether Smokeless Chulha taken up Whether Bio gas taken up Commonly used Fuel Whether Electricity connection is available Whether kitchen garden is taken up Health insurance Policy No Life Insurance Policy No. Amount(Rs) Health insurance Amount if yes,SHG membership No.

Whether job card issued under NREGA Whether work taken up under NREGA on beneficiare’slandork taken up under NREGA on beneficiare’sland

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  1. This is too much precarious situation that ministry of rural Development can't check the anomalies in the information available on its website. Think about the gravity of situation that no one wants to do duty for which drawing huge salary. Honesty and dedication is too much rare in this system.

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