Whether we are living in an anarchy.and habitual to this anarchy.

Why we are going to elect an anarchist as its prime minister when we know that several hundred farmers committed suicide in the state of Gujarat? Whether we are misled citizenry or still illiterate and can’t understand the pros and cons of its decisions. 

There are three most essential constituents to live a civilized life for human being which is Ram , Roti and  Insaaf i.e. his fundamental rights may not be infringed ,he must be provided source to earn livelihood and he must be guaranteed to right to justice.   When BJP came to power  in the leadership of  Atal ji with these slogans and with honest image of Atal ji, then every one expected that these rights of citizens will be guaranteed because public knew that Atal ji is honest and dedicated politician but these three essential components were so overlooked that citizens overthrew the anarchy of atal ji just after five years and its slogan signing India rejected by electorates badly. Now this time ,BJP  its leader Narendra Modi is accountable for non-appointment of anti-corruption ombudsman in the state of Gujarat since more than decade and latter after the interference of judiciary appointment of lokayukta could be possible. Narendra Modi is accountable for genocide of a particular community in the state of Gujart. This man acts under the pressure of business lobby as they are supporting the party financially.  This man is accountable for attack repeated attacks on public spirited individuals in the state of Gujarat as it never took effective steps to curb such unlawful activities but supported wrongdoers.is again misleading the countrymen with the help of print and electronic media to countrymen but the leadership is not so credible as was earlier.

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