Whether United State will come under undue pressure of India.

India is talking about privileges provided to diplomat and wants that its diplomat who committed breach of trust of Government of U.S.A. must be spared from all charges but U.S.A. not habitual to leave wrongdoer don’t want to leave the lady diplomat because of its dedication to rule of law and its image of law abiding country.
There is need to meditate on the following points which can’t be overlooked.
1-Whether it is justified that vast democracy in world may pressurize well governed country in the name of privileges to drop all charges for which laws of land don’t allow . This is principal law of natural justice that a if wrongdoer is not subjected to penal proceeding of the law of land ,then quantum of law breaking incidences alarmingly grow on rise and credibility of institutions is lowered. Whether this will not setup bad precedent for future generation. Other countries will also adopt such unjustified measures and get their wrongdoer diplomat protected from penal actions. 
2-Article 14 of constitution of India articulates as-  

Article 14 {Equality before law}

The State shall not deny to any person equality before the law or the equal protection of the laws within the territory of India. 
3-Whether this is not obligatory duty of U.S. administration to give equal protection of laws whether it may be Indian maid whose rights was violated in accordance with the New York minimum wages  act as in the eye law every one is alike i.e. all are treated with same iron hand if wrongdoer. 
4-It is true that a Diplomat dignity shouldn’t be lowered but for it many accountable officers of U.S. administration  have regretted. Whether the quantum of humiliation can be explained by Indian side. It is not easy to follow the path of justice but those are great who never leave it. This is the fight between right and wrong ,here this question arises that who will win? Answer is simple-Truth always wins. Thanks to the luck of Indian maid ,she will get the justice. 

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  1. This is foremost duty of every government to be instrumental in providing justice to women . How the Indian government can be stumbling block in providing justice to a lady of vulnerable section. Our constitution also supports the function of U.S. functionaries. How the privileges can be shield for a wrong doer?

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