Whether rigging in poll process can be curbed in India as election rigging still continued under shadow of power.

Network of volunteers to check pre-poll cash flow
To check the flow of black money into electioneering, the Election Commission (EC) has ordered chief electoral officers (CEOs) of all states to set up village awareness committees. These will keep tabs on candidates and their agents in the Lok Sabha elections.

Mockery of reservation policy of Government in
three tier panchayat system.
Mahesh Pratap Singh Yogi M P Singh <yogimpsingh@gmail.com>
1:01 PM (3 hours ago)
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http://yogimpsingh.blogspot.com/2013/03/mockery-of-order-of-court-by-acjm_21.html  With due respect your
applicant wants to draw the kind attention of the Hon’ble Sir to the following
submissions as follows.                
is submitted before the Hon’ble Sir that Gram panchayat Neebi Gaharwar
Block-Chanbey was reserved for S.C. in year 2000 and in year 2005 it must had
been reserved for B.C. but actually made general by district election officer
by making mockery of law of land.
2- It is submitted before the Hon’ble
Sir that Gram pradhan Neebi Gaharwar itself accepted that he was elected gram
pradhan of Neebi Gaharwar Gram panchayat on general seat  in the year 2005
and 2010 against the spirit of cyclic order reservation. As obvious from the
attached PDF containing the detail of argument of C.J.M. Court in the
handwriting of reader of court. Here rules with amendment concerned with
reservation of Gram pradhan seats is attached.
3- It is submitted
before the Hon’ble Sir that election of Gram Pradhan in Neebi Gaharwar is sheer
illegal and no prescribed rule was followed by the concerned in order to
provide benefit to sitting gram pradhan so election must be nullified of the
village panchayat pradhan and fund provided to village panchayat must be
recovered from those officials who are accountable for this serious lacunae.
Whether election commission of India is so credible that it doesn’t need watch dog.Constitutional provisions are floated and even model code of conduct are overlooked but concerned public functionaries don’t take action. 

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  1. Dear friends- Every one knows that cyclic order reservation means no seat will remain as such in next election as it was in previous election. In 2000 when the seat of gram pradhan was reserved for scheduled caste , then in the year 2005 it might have been reserved for scheduled tribe or backward caste in descending order of their population ratio. It was made general in 2005 but why it was again made general in the year 2010. This act of concerned functionaries in electoral process is against the spirit of cyclic order reservation in three tier panchayati Raj system . What could be done by our law makers if made laws are broken in this way by concerned bureaucrats. In this country law breakers are promoted because they money power collected through illegal practices.Whether honesty can be expected from such system.

  2. Whether it is justified that a seat is first reserve for general women ,then ,then it is made general and again made general. Cyclic order reservation is enforced. Whether cycle ever rotates in cyclic order reservation. Whether this act of panchayat department was in accordance with the law. It is categorically and repeatedly explained in reservation regulations that once reserved seat for any category will not be reserved for same category . Here come with illegal gratification and get result as you desired.

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