Whether ration may be distributed from other venue by overlooking facilitation centre by licensee?

Grievance Status for registration number : GOVUP/E/2020/11228

Grievance Concerns To
Name Of Complainant
Yogi M. P. Singh
Date of Receipt
Received By Ministry/Department
Uttar Pradesh
Grievance Description
The matter is concerned with the department of the civil supplies, District Mirzapur and mismanagement is concerned with the supply inspector Development block Chhanvey, District Mirzapur. An enquiry may be ordered regarding irregularities taking place in the public office concerned.
Whether in the lockdown period, a temporary control rate shop licensee may not provide the Ration to poor villagers from the facilitation centre opened in the village panchayat but providing from its own venue opened in the other village panchayat where he is permanent control rate shopkeeper.
Matter is concerned with the temporary licensee of Village panchayat Nibi Gaharwar, Development block Chhanvey, District Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh for many years.
Population of Village panchayat Nibi Gaharwar is more than 5000, therefore, in the village panchayat there may be two control rate shopkeepers. Because of rampant corruption in the working of concerned public functionaries, for many years, this control rate shop has been arbitrarily given to control rate shop licensee of village panchayat Raipuri, development block Chhanvey, District Mirzapur. Uttar Pradesh.
Whether it is justified to distribute the control rate ration from Raipuri which 3 kilo meters away from the gram panchayat Nibi Gaharwar in this lockdown period instead of facilitation centre Nibi Gaharwar primary school which easily accessible to poor villagers. Whether such working style of the department of the civil supplies, District Mirzapur is not proving stumbling block to most curative initiative of Modi Sir against giant parasite Corona Virus pandemic/ Global epidemic. Whether mismanagement can provide good governance if not why government of Uttar Pradesh is allowing such practices in the name of crunch of resources.
Grievance Document
Current Status
Grievance received
Date of Action
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Uttar Pradesh
Officer Name
Shri Arun Kumar Dube
Officer Designation
Joint Secretary
Contact Address
Chief Minister Secretariat U.P. Secretariat, Lucknow
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Arun Pratap Singh
7 months ago

On one side of screen, there is completed lock-down because of the direction of Prime Minister Narendra Modi Sir but it is surprising that ration to the poor villagers are being distributed at 3 kilo meters away from the gram panchayat which can never be justified. In this lock-down, one has to confine its rooms but government itself created circumstances for poor villagers that they may break the lock-down Whether such practices of government of Uttar Pradesh are justified?

Preeti Singh
7 months ago

Now a days, it seems that there is competition to break the laws and norms set by the accountable public functionaries which is quite obvious from the post. On the one side of screen, Modi Sir is appealing to citizenry to confine to rooms so that Corona Virus may not proliferate into the entire society but on the other side of screen, department of the civil supplies, District Mirzapur is changing the venue arbitrarily so that corruption may be paved way.

Vandana Singh M.P.
Vandana Singh M.P.
4 months ago
Reply to  Preeti Singh

निसंदेह योगी जी के शासनकाल में नौकरशाही अनियंत्रित है और लॉकडाउन के दौरान ग्रामीणों को 3 किलोमीटर दूसरे गांव में राशन लेने जाना पड़ता है ऐसे में मोदी जी मोदी जी बताएं गरीब जनता लॉकडाउन का पालन कैसे करें| उत्तर प्रदेश शासन का भ्रस्टाचार खुद लॉक डाउन पालन करने में बाधा है

Bhoomika Singh
7 months ago

There is no relevancy between the saying and working of the government which is quite obvious from this post. Modi Sir is saying complete lockdown as precautionary measure against coronavirus but government of Uttar Pradesh change the venue aap Control rate shop and villages has to travel 3 kilometre away from the village in order to get the control rates ration. Whether it is not mis management and creating hardships before the poor villages? If it is good governance then what is anarchy?

Beerbhadra Singh
7 months ago

Undoubtedly bureaucracy has been uncontrolled in the regime of Yogi Adityanath. Otherwise concerned officer tell this thing why the venue of the control rate shop was changed during the lock down period and villagers have to travel to 3 kilo metres away from the village panchayat in order to get the ration at the Control rate? Innocent and gullible citizenry is not breaking the lock down by travelling 3 kilometre away from the village panchayat when there is order to confine to their rooms.

Pratima Parihar
Pratima Parihar
4 months ago

मामला नागरिक आपूर्ति विभाग, जिला मिर्जापुर से संबंधित है और कुप्रबंधन का संबंध आपूर्ति निरीक्षक विकास खंड छनेव, जिला मिर्जापुर से है। संबंधित सार्वजनिक कार्यालय में हो रही अनियमितताओं के संबंध में जांच का आदेश दिया जाना चाहिए