Whether judicial mechanism is missing in this democracy because of tyranny and arbitrariness

Representation of Sudalai Kumar for full salary in accordance with the rule
Mahesh Pratap Singh Yogi M P Singh <yogimpsingh@gmail.com>

Reg. Inquiry report is pending for more than one month of time from the enquiry date 19-12-19
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Sudalai Kumar <ss.kumar1987@gmail.com> 29 January 2020 at 20:44
To: cgmchennai32@gmail.com, geomine@nic.in
Cc: Bala <balasubramanian.energyaudit@gmail.com>, Mahesh Pratap Singh Yogi M P Singh <yogimpsingh@gmail.com>


Today I visited the office of department of geology and mining for the status of inquiry report copy and status of my suspension concerned with my salary allowance. They are not giving the copy and da d that this report is still pending in DGM table. DGM, ADGM and PA are not available from 2pm onwards for any clarification of the same. Then I submitted this letter for inquiry report copy in office and attached herewith. I request you to finalize the report and intimate me the result of inquiry held for fake charges. 

Requesting you to take legal actions on all women for giving false allegations on me and reinstate me in government service with proper transfer and government benefits applicable to higher qualifications.

Dr. Sudalai Kumar, Chennai 74

எண்ணித் துணிக கருமம் துணிந்தபின்
எண்ணுவம் என்பது இழுக்கு.


full salary-noc letter_4.pdf
Mahesh Pratap Singh Yogi M P Singh <yogimpsingh@gmail.com>
Re: Reg. Full salary and allowances for Chemist Dr. S. Sudalai Kumar under suspension for more than 180 days
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Sudalai Kumar <ss.kumar1987@gmail.com> 29 January 2020 at 21:49
To: cgmchennai32@gmail.com, geomine@nic.in, indsec@tn.gov.in

Cc: Bala <balasubramanian.energyaudit@gmail.com>, Mahesh Pratap Singh Yogi M P Singh <yogimpsingh@gmail.com>


Way No. MAA555916775 View Ref./Folio No Click here to view reference no.
Origin Chennai Destination Chennai
Delivery Details
Relationship/Designation Self
Signature/Stamp DRS No DMAA16261420
Date Wednesday, January 29, 2020
Time 11:58
Status Delivered
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DATE Location Activity Delivery sheet
Jan 29 2020
CHENNAI Delivered – Area : GUINDY DMAA16261420
Jan 29 2020
CHENNAI Out for Delivery – Area : GUINDY DMAA16261420
Jan 29 2020
CHENNAI Despatched to CHENNAI-GDS IMAA56133290
Jan 29 2020
CHENNAI Received at CHENNAI-GDY IMAA56133289
Jan 28 2020
CHENNAI Despatched to CHENNAI-GDY IMAA3004366

On Tue, Jan 28, 2020, 4:35 PM Sudalai Kumar <ss.kumar1987@gmail.com> wrote:

Attached is letters for Noc and full salary.

On Tue, Jan 28, 2020, 12:20 PM Sudalai Kumar <ss.kumar1987@gmail.com> wrote:

Dated: 28-01-2020


Dr. S. Sudalai Kumar (Chemist, U/S)

Plot No 40. DAC Delight Door no. F8

Venkateshwara Nagar 5th street

Pozhichalur, Chennai-74


The Director

Department of Geology and Mining

Chennai – 600 032


Sub: Subsistence and dearness allowance for Chemist S. Sudalai Kumar under suspension for the month of January 2020 and full salary after completion of 180 days suspension period or six months.

1. Ref.1. 4552/PM1/2019 dated 22-07-19, 31-10-19 and 16-12-19.

2. Ref.2. NHRC order 1545/22/13/2019 dated 22-07-19.

3. WP(C) No.1363/2019 High court of Tripura dated 09-01-2020.

I am S. Sudalai Kumar, Chemist in department of geology and mining placed under suspension since 22 July 2019 and completed almost six months time periods or 190 days in suspension. I am being unemployed from 23 rd July 2019 to till today January 2020. I have got subsistence and dearness allowances from July 2019 to December 2019. Now, I request you to credit these two allowances applicable for the completion of 180 days of suspension period on January 2020 and full salary hereafter.

The report of preliminary inquiry held on 19-12-19 is still pending and request you to act on it as per NHRC order. I also request you to follow the order of NHRC and cancel my suspension framed under fake charges for full salary. I also request you to credit the remaining salary deducted for my suspension period under fake grave charges from July-December 2019 and action on women staff members for giving false allegation.

Best Regards,

Dr. S. Sudalai Kumar M.Sc.,Ph.D.,

Chemist, Chemical Analysis Wing

Department of Geology and Mining

(Government of Tamilnadu)

TVK Industrial Estate

Guindy, Chennai-32


எண்ணித் துணிக கருமம் துணிந்தபின்
எண்ணுவம் என்பது இழுக்கு.


balasubramanian.energyaudit@gmail.com <balasubramanian.energyaudit@gmail.com> 29 January 2020 at 22:05
To: Sudalai Kumar <ss.kumar1987@gmail.com>

Cc: cgmchennai32@gmail.com, geomine@nic.in, indsec@tn.gov.in, Mahesh Pratap Singh Yogi M P Singh <yogimpsingh@gmail.com>

The great people of your department , industries department and Chief secretaries office will not do any thing. Do not waste your time by writing to them. I understand your anxiety and difficulties . Get the report and I will file a case in Chennai High court and in other grievances portal.

You have seen God has maintained Dharma in my case.

I have shown to many cases where God came to my rescue and saved me in India and abroad.

Just maintain Dharma and if possible try to help whomsoever comes to you.

தெய்வம் நின்று கொல்லும்keep this copy and it will come true.


P.Balasubramanian, B.E., M.Sc.(Heat Power Engg).,F.I.E.(India).,

LEAD AUDITOR: ISO 50001/14001/22301/18001,
BEE Accredited Energy auditor (AEA-0105) and B.O.E from Tamilnadu Govt.
Carries out Energy/ISO audit for industries & buildings of all sectors and training in HR & Energy Audit.

Author of five Books on ‘Energy Auditing’ and other 25 books on “Energy neuro programming” (12 in English and 13 in Tamil). The most popular ones are “Future with Nature, Reiki Secrets Revealed, Light the Lamp of Success, Cosmic Road Map of Success and Energy Neuro Programming (e-np), Success in the Digital World”.

Does free counseling and support for all problems (Physical, personal, mental, emotional) using e-np as service world wide and holds a Post Doctorate in Alternate Medicine. Conducts training on personality development and Energy auditing .

Age: 72 yrs, 50 years experience in SPIC, BHEL, ARAMCO, SEPL. 30 years in service to humanity

ADDRESS: 13/5, Masilamani Colony, near Vivekanda College, Mylapore, Chennai-600004, India
Telefax: 0091-44-2499 1234, Mobile: 0944417 5318 / 098407 37555,


Visit: www.poweraudit.cohttp://www.digitallifesuccess.com,

www.iso-auditing-made-easy.blogspot.in www.iso-auditing.webs.com
www.e-np.blogspot.in www.reiki-principles.blogspot.com
www.enp-for-life.blogspot.com ; Youtube: Reiki bala
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Sudalai Kumar <ss.kumar1987@gmail.com> 29 January 2020 at 22:18
To: Bala <balasubramanian.energyaudit@gmail.com>

Cc: cgmchennai32@gmail.com, geomine@nic.in, indsec@tn.gov.in, Mahesh Pratap Singh Yogi M P Singh <yogimpsingh@gmail.com>, cs@tn.gov.in

Dear sir,

I know that it’s true in your many cases of you that God takes time to kill evil தெய்வம் நின்று கொல்லும.

I tried my level best in trying to win corrupted officers according to Thiruvalluvar.

தெய்வத்தான் ஆகா தெனினும் முயற்சிதன்
மெய்வருத்தக் கூலி தரும்.

Even though God be against, Effort is bound to pay the wages of labour.

But always I fail in dealing these corrupted fellows because I don’t have much experience, money, goons, police and criminal woman to fight back these evils. I never stop fighting all for national interest.

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Mahesh Pratap Singh Yogi M P Singh <yogimpsingh@gmail.com>

Re: My Black day on 4th February- freedom of goons attack in India against honest officers work for national interest
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Sudalai Kumar <ss.kumar1987@gmail.com> 29 January 2020 at 19:00
To: dgp@tn.gov.in, Bala <balasubramanian.energyaudit@gmail.com>, Mahesh Pratap Singh Yogi M P Singh <yogimpsingh@gmail.com>


I have already given complaint on those website cctns portal and they are pending for more than years in concerned police stations. The reason for forwarding matters to you is to bring out the inefficiency and bribery in police department under your jurisdiction. My complaints are tls1856992, Ras 1818447 and ELS19120725 in different police station.
The police offcials are not taking petitions for honest action from the victims and revictimization of them using their power by receiving bribe from the criminals.
Altleast goons are taking money from one party and attacking of killing the opponent party after bribing police. But police took money from two parties as bribe and extending the issue to court for bribing judges and lawyers. Finally the livelihood of persons involved in criminal issues are totally destroyed and freeing criminals for next criminal issues.
If goons are performing better service to the scoceity than police service then what is the use of police and spending tax money on them. They are here for just saluting politicians and attended ceremony parades. These things can also be done by goons after giving money.

Dr. Sudalai Kumar, Chennai 74

எண்ணித் துணிக கருமம் துணிந்தபின்
எண்ணுவம் என்பது இழுக்கு.


On Wed, Jan 29, 2020, 8:32 AM <dgp@tn.gov.in> wrote:


Please send your online complaint to the following website :


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