Whether it has been impossible to remain impartial for public functionaries.

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Kalyan Chakravarthi


AttachmentThu, Feb 12, 2015 at 4:01 PM
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Dear Prof.M.V. Rajasekharan and all
Before you start reading I request you to read this email from top to bottom not as former dean of school of chemistry, not as one of the faculty of chemistry department but as a simple human being. I am going to explain everything so that I don’t need to explain anything later. Please do not come to conclusions and do not pass the judgements quickly.
First of all I have immense respect for you in my heart and your contribution to the scientific community is invaluable. You are a great man and genuine top of the line human being. I really admire you.
Now coming to your email response, did you read my previous mail properly? Did you read it at all? Or did you learned the contents of it by someone else? Bringing to your kind attention that those are not allegations. Those are truths with proofs. I explained everything in it.
Now coming to the DC committee members, I am really very sad to put them into this kind of situation. It is not their pain, it is mine. But I must do it because they behaved irresponsibly. I explained everything clearly in one of our earthly languages. Even then, they tackled the situation carelessly. I don’t understand how could they signed on it. My dear professor those are allegations. Those are serious allegations. Every letter and every word in that report is a lie. Ultimately I paid for it not you or not them.
Three years or thirty years it doesn’t matter. I am not fighting to add some extra two letters before my name. I am fighting for justice. I want justice not another useless degree to join some elite league. I think the whole department is clear on this point now.
Yes you happen to be the dean then. But you are kind of like you are there but you are not there. Do you have any idea how many students were left chemistry labs or deregistered in your tenure? I am not saying that you misused your powers as dean. What I am saying is you never used your powers as dean. All the time you remained silent. That DC report wouldn’t even cross the windows of chemistry department with out your approval.You also signed on it and you are also part of it. If you are so much offended by this, I will present myself before you so that you can crucify me and set an example for the next generation of research scholars to show what will happen to a student if he fights for justice.
.Some times i wonder how come my high school teachers have better moral values and value systems than some of the highly qualified faculty members here. You know my dear professor in the process of getting higher and higher degrees we are loosing something valuable that should be retained till the end of our lives. Fortunately I still have mine. I don’t know how many of you lost it.
A free mind can only do the research. A free mind can only wanders around the darkest corners to find something that is hidden and brings light to the mankind, not the restricted mind. Don’t put the restrictions on our minds. Don’t put restrictions on our freedom.
One should consider social, economic and regional background before
passing the judgements and before coming to the conclusion.  Tell me 
how many Einsteins this world produced after the Einstein and how many
Ramanujans are there after the Ramanujan and for the god sake don’t 
behave like you are all descended from the heavens.  And don’t say 
that quality of research will fall if you take softer measurements on 
students.  Nobody here asking for free Ph.D my dear professor.
I am son of a strong mother and I fight for justice till my last breath. The brothers and sisters who lost their lives to the medieval mindsets of some faculty members, here, in this university are also sons and daughters of some parents. Brothers and sisters of some. They are not stones. They have dreams. They have future. They are people who can’t be replaced for their loved ones. What you are all doing? You are all ignoring their problems and you are all paying for their deaths by colored papers. Bring at least one of them back, the next second I will pay millions in dollars to each and every department in this university. Can you bring them back? CAN YOU?
Student – Teacher relationship is becoming Prey – Predator relationship in some universities in India. Even Lotka – Volterra might wonder how the hell their equations are applying with only one species. That leads to only one conclusion. We are killing our own.
Now coming to your ultimate question…
“why did you not speak to me about this, or did you(i don’t remember)?” Here I can easily say that I met you and you didn’t really taken care of the situation. I can easily exploit this. Because you didn’t even remember anything. But I won’t. Because I am not a liar.
Yes I didn’t met you. Do you want to know the reason? Here it is. In my first mail I stated about the humiliations I faced when I went to his chamber to ask about the allegations in DC report. But I didn’t express anything. I skipped it deliberately because I thought if any one read it, I am afraid they would lose total faith in humanity and it would be worst spat on student-teacher relationship. As you are pressing very hard now, I am going to specify few.
Here is what happened in his chamber. I went to his chamber. I wished him. He didn’t respond. He didn’t even looked at me. I started talking. He interrupted me. He asked me where I am from. I said I am from Andhra Pradesh, West godavari district. Then he said “oh the land of agriculture. Why don’t you go home and become farmer. You are unfit for research. If you cause any embarrassment to me about the DC report, your Ph.D will be locked for 7 – 8 years and you can do nothing about it and none of the faculty members will support you.” (I don’t understand the concept behind these Ph.D locks) These are two of the finest humiliations I have faced. I don’t want to express any of the worst here. Do you want more? I can give you more. Now put yourself in my situation and ask for yourself what would you do? Ok may be you still taunt the same mantra, I go to the dean and report the situation. I don’t think a person as powerful as he and who placed himself above all the faculty members would remain silent after I complained about him. I may survive that semester but by the end of next semester I might surely be dead. I was afraid. I was helpless. I don’t want to be slave. I left the lab and I felt like a free man. I got my freedom back.
Now I think all your doubts are clarified. Now you know the whole story. If I start questioning back do you have any answers at all? And next time if you want to reply to me, please don’t ask “why did you not speak to VC”?
I have forgiven him (Aswini Nangia) years back for what he did to me. I am not looking for revenge. It is less than nothing to me. what bothers me now is, he is not stopping. There were some before me, and me, now Sudalai Kumar, and next there will be so many victims after that. When he will stop? I don’t understand what he is getting by the sufferings of others.
Some one has to stop him otherwise he will script his future by the blood of the most valuable next generation of India and build his empire by their flesh and bones.
In view of the above, I regretfully recommends to the University of Hyderabad to remove his private company (TBIso that he could concentrate on his academic work.
My Dear Prof. M. V. Rajashekharan
The right questions you should ask are
  1. Why things like these are happening in this university?
  2. When these things will stop?
  3. What should we do?
Every generation has to put some limits on its self pride and pass on its valuable knowledge to the next generation. We are not exception here. That’s all. Simple solution. Why you are all feeling so difficult to accept it.
Sometimes solution to the most difficult problem is not in finding the solution but in accepting it.
If some of you didn’t realize after all this, no one will come to share your noble thoughts and your labs will be left with chairs and tables.
I am putting my whole faith on current Dean of School of Chemistry, Prof. M. Durga Prasad who is outstanding and most respected among the faculty and student community of India. I hope he will bring some transparency to the system and make School of Chemistry prosper again.
On the pursuit of getting justice, I don’t mind fighting the whole Universe. If exists, Multiverse.
Yours sincerely
Kalyana Chakravarthy A

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  1. Think about the gravity of situation that a whistle blower is being taken under pressure by terrorizing him through goons. What can be expected from the government whose corrupt staff not only abusing his position and rank for amassing huge wealth but also forming a group which is being used for terrorizing the whistle blowers . Whether this is not signal of anarchy and lawlessness in this vast democracy in the world where Hon'ble Prime Minister of India few days ago delivered election rhetoric on several places that if he will come to power constitutional provisions will be protected. Dark is going to deeper and deeper what is impact of whistle blower bill passed in our temple of legislation.

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