Whether Indian Government acts under the pressure of bureaucrats ignores poor Indian maid.


India’s deputy consul general in New York was arrested in the city on 12 December on suspicion of visa fraud and making false statements, after being accused of paying her Indian maid below the US minimum wage.
The diplomat, who has been released on bail, denies all the charges and has in turn accused Ms Richard of theft and attempted blackmail.
Delhi had already ordered a series of reprisals against the US. Security barricades around the US embassy in the city were removed and a visiting US delegation was snubbed by senior Indian politicians and officials.
According to documents filed in a New York court, Ms Khobragade wrote on a visa application that the maid would be paid $4,500 a month, but she was paid under $573 – less than the New York state minimum wage.
If found guilty, Ms Khobragade faces a maximum sentence of 10 years for visa fraud and five years for making false statements.
Whether Indian Government which always remained reluctant in regard to rights of poor and downtrodden have jealousy with the legitimate action of U.S. officials in favour of Indian maid who was being under paid by the Indian diplomat.Why Indian diplomat mentioned in visa application that she will pay the Indian maid $4,500 but actually the maid was paid merely $573 – less than the New York state minimum wage. Why both ministers and bureaucrats are speaking in the same tone in regard to favour of wrongdoings of lady diplomat while she exploited poor Indian maid.Leaders of ruling party as well as opposition B.J.P. both are opposing the justified act of the U.S. Officials as they are habitual to accept wrong as right. There are many public spirited  organizations in this country but no one raised the voice in favour of maid who is also an Indian.

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  1. Hon'ble friends-Some times I am confused about my country whether we are living democratic republic or in an aristocracy where citizens belonging to poor and downtrodden class are acting like bonded labourers and their interests are always overlooked by accountable public functionaries. Here no one talking about the dues which is to be paid by Indian diplomat to her Indian maid but every one is talking of legitimate action of U.S. Officials by explaining it as wrongs . Why Indian Government is not paying the rest of dues which is obliged to be paid by its diplomat as dignity of diplomat is dignity of Indian Government. What is the wrong of U.S. nationals who are earning their living being if Indian Government may take retaliatory action as ipsofacto obvious from the news item. But think about those also working in the U.S.

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