Whether government of Tamil Nadu can not ensure proper security to its staffs as now resigning because of insecurity

Mahesh Pratap Singh Yogi M P Singh <yogimpsingh@gmail.com>

 Action on my resignation and suspension salary letter in DGM office.
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Sudalai Kumar Yadav <ss.kumar1987@gmail.com> 31 August 2020 at 02:12
To: cs@tn.gov.in, indsec@tn.gov.in, cgmchennai32@gmail.com, geomine@nic.in, parsec@tn.gov.in, partgsec@tn.gov.in
Cc: Bala <balasubramanian.energyaudit@gmail.com>, Mahesh Pratap Singh Yogi M P Singh <yogimpsingh@gmail.com>
‘Hercules’ Dr. S. Sudalai Kumar Yadav
Chemist, Chemical Analysis Wing
Department of Geology and Mining

(Government of Tamilnadu)

TVK Industrial Estate


Since I explained here that I can’t work with the people of low born of both men and women officers in government of Tamilnadu and submitted my resignation letters but no action was explained. I fear that any women or any oppressed caste fellows will file fake complaint and suspend me from the service. I wanted to relive with dignity and credibility.
The people were classified as low born (inferior status from born) and lower castes in Vedic varnas of sanathana Dharma are not the one who were really lowered at any point or my view. They were the heaven race people worked hard to make this world as new heaven to live even for who has lowered them. We forced them to this lower status by violence, fear and fooling methods.
the low born and low caste fellows are criminals, corrupt government officers, ill women in sex scandal, bribers and men/ women making allegations on highly morale person with the supporters in police and court as oppressed sectional.
In my personal view of morale, the low born are,
1. The police officers who received fake complaint and troubled me. Given freedom for robbers and goons.
2. The government officers who are occupying higher position and misusing it for self purposes and bribe money.
3. The women who had ill values and filed fake allegations for my suspension. Then who accepted it and suspended me without scrutiny even no finalization of it.
4. The government officials who allowed me to not work honestly and not acting on my resignation to take my moral way.
5. The people classified as upper castes who cheat other citizens and government with support of those higher fellows in government. There is no moral values but they are in top of the Varanas.
Dr. S. Sudalai Kumar Yadav M.Sc.,Ph.D.,
Chemist, Chemical Analysis Wing
Department of Geology and Mining

(Government of Tamilnadu)

TVK Industrial Estate
सत्य परेशान हो सकता है,
लेकिन पराजित नहीं!!परित्राणाय साधूनां विनाशाय च दुष्कृताम्
धर्मसंस्थापनार्थाय सम्भवामि युगे युगे!


resignation letter.pdf
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Vandana Singh
Vandana Singh
2 months ago

सरकारी अधिकारी जिन्होंने मुझे ईमानदारी से काम नहीं करने दिया और मेरे नैतिक तरीके से लेने के लिए मेरे इस्तीफे पर अभिनय नहीं किया।
5. उच्च जातियों के रूप में वर्गीकृत लोगों को जो सरकार में उन उच्चतर साथियों के समर्थन के साथ अन्य नागरिकों और सरकार को धोखा देते हैं। कोई नैतिक मूल्य नहीं है लेकिन वे वर्णों में सबसे ऊपर हैं। सरकारी तंत्र में सबको समान अधिकार है फिर यह भ्रष्टाचार नहीं है

Bhoomika Singh
Bhoomika Singh
2 months ago

How the security will be insured if accountable public functionaries of the department themselves are hatching conspiracy against the public spirited staff.

Arun Pratap Singh
2 months ago

नश्लवाद भाषावाद जातिवाद सम्प्रदायवाद ये हमारे बीच सिर्फ वैमनस्यता पैदा करते है इसका हल है की जो साम्प्रदायिकता फैलाते है उनसे हम दूर रहे |

Beerbhadra Singh
2 months ago

Undoubtedly Government of Tamil Nadu is failed to ensure the protection of its staff which is the root cause of insecurity in the mind of its staff. Think think about the gravity of situation that if the public staff is not safe then think about the common citizenry in the state.