Whether Government of India could curb the misuse of print and electronic media.

It was the main page story of Amar Ujala daily on 29-Dec-2013 Varanasi Sunday that Narendra Modi blessed the grand daughter . But it had no place even at local page for news that  

It is unfortunate that no P.I.O. is punished under section 20 


News story made by Amar Ujala daily was as-
There is no limit of happiness of Ramchandra of Jaunpur. 
Narendra Modi bestowed its blessings to grand daughter. 
Suithaakalaa (Jaunpur) -Entire family of Ramchandra Yadav taking bath in the ocean of happiness as invitation sent to Narendra Modi ,prime ministerial candidate of B.J.P. has sent its blessings to grand daughter of Ramchandra yadav . Not only blessings but also talked with the grand daughter of Ramchandra also sent the present  in her account.He requested the grand daughter that because of busy schedule couldn’t come to attend marriage ceremony. He expected that she will understand his trouble. Ramchandra Yadav is the gram pradhan of village-Sarpatahaa and his grand daughter marriage ceremony was organized on 18 November. She was living at the house of maternal grand father. According to her father Mr. Shiv Kumar Yadav ,he sent invitation to chief minister of Gujarat Mr. Narendra Modi, chief minister of Uttar Pradesh Mr. Akhilesh Yadav ,Cabinet minister Mr. Paras Nath Yadav and legislator Shailendra Yadav alias Lalai. Legislator Lalai had come but neither Akhilesh Yadav nor his representative as well as Parasnath Yadav didn’t attend the marriage party. 
Whether such local news may cover the main page of leading daily. While news concerned with the function of public authority are treated like useless paper. 
Please take a glance of following link-To check authenticity of news dated 15.6.2011.

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  1. Whether the tax was not theft in the name of news story. If this advertisement was published in the daily as advertisement ,no reader takes care of it but now in the form of news maximum read it seriously and attention of tax officials was also avoided. Who paid the charge of advertisement published in the daily in the form of news ? Who wants to glorify a particular leader from the backdoor by using such cryptic techniques? Millions of Rupees flowing from unknown source to media houses in order to mesmerize the countrymen with a particular name as prime ministerial candidate is really a cheating with the countrymen and sheer unfair practice which must be opposed by intelligentsia class.

  2. Print and electronic media must be used constructively not to mislead the countrymen as being done by few leaders . Good act is welcomed by Intelligentsia but not wrong.

  3. Undoubtedly print and electronic media is playing negative role in nation building. Media houses are confused with the wrong notion that they can change the system but they should know that most of the electorates come rural background where news papers don't reach to any body. But advertise political bosses through media through concocted stories must be stopped. Advertisement shouldn't reach to people in the form of news.

  4. This is nothing but paid media because of which advertisements of an individual accountable for massacre of 1000 innocent people of minority community is being made . This is bad picture of country and we are approaching towards dark night. Countrymen are being hypnotized to accept a bad man as good man.

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