Whether Arun Jaitley has moral right to say Somnath Bharti a racist as belong to party…..

BJP accuses Somnath Bharti of ‘racism,’ says AAP more comfortable on streets than in secretariat
Senior BJP leader Arun Jaitley said Aam Admi Party (AAP) is obviously more comfortable doing a dharna than working in the secretariat.

1-The individual accountable for massacre of 1000 innocent people of particular community is being projected as the prime ministerial candidate.Why the concerned chief minister was not subjected to legal proceedings which was an attack on the secular structure of the country. Whether without taking into good faith ,the massacre of such large number of people was possible. On this issue ,why referendum was not done as view of few people can not decide the fate of individual who allowed such terrible anarchy. 
2-More than 50 innocent people were massacred in Mujaffer Nagar and adjoining areas in communal riot fueled up by communal forces belonging to particular party who do politics in the name of religion and dangerous to integrity of country but no accountable was penalized and all were set scot-free by granting bail . Please take a glance of following links-http://yogimpsingh.blogspot.com/2014/01/communal-forces-must-be-dealt-with-iron.html
Whether Arun Jaitley knows the meaning of democracy as saying that proper place for AAP is streets instead of secretariat. Our true thinker knows that no government can run without effective support of countrymen as democracy is the government of people not corrupt functionaries of state. All the constitutional institutions whether played satisfactory role when there was urgent need to intervene and democracy of country was exposed before world community. Whether we are living in democratic republic or banana republic as ipsofacto obvious from the working style of Government functionaries. 

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  1. Bharti is at the centre of a raging row as he tried to raid an alleged drug and prostitution ring involving foreign nationals but the police refused to do his bidding citing lack of warrant.
    Hon'ble friends-Whether all actions taken by police needs warrant . Minister of government is asking the police officer to raid the house and detain the wrongdoer as they are drugs trafficker and promoting prostitution in the country but police officer was crying for warrant . Credibility of the police lost when it didn't take action on spot. Every one knows that what is going on in the system.

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