Whether any line of network, if defect in tablet, then how BSNL showing many lines of signal

Grievance Details

Serial Number of Grievance: 1800534

Reg Date of Grievance : 2019-12-18 19:08:33

Complainant Name : Preeti Singh Complainant Contact No : 9336252631
Mode : By Web Complaint Type : Complaint
State : UTTAR PRADESH Purchase City : Mirzapur
Sector : Broadband & Internet Category : Data – Wireless
Grievance Company : AIRTEL Company Name :
Govt Dept / Regulator :
Mobile / Landline Number(in which the problem persist): 9794103433 Connection id: 9794103433
Connection Type: Prepaid Amount deducted (if any):
Network Location Details: Mohalla Surekapuram Jabalpur Road Mirzapur city PIN Code 231001 Complaint Number / ref no.: C4GSP2128417107
Company Details Airtel company U.P. East Pincode (Company):
Product Value(INR) : 100-1000 Nature of Complaints : Broadband/ Internet not working/ slow speed
Grievance Details : Matter is concerned with not providing network and services on the mobile number 979 410 3433 by the service provider company Airtel which is mockery of the consumers’ law in this largest democracy in the world and it is humble request to the accountable public functionaries of this largest democracy to take action against the earring company making the mockery of the consumer law of this country. It is an obligation of the service provider company to refund the internet pack which has been bought by the aggrieved applicant if the service provider company is not interested to provide the services which are required in accordance with the Internet pack purchased by the aggrieved applicant.

Undoubtedly Airtel company is suffering huge loss because of growing competition.

Here it is not justified that it may recover the losses through the corrupt dealings. To exploit the consumers is not justified. It is obligatory duty of the concerned government functionaries to take appropriate action against the Airtel company as not providing its services by floating consumer laws.

Whether it is not cheating that concerned charges for services but do not provide the services?

It is most unfortunate that our accountable public functionaries are not monitoring the activities of such service providers and only mute spectators of the loot of citizenry.

Here one positive Ray of hope is still available to the consumer that he may use the option of Port in order to seek justice. They should not have any ray of hope from the government machinery as they will always do the favour of the erring company.

Undoubtedly these companies have forgotten Business Ethics and only indulge in a rivalry of cheating the innocent and gullible citizenry.

Such practice is completely unjustified and the failure of the system. It is a bitter truth that such activities of the erring company are providing both mental and physical pain to the aggrieved applicant and providing frustrations which may culminate into mental diseases.

Whether it is good governance as claimed by someone trying to be Messiah?

Status :   Disposed
Company Remark : “Customer complained regarding network concern. As per customer, she is facing network issue and has already complained about the same many times.

There is Need to confirm with the location of the customer where she is facing the network issue.

Whether the customer is facing network issue with internet or voice services?

Customer care tried to call the customer on 20 Dec@3.31 PM but there was no response. He again tried to call the customer on 21 Dec@10.22 AM but there was no response.

They called again on 23 Dec@2.28 PM but there was no response.

Customer is not contactable. Request to share an alternate number. Case Closed. ”

Remark Date  2019-12-24 17:26:37

Status :   Closed
NCH Agent Remark : Company has responded to your grievance as per the company policy. If you have already complained to the Appellate Authority of the company, and if you are not satisfied with the response, you may file a complaint Consumer forum, following the procedure prescribed by them. For more information, you may visit http://www.ncdrc.nic.in/districtlist.html
Remark Date  2019-12-26 17:01:16
Status :   Disposed
Uploaded Files: NA | | NA | NA

Consumer Feedback
Satisfaction Level : Poor
Suggestion / Feedback / Remark : Complaint Number / ref no.: C4GSP2128417107

Whether it is not reflection of lackadaisical approach in redressing the grievance of the applicant ipso facto obvious?

It seems that the concerned staff had no time regarding the aforementioned complaint.

As company staff writes entire essential information, then a reference number is provided to aggrieved applicant instead of a fair reasoned resolution.

Actually they were not interested to redress the grievance of the applicant honestly.

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Beerbhadra Singh
Beerbhadra Singh
11 months ago

Undoubtedly because of corruption our government will not take action but cannot pressurize consumer to remain attached with the Airtel so aggrieved applicant certainly leave service of the Airtel company and for this work consumer is free in this era of globalisation thanks.

Bhoomika Singh
Bhoomika Singh
10 months ago

Network connectivity is so poor that if anyone puts the Airtel SIM in the tablet then it never connects to the network whether it is excellent signal are good signal or bad signal it would be decided by the the consumers and it will be clear only after sometime. If the Airtel company will not restore its services to the consumers then it will face a havoc just soon.