Where is gone the letters of chief minister office reference in the office of M.D. UPPCL ?


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Think about the gravity of situation that in the state of Uttar Pradesh ,staff of Uttar Pradesh power corporation limited don’t care about the letters of chief minister office and made available misleading feedback in regard to letters of chief minister office. Whether this is not signal of anarchy. What is the cause of this schizophrenic behaviour? When one gets the letter/feedback of action in a matter from such a dignified public office  then he expects few relief but now even these letters are teeth less.
26 August 2015

With due respect your applicant wants to draw the kind attention of the Hon’ble Sir to the following submissions as follows.

1-It is submitted before the Hon’ble Sir that your applicant’s two grievances were sent toप्रबन्ध निदेशक.प्र.पावर कारपोरेशन लि., उत्तरप्रदेश for disposal by the chief minister office , Government of Uttar Pradesh and your applicant made 10 calls yesterday to the office number of aforesaid officer and reply was made that no such grievances were forwarded by chief minister office and today your applicant made two calls on the same office number they replied that one of them was sent to 10/40/MDLS/1518/08 Chief Engineer Respo. Unfortunately they couldn’t clarify that which one  of them was sent to aforesaid chief engineer. When it was reminded to them that matter is concerned with the chief minister office ,then they said that this is their daily business. When your applicant asked for Mobile number of A.P. Mishra ,then it was told that on that number he don’t talk with consumers and he has no time for ordinary consumers.
2-It is submitted before the Hon’ble Sir that
कम्प्यूटर सँख्या : PG05669400 , प्रेषित तिथि 08/08/2015, पत्रांक : -PG05669400/लो.शि.-2/2015
विषय : प्रार्थना पत्र अण्‍डरं सेक्‍सन 142 का विद्युतिकरण नियम 2003
प्रेषक : श्रीएमपीसिहं , 2 तल किसान मण्‍डी भवन ,गोमती नगर लखनऊ उत्तर प्रदेश
प्रेषित : प्रबन्ध निदेशक.प्र.पावर कारपोरेशन लि., उत्तर प्रदेश
संदर्भ प्रकार : अन्तरित
सन्दर्भ स्थिति  अन्तरितअन्तरण दिनांक : 08/08/2015
निस्तारण विवरण: अन्तरित  आपका प्रार्थनापत्र निस्तारण हेतु प्रबन्ध निदेशक.प्र.पावर कारपोरेशन लि., उत्तरप्रदेश को प्रेषित कर दिया गया है  कृपया सम्बंधित अधिकारी से अपने कम्प्यूटर सन्दर्भ संख्या के साथ संपर्क करने काकष्ट करें  
सम्बन्धित अधिकारी/विभाग द्वारा भरी गयी सूचना
3-It is submitted before the Hon’ble Sir that

कम्प्यूटर सँख्या : PG05671494 , प्रेषित तिथि 12/08/2015, पत्रांक : -PG05671494/लो.शि.-2/2015
विषय : प्रार्थी के पत्र का अवलोकन कर उचित कार्यवाही करने के सम्‍बंध में 
प्रेषक : श्रीएम0पीसिहं मोसुरेकापुरम जबलपुर रोड मिर्जापुर उत्तर प्रदेश
प्रेषित : प्रबन्ध निदेशक.प्र.पावर कारपोरेशन लि., उत्तर प्रदेश
संदर्भ प्रकार : अन्तरित
सन्दर्भ स्थिति  अन्तरितअन्तरण दिनांक : 12/08/2015
निस्तारण विवरण: अन्तरित  आपका प्रार्थनापत्र निस्तारण हेतु प्रबन्ध निदेशक.प्र.पावर कारपोरेशन लि., उत्तरप्रदेश को प्रेषित कर दिया गया है  कृपया सम्बंधित अधिकारी से अपने कम्प्यूटर सन्दर्भ संख्या के साथ संपर्क करने काकष्ट करें  
सम्बन्धित अधिकारी/विभाग द्वारा भरी गयी सूचना

This is humble request of your applicant to you Hon’ble Sir that It can never be justified to overlook  the rights of citizenry by delivering services in arbitrary manner by floating all set up norms. This is sheer mismanagement which is encouraging wrongdoers to reap benefit of loopholes in system and depriving poor citizens from right to justice. Therefore it is need of hour to take concrete steps in order to curb grown anarchy in the system. For this your applicant shall ever pray you Hon’ble Sir.
                           ‘Yours  sincerely
                            Yogi M. P. Singh
Mohalla-Surekapuram, Jabalpur Road District-Mirzapur , Uttar Pradesh ,India .

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2 comments on Where is gone the letters of chief minister office reference in the office of M.D. UPPCL ?

  1. कम्प्यूटर सँख्या : PG05669400 , प्रेषित तिथि 08/08/2015, पत्रांक : -PG05669400/लो.शि.-2/2015
    विषय : प्रार्थना पत्र अण्‍डरं सेक्‍सन 142 का विद्युतिकरण नियम 2003
    प्रेषक : श्रीएम0 पी0 सिहं , 2 तल किसान मण्‍डी भवन ,गोमती नगर , लखनऊ , उत्तर प्रदेश
    प्रेषित : प्रबन्ध निदेशक, उ.प्र.पावर कारपोरेशन लि., उत्तर प्रदेश
    संदर्भ प्रकार : अन्तरित
    सन्दर्भ स्थिति – अन्तरित, अन्तरण दिनांक : 08/08/2015
    निस्तारण विवरण: अन्तरित । आपका प्रार्थना-पत्र निस्तारण हेतु प्रबन्ध निदेशक, उ.प्र.पावर कारपोरेशन लि., उत्तरप्रदेश को प्रेषित कर दिया गया है । कृपया सम्बंधित अधिकारी से अपने कम्प्यूटर सन्दर्भ संख्या के साथ संपर्क करने काकष्ट करें ।
    सम्बन्धित अधिकारी/विभाग द्वारा भरी गयी सूचना-

  2. Right to Information Act 2005 undoubtedly a great tool in the hand of citizenry but corrupt public functionaries have made the mockery of this august act. After all we need justice for poor for poor and downtrodden section.This is the time Hon'ble member may use transparency act.

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