We should overcome jealousy and pursue the path of the universal brotherhood as evils injure own spirit

Mahesh Pratap Singh Yogi M P Singh <yogimpsingh@gmail.com>

This is my rise upon enslavement by rivals from different Caste and genders and failed me after taking resignation letters.
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Sudalai Kumar Yadav <ss.kumar1987@gmail.com> 26 August 2020 at 19:07
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I tried to achieve more and earn more money in my life with highest qualification and skills gained in my experience and education to serve my community. But my first step was rejected by University of Hyderabad and the corruption and Caste domination was the barriers for my growths. Then I resisted it alone with my poor background in the office Hyderabad University and they threatened me with goon and involved me in sexual issues with woman students of University from brahmins. Then SC/st category students were used for threatening me and taking me to the places of goons for threatening me. Then I withdrew my fight and left my research career. I have not gone for suicide since my DNA was from Krishna’s clan and left Hyderabad. I just thought of joining good people and keep away myself from bad people infact wise person who has been taken decision.
I married a woman from even in Hari race and ended up in trouble with criminal castes (inquire any person in South India about them and their origin) in South India. I tried to stop criminal activities after criminal attack but got attacked by police and goons. I withdrew the fight and asked for divorce.
Then demand of money and corruption in police and court I withdrew my legal fight and left it. Corruption came again in.my life.
Then joined in government of Tamilnadu for job and fought against corruption as the barriers came again for my growth. Then they involved me in women with sexual issues and threatening me with goons and political parties. I withdrew the fight and resigned my job.
Now I objected all these issues of caste domination and gender domination by giving literature surveys for the pain of my resignation. Then everyone is talking that I am caste activist and speaking the pride. My idea was speaking truth and bring up good ideas to have Justice. I don’t want to use bad words about these fellows who are just playing with me and my life for not taking resignation and not allowing to work honestly. What to do? You want to convert me to criminal races in South India and sent me to prison as that Yadav person committed crime that why you send him in jail.
If any of you from any good race, caste, family, country of born and religion with self values you show me the way of accepting my resignation and releive me immadiately. Since I can’t work with women who had sin values and upper caste has criminal mind and the lower caste has low decent of calibers in using oppressed ipc sections against me.
This is called Hari race decisions and I can’t expect it from even my caste who shared DNA with criminal races of India.
I withdrew the fight because I don’t have money, power, authority, goons and political background to retaliate it.
I worship lord sudalai and Krishna since my childhood learning their stories and registered in my mind that both have killed their uncles kamsa and Pulayan with sword for the injustice caused upon them. But Krishna accepted the jail term before killing him. This is where the Dharma stand.
Who knows that my life will end up in where?
Jay shree Krishna. All prides go to my God Krishna.

Dr. Sudalai Kumar, Chennai 74

सत्य परेशान हो सकता है,
लेकिन पराजित नहीं!!

परित्राणाय साधूनां विनाशाय च दुष्कृताम्
धर्मसंस्थापनार्थाय सम्भवामि युगे युगे!

Mahesh Pratap Singh Yogi M P Singh <yogimpsingh@gmail.com>

Indian history and the inequality of social status and economy forced upon the Ayar/Ahir/Yadu/Yadav clans and the name of country could be Pandiya or KIRSNA or AYILA not INDIA
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Sudalai Kumar Yadav <ss.kumar1987@gmail.com> 26 August 2020 at 13:49
To: cs@tn.gov.in, supremecourt@nic.in, Bala <balasubramanian.energyaudit@gmail.com>, Mahesh Pratap Singh Yogi M P Singh <yogimpsingh@gmail.com>, sudhayadav.ncbc@gmail.com, yadavmahasabha13@gmail.com, yadavakhilesh@gmail.com, pmosb@pmo.nic.in, presidentofindia@rb.nic.in


I almost completed the study of son of the soil in so called India by comparing literature, scientific data and mythology puranas. You all have not only betrayed me but also whole Yaduvanshi clans or Ayar vamsa clans by vedic cultures, mughals and strongly with british force. My study is as followed here.
The present day indians who had still the mitochondrial DNA of mother originated from Indian Aboriginal of Africans, East south Asia (austroasiatic) not east Asians and and DNA of father from Persia/Iran/IVC civilization of Agropastolists/cow herders are the one who formed Yaduvanshi or Ay or Ayar dynasty or Ay-velir dynasty in South India after 3000 BCE mythology/puranas or around 1500 BCE scientific data. The son of soil can also be claimed for yadavs and the name of the country India from sindhu will be questionable? Northern kingdoms of the same vamsa were formed and continuous invasion of Greek, Turk, mongoloids etc have completely replaced both gender DNAs in North India before 500 CE. This effect was less in South India and mixing of DNAs were mostly from the agropastolists of lord Krishna clan (agriculturist and cow herder). The name pandiya and cholas are derived from Krishna’s daughter Pandiya and Hoysalas. The name of the first woman responsible for giving birth to yadavs is ILA from the Ay tribe.  It can be better called as AYILA of the country name. The present name of the country can be Pandiya if DNA tests are encountered on all indians. As brahmin we shifted to South India after 500 BCE and had no possible mixing with south thereafter.
First two sangam literature of pandiyas can prove this and migration of African 50000 years ago was from lemuria and not by the ocean claimed by scientific data I studied.  Brahmins made changes in third sangam literature and call Hari kula yadavs as Low born. There was many manipulation, changes and corrections, deletions and modifications in the early history of us to enslave us for  labourers.  Everything was justified by foolish belief of god and enforcement through violence.

Earlier than or 3000 BCE, India had Indian Aboriginal from South East Asia of Australoids and east Asians. As a result of agriculture in the Iran area 5000 BCE aryan (first agro pastoralists and brahmins reached Sindhu) and south China asian farmers 4000 BCE (austroasiatic reached India), and fanned out from these North and south regions assimilated the native populations of India called Tamilians by south asian and west Aryans respectively. Some farmers from western Iran, one of the homelands of agriculture, migrated east to the IVC by 9,000-7,000 years ago (5000 BCE and migrated 3000BCE. Then expansion to gangetic plains 2000 BCE and started a neolithic period of languages and assimilated natives by two side migration. After 1500 BCE entire indians were mixing of aryan and south east Asian DNAs and stopped mixing at 500 CE and later sanathana varnas played for separating laborers. Before 2000 BCE only south East Asian were present in present India without any varnas. The so called Aryans are the north west migration from north west to india and then the dravidians are south east migration to India. Both migrations have entirely different and replaced original Indian Aboriginal and placed first Tamilains in the land of India. AASI (original tribe) was prominent in mitochondrial DNA (female), indicating that there was consistent selective mixing between aboriginal women and high-status males from out of India with South india.
Ramayana may be considered as “a description of local conflicts between the agriculturists of the Ganges Valley and the more primitive hunting and food-gathering societies of the Vindhyan hills in MP and UP. The other story is related to the fight between early farmers and returned hunters outside india. The agriculturalist Rama of Austroasiatic or south asian origin or Nagars from south China region fought with hunters of Aryan (hunters clan before agrifarming) or Brahmin origin may be around 3400 BCE. The vanaram Proto-Negrito rule AASI was replaced by Rama’ s team in South India before this fight.
Then around 3200 BCE the Mahabharata was the glorification of a “local feud” between two Aryan tribes of Yadu clan ANI with ASI (north and south). They knew already agriculture of wheat and had cows; they might not have fought with Rama for anything with respect to Brahmin who has no profession. All others are australoids and mongoloids tribes live with austroasiatic ASI without any issues.
Who were the hunters here are mostly brahmins and took supreme power after 2000 BCE ANI after Gupta period in pleasing him with Chanakya and the vedic cultures had stopped intercaste marriages from 500 CE among all tamilians (mix of agro pastoralist and southasian). History of India was silent between 500BC and Mahabharata war for the Vedic people to make their kingdom ANI in India and says that we were low born according to purananuru of sangam literature.  The social class and economy have gone down from here since inter invasion between clans and fought each other with ideology of vedic puranas becoming slaves to outer invaders. The history, knowledge, literature and stone arts were destroyed and made the new history to make the pride of us in saying our small kingdoms separately won by us fighting with ourselves too.
The correct prediction and historical  identity of Tirupathi temple in Tirumala and the guruvayur krishna temple would prove this fact that he is also a Tamil King and ruled tamil land as first Pandiyan in Madurai and expanded to Dwaraka in the north. The other claim is the origin of pandyan kingdom from a woman called ILA of AY was mixed with agropastoralism or cow herder to become tamilians or Kones. Kone came from the tree stick (kole) which was used for controlling cows.
Traditional deities Karuppasamy and Sudalai Samy were worshipped by Nagars (tamilians who worshipped male organ and snakes in mullai land for fertility ) after sun, cow (kurinchi) and Mayon (Yadav in mullai) worshipping in three lands of Kurinchi (Hunters), mullai (Pastoralist) and marutham (agropastrolist). This Mayon might have got the chance of periodical changes to Karuppasamy by people later in India (Marutham) from Tamilnadu to Maharastra. Then this karuppasamy has changed to kannan/Krishna transformations might have happened with different invasions, feud, enslavement from greek, tuk and mangolids in India and people got separated from gods worshipped and moved to new regions.
The Ayars/Tamilians/Nagars/yadavs were very happy in the three lands of Kurinchi, Mullai and Marutham and Krishna might have lineage to Nagar/Surars/Tamilains of this land. The domination of women was started in Kurinchi land and neutralized it in mullai land. Further men domination was raised in Marutham lands and continued further to balancing now. Periodically this balance has gone either inside and moon God Ila (woman/men) started later to be worshipping. There were three major religions (AD) that started for West (Jesus), west south (Islam) and South Asia (demi gods sun/moon). The politics also started a new job of separating people by the name of religion later with vedic peple.  It has come to light that one of the tribes, Ailahs were part of Yadavs fled to the middle east and the Arabs called their God as Allah, from the Sanskrit speaking tribes Ailah. Allah is from Ilah moon demi God (second branch of Yaduvanshi). First branch is from Yadu, son of Yayati of Nagars or Suras. They might be all of them from early asuras/rakshasa/demons/cannibals during hunting timing.

The Jews were the descendants of the Yadavas, Lord Krishna’s Clan. Any of the other races could produce saints but not saviors like Jesus and Krishna. For this reason, Lord Krishna and Jesus were related by blood ties. Krishna was a Yadu (Yadav) Kuru. Jesus was a Yehudi (Jews) Koresh”. They all agriculturists were migrated to Israel after fight with hunters of same tribe from mullai and fomed Islam in south west to India.

Indian brother-deities, Krishna and Baldeva, Apollo and Hercules. The title would apply to either; though Baldeva has the attributes of ‘god of strength’. Both are lords (es) of the race (kula) of Hari (Hari-kula-es), of which the Greeks might have made the compound Hercules. There was mixing of greek with agropastolists alone not with tamilians.

Present day Indian languages which covers most of the places north india where Lord Krishna lived is Hindi, Bhojpuri, Bengali , Marathi, Oriya etc. All these languages have a common ancestry which is Sanskrit. Also, Sanskrit is always regarded as the language of Hindu Holy Scriptures by the influence of Brahmins. Infact, Rig Veda is the oldest Religious scripture found anywhere in the world. But, do not confuse this with the oldest language which is Tamil. Although Tamil is the oldest language dating back to more than 10000 years old, there was substantial evidence found which links Tamil and tribal gods Mayon or karuppu, Sun and living creatures cow in five Tamil lands. So, probably only Sanskrit (Devanagari) was spoken by all the Hindu gods based in brahmin ideology in north India and its effect was continued in South India. After 2500 BCE the god pasha might be rounded Tamil as austroasiatic were present in 2000 BCE in all over India. The agropatolist migration started after 3000 BCE and mixing might be done with asians only after 2000BCE and stopped at 500 BCE. This era is the new golden age for biological evolution of genetic changes and language formation after mixing and entering a neolithic period of stone tools and all. Metallurgy followed then and agriculture expansion was done by the Hoysalas Karigal Cholas in around 300-500BCE.
In south India, Dravidian Languages spoken are Telugu, Tamil , Kannada and Malayalam originated from Tamil the most ancient language.
if we find and complete the excavation in the poombukar and lemurian continent we could get more details of Tamil language and its ancient history. There were two sangam periods reported in the history of south india earlier than 3000 BCE (9000 bce and 3000 bce) and it has to be debated and no evidences found now.
Language of Yadavs: Tamil(2000 BCE-1000 BCE) and Sanskirth (later BCE-begining of AD) During Shri Krishna’s time, north India was ruled by mangaloids, austroids and austroasiatic also and conquered by his follwers later and distibuted Tamil in north and south india as pandiyan King.
When pther tibes from Asyria had migrated to India & conquered north & northwest India & Asurised north India, Tamilians called Krishna of Aria for help. When other Aryans (Devas) of Kazakhstan won the Land of Brahmins, most of Brahmins were migrated to India & brought Sanskrit (different from Aryan’s language) to India. Then tamilains and brahmins jointly attacked Asuras in which together won the battle. This gave way to Aryans to conquer north India & to bring Aryan language (different from Sanskrit) to India. Prakrit are Aryan’s language.
During Aryan rule in north India, Brahmins modified & Aryanised the stories to please the Aryan (Deva) rulers. When these Brahmin migrated to south India 500 CE, they publicised Aryanised stories to tamilans nagas, surars etc of Tamilnadu and tamil of Deccan.

After Shri Krishna’s death Pandavas conquered South India & whole Indian subcontinent along with Southeast Asia under pandiyans or surars rule. So languages of Yadavas of Krishna & Pauravas of Arjuna might be Dravidian languages Tamil. But educated brahmins written down the stories in Sanskrit with Dravidian language tamil Influence in it after 500 CE. Example  Purananuru is considered the oldest section in the Sangam literature, I have quoted verses from the same here. Other sections of Sangam literature have a lot of references. Silappadikarm, Tamil epic of fifth century CE, mentioned the caste system and in which part of the city each and every caste lived of lands mentioned abve etc. Ayar is considered here as lower caste after vedic periods of Gupta empire.

 Bull fighting, a brave sport of Mullai land ayars/idayar/Konar/Yadav community by Tamil epic written 2000 years ago in kalithogai which  was matching with arriaval of Krishna in south and made big contribution to Tamil lnads and culture.
It says Ay girl ( Ayar girl) would not marry the man who was afraid to face a bull Fight.
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Bhoomika Singh
Bhoomika Singh
3 months ago

Because of corruption unskilled illiterate and non educated people are occupying key post in the government machinery which is the root cause of this anarchy. Think about the mental status of the individual who is being targeted by the corrupt public functionaries in the government department as his only fault is that he opposes the corrupt deeds of the corrupt public functionaries in the department irrespective of their rank and status.

Arun Pratap Singh
3 months ago

Traditional deities Karuppasamy and Sudalai Samy were worshipped by Nagars (tamilians who worshipped male organ and snakes in mullai land for fertility ) after sun, cow (kurinchi) and Mayon (Yadav in mullai) worshipping in three lands of Kurinchi (Hunters), mullai (Pastoralist) and marutham (agropastrolist).

Preeti Singh
3 months ago

There should be no discrimination on the ground of caste creed and religion. We are unity in diversity and believe in universal brotherhood.