We are overcoming the Corona virus under efficient leadership of Modi Sir quite obvious from statistics


Last updated: April 12, 2020, 05:50 GMT


Coronavirus Cases: 8,504

Deaths: 289

Recovered: 972


Cases which had an outcome:

972 (77%) Recovered / Discharged

289 (23%) Deaths

Pasted from <https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/india/>

Undoubtedly this statistics is appreciable and not showing lackluster performance of the Indian Government. It may be rated as excellent as 1261 cases of corona virus were closed out of which 972 recovered and only 289 died which means situation is under control in this largest democracy in the world. There should not be panic in our society as this epidemic is fully under control because of efficient leadership of Modi Sir. Citizens should have full faith in the efficacy of good governance being provided by the Government of India under the leadership Modi Sir. Now it has been proved that rate died patients of Corona Virus is only 23% which means nothing is wrong as in most of deadly diseases this rate is quite acceptable.

In this hour of crisis, government must ensure diagnosis centres at the level blocks in the every districts of this country and this facility must be provided free of cost on behalf of the government.

Whatever facilities are being provided by the Government of India must be updated on the online internet through the district units. As the lack of information creates insecurity in the mind of people.

Police instead terrorizing the people must act like counselor in this hour of crisis and force must not be applied unless if there may be utmost necessity of it. This is the time when panic of insecurity among the citizenry is on its zenith.

Government offices must be opened as it is, but subject to precautionary measures. Entire preventive measures must taken into account before opening the public offices. As far as my individual view point is concerned, management of the country can’t be disturbed because of trauma  of Corona virus but to ensure security, these staffs must be properly checked by experts and preventive guidelines may be updated timely.

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Beerbhadra Singh
Beerbhadra Singh
7 months ago

Since the Corona is infectious disease so there must be arrangement of initial diagnosis at the level of block in the entire district of the state in the country. It is most unfortunate that there is no such management at the level of black in the district so initially patients avoid checking and this disease spreads like Jungle fire. Excellent management and transparent and accountable dealings can be instrumental in dealing with such a global epidemic.

Bhoomika Singh
Bhoomika Singh
7 months ago

Corona is a deadly disease we have to face it collectively with patience. Instead of creating panic in the society. We have to understand this grave situation and face it and we have to pacify our neighbours who are losing their patience because of rumour mongering in the society.

Preeti Singh
7 months ago

Precautionary and preventing measures must not be overlooked as attached booklet gives us few tips to avoid the deadly disease corona. Corona is a disease because of virus infections.