Undoubtedly Tamil Nadu Government suppressed the voice and crushed human rights of public spirited person

Mahesh Pratap Singh Yogi M P Singh <yogimpsingh@gmail.com>

Fight of heavenly race or Hari Kulas against the enslavment by the rival criminal races in India from 9000 BCE to 2000 AD after changing the social class from Kshatriyas to Sudra and lower caste by the vedic people, mughals and british so on.
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Sudalai Kumar Yadav <ss.kumar1987@gmail.com> 24 August 2020 at 22:18
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                   I have been suppressed by so many people in power, educated, authority, police, judicial, political and rogue fellows in other races and even rival gender in India. It kindled me to go back into the history of my race and found my identity against this enslavement and torture just in the namesake of corruption and bribery.by peple of ther races in India from university of hyderbad to gvernment of tamilnadu. The inavaders and its followers of political parties in india have changed our life style and economy everthing by the slavey and support the other rival races in crimes.
According to my analysis, research and theory, the Lord Krishna (3200 BCE) belongs to South India and he might have stayed in Tamil region with surars, nagars, garudas and etc., and Nagaras 9000 BCE-3000 BCE save people from Asuras and other demons. The correct prediction and historical  identity of Tirupathi temple in tirumalai and the guruvaur krishna temple would prove this fact that he is also a Tamil King and ruled tamil land as first Pandiyan in Madurai and exapnded to Dwaraka in north.
Traditional deities Karuppasamy and Sudalai Samy were worshipped by Nagars or somebody (Tamilians) as tribal human form gods after sun, cow  and Mayon (Yadav) worshipping in three lands of Kurinchi, mullai and marutham. This Mayon might have got the chance of periodical changes to Karuppasamy by people later in south india from Tanlnadu to Maharasta. Then this karuppasamy has changed to kannan/Krishna transformations might have happened with different invasions, feud, enslavement from asuras in South India and people got separated from gods worshipped and new regions.
The Dravidians/Tamilians/Nagars/somebody were very happy in the three lands of Kurinchi, Mullai and Marutham, and Krishna might have lineage to Nagar and Surars of this land. The domination of women was started in Kurinchi land and neutralized in mullai land. Further men domination was raised in Marutham lands and continued further to balancing now. Periodically this balance goes either inside and moon God Ila (woman/men) started later to be worshipping. There were three major religions (AD) that started for West (Jesus), west south (Islam) and South Asia (demi gods sun/moon). The politics also started a new job of separating people by the name of religion later with vedic peple.  It has come to light that one of the tribes, Ailahs were part of Yadavs fled to the middle east and the Arabs called their God as Allah, from the Sanskrit speaking tribes Ailah. Allah is from Ilah moon demi God (second branch of Yaduvanshi). First branch is from Yadu, son of Yayati of Nagars or Suras. They may be all od them from early asuras/rakshasa/demons/cannibals.

The Jews were the descendants of the Yadavas, Lord Krishna’s Clan. Any of the other races could produce saints but not saviors like Jesus and Krishna. For this reason, Lord Krishna and Jesus were related by blood ties. Krishna was a Yadu (Yadav) Kuru. Jesus was a Yehudi (Jews) Koresh”

Indian brother-deities, Krishna and Baldeva, Apollo and Hercules. The title would apply to either; though Baldeva has the attributes of ‘god of strength’. Both are lords (es) of the race (kula) of Hari (Hari-kula-es), of which the Greeks might have made the compound Hercules.

Present day Indian languages which covers most of the places north india where Lord Krishna lived is Hindi, Bhojpuri, Bengali , Marathi, Oriya etc. All these languages have a common ancestry which is Sanskrit. Also, Sanskrit is always regarded as the language of Hindu Holy Scriptures by the influence of Brahmins. Infact, Rig veda is the oldest Religious scripture found anywhere in the world. But, do not confuse this with the oldest language which is Tamil. Although Tamil is the oldest language dating back to more than 10000 years old, there was substantial evidence found which links Tamil and tribal gods Mayon or karuppu, Sun and living creatures cow in five Tamil lands. So, probably only Sanskrit (Devanagri) was spoken by all the Hindu gods based in brahmin ideology in north India and it’s effect was continued in South India.

In south India, Dravidian Languages spoken are Telugu, Tamil , Kannada and Malayalam originated from Tamil the most ancient language.
if we find and complete the excavation in the poombukar and lemurian continent we could get more details of Tamil language and its ancient history. There were two sangam periods reported in the history of south india earlier than 3000 BCE (9000 bce and 3000 bce.

Language of Yadavs: Tamil
During Shri Krishna’s time, north India was ruled by Suras/Dravidians & south India was ruled by Nagas, Garudas, Mahishas, Mushikas, Gajas, Rakshasa.
When Asuras from Asyria had migrated to India & conquered north & northwest India & Asurised north India, Dravidians called Aryans of Aria for help. When Aryans (Devas) of Kazakhstan won the Land of Brahmins, most of Brahmins were migrated to India & brought Sanskrit (different from Aryan’s language) to India. Then Deva & Sura jointly attacked Asuras in which Deva+Sura won the battle. This gave way to Aryans to conquer north India & to bring Aryan language (different from Sanskrit) to India. Prakrit are Aryan’s language.
During Aryan rule in north India, Brahmins modified & Aryanised the stories to please the Aryan (Deva) rulers. When these Brahmin migrated to south India, they publicised Aryanised stories to Dravidised nagas, Garudas etc of Tamilnadu and Dravidians of Deccan.

After Shri Krishna’s death Pandavas conquered South India & whole Indian subcontinent along with Southeast Asia under Dravidian surars rule. So languages of Yadavas of Krishna & Pauravas of Arjuna might be Dravidian languages Tamil. But educated brahmins written down the stories in Sanskrit with Dravidian language tamil Influence in it. Example  Purananuru is considered the oldest section in the Sangam literature, I have quoted above verses from the same. Other sections of Sangam literature have a lot of references. Silappadikarm, Tamil epic of fifth century CE, mentioned the caste system and in which part of the city each and every caste lived etc. Ayar is considered here as lower caste after vedic periods.

 Bull fighting, a brave sport of Mullai land ayars/idayar/Konar/Yadav community by Tamil epic written 2000 years ago in kalithogai.
It says Ay girl ( Ayar girl) would not marry the man who was afraid to face a bull Fight.  The name ‘Ay’ is derived from the ancient Tamil word ‘Ayar’ (meaning shepherd). Among Ay chiefs of Sangam Age, Anthiran, Titiran and Nannan were the important names. The Velirs–Vellalars– constituted the ruling and land-owning class in the ancient Tamizhagam. The famous Velirs were the seven patrons (KadaiyezhuVallalgal). They were Pari, Kari, Ori, Pegan, Ay, Adiyaman and Nalli. They were popular for their generous patronage of Tamil poets. Kizhar was the village chief.

கொல்லேற்றுக் கோடஞ்சுவானை மறுமையும் புல்லாளே ஆய மகள்-கலித்தொகை’
We have lot of proof to believe that the Bull fighting was started by Lord Krishna who was the most popular cowherd (Yadava Kula Tilaka) in the world. Kaliyuga started in 3102 BC after the death of Krishna. But Mahabharata war took place between 1000 and 1500 BC according to majority of the scholars. Even if we go by this date, Krishna was the first one to have a fight with almost all the animals. These anecdotes have produced huge literature in Tamil and Sanskrit which has got no parallel in any part of the world. Krishna’s episodes are mentioned in film songs even today in almost all the Indian languages. The bull Krishna fought was Aristasura.

Tamil Epic Silappadikaram and Puranas that Krishna married a Pandyan Princess called Nappinnai, had a daughter Pandea and she was a Princess of Pandya Kingdom in Madurai.  Lord Krishna is recorded to have gifted 100 Yadava Families as Dowry for His daughter’s marriage and they were charged with the task of supplying Milk and Curds to Krishna’s Daughter Pandea and her heirs at Madurai. But still poet in purannanuru considered it as lower caste after vedic period. But in Pro Brahmin period before 500 BCE they were kshatriyas fought in both kauravas and padavas side as Surasena and satyaki respectively according to Epic. According to greek the Hari Kulas were Yadavs and the purananoru says they were in sudra varna by vedic people and call them as “Hey, Ye Low Born!”

The proof for Krishna starting this comes from 2000 year old Sangam Tamil literature. Kalitokai is one of the eight anthologies of Sangam (Cankam) period. Nalluruthtiranar who sang Mullai Kali gave a graphic description of bull fighting. Justifying that it was started during Mahabaharata days the poet gave lot of references to Mahabharata episodes. He said that it was practised by the Ayar community (cowherds)in the pastoral areas.

When lord Krishna fought for the welfare of all tribes he might not have introduced sanathana Dharma in India but may be introduced by Vedic culture later in centuries of BC and beginning of AD. Since Krishna had owned the kingdom of the world not the countries bound by limits and might have not separated the people by profession or wealth or education.
Bull Fighting , which is famous in Spain was started by Krishna!
And the practice of Bull fighting called Manju Virattu in Tamil from ancient times in Tamil Nadu has Krishna connection. Tamil was ancient language in parallel to Sanskrit. Still they were considered as sutra in sangam literature and not kshatriyas who gought with any animals.
Ayar in Tamil means Yadava, the community Lord Krishna belongs to. In South it is Ayar and Ahir in northern kingdom.
Ancient Yadav Kingdoms
The rulers of the following kingdoms of ancient India traced their lineage to Yadu:

* Seuna Yadavas of Devagiri-Rulers

* Surasena Kingdom
* Vidarbha Kingdom
* Dwaraka Kingdom
* Kunti Kingdom
* Saurashtra Kingdom
* Heheya Kingdom
* Nishadha Kingdom
* Gurjara Kingdom
* Karusha Kingdom
* Chedi Kingdom
* Dasarna Kingdom
* Avanti Kingdom
* Malava Kingdom
* Anarta Kingdom
* Youdheya Kingdom
* Vijaya Nagara Kingdom
*Mysore Kingfougdom

*Nepal Kingdom
  The rulers of the following kingdoms of ancient India traced their lineage to Ila: Ay dynasty, Yadav dynasty, Velir dynasty and shared kigdoms of pandiya and cholas (Hoysalas).
Famous historian James Tod had concluded that Porus was a Yadava or Yaduvanshi king who fought with Alexander (300 BCE), defeated his move to india  and he further added that this conclusion was not based on any superficial similarity of names but based on a host of other available facts.

In 1999, Lalu Prasad Yadav described Krishna as “a person who was determined to fight injustice. Lord Krishna fought for the cause of the Backward Classes, the farmers, the cowherders and the economically weaker sections of the society. Lord Krishna was the person who was born in jail and who fought against social odds,” according to Michelutti’s thesis.   “The Bhagavad Gita is the essence of all scriptures. It is the sign of Indian tradition, civilisation and culture…The Gita knowledge originates from the mouth of Krishna, and hence from the mouth of a Yadav.”

British anthropologist Lucia Michelutti, wrote in her 2002 PhD thesis Sons of Krishna: the politics of Yadav community formation in a North Indian town that “the Bhagavad Gita is portrayed as ‘the book of the Yadavs’.”
The enslavemnt of yadavs were continiued for several thousand years by the invasion of other races and still dominate us in everywhere after changing the history, puranas, epic and cultural identies.
Best Regards,
Dr. S. Sudalai Kumar Yadav M.Sc.,Ph.D.,
Chemist, Chemical Analysis Wing
Department of Geology and Mining

(Government of Tamilnadu)

TVK Industrial Estate
सत्य परेशान हो सकता है,
लेकिन पराजित नहीं!!-भगवान श्री कृष्ण.


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Bhoomika Singh
Bhoomika Singh
3 months ago

Where is the Social Justice in this largest democracy in the world if the grievances submitted by a public spirited person is being overlooked arbitrarily by the public functionaries? But it is unfortunate no one provided him justice it is most unfortunate that concerned public functionaries did not entertain even the grievances submitted by him on the flimsy ground because of rampant corruption in the government machinery. Whether the rampant corruption in the government machinery can provide good governance as being done by our accountable public functionaries and they are only misleading the innocent and gullible citizenry through the incredible media?

Pratima Parihar
Pratima Parihar
3 months ago

भगवान कृष्ण ने पिछड़े वर्गों, किसानों, किसानों और समाज के आर्थिक रूप से कमजोर वर्गों के लिए लड़ाई लड़ी। भगवान कृष्ण वह व्यक्ति थे जो जेल में पैदा हुए थे और जो सामाजिक बाधाओं के खिलाफ लड़े थे, ”मिशेल की थीसिस के अनुसार। “भगवद गीता सभी धर्मग्रंथों का सार है। यह भारतीय परंपरा, सभ्यता और संस्कृति का प्रतीक है …

Arun Pratap Singh
3 months ago

In my individual view, various sects on the ground of their Karmas were made by Aryas which means our ancestors not by God because such division of the society only creates discrimination and God is supreme soul which accepts every soul alike. Therefore there should be no division on the ground of caste creed and religion.

Preeti Singh
3 months ago

The Jews were the descendants of the Yadavas, Lord Krishna’s Clan. Any of the other races could produce saints but not saviors like Jesus and Krishna. For this reason, Lord Krishna and Jesus were related by blood ties. Krishna was a Yadu (Yadav) Kuru. Jesus was a Yehudi (Jews) Koresh”