Ultimately Dharma wins the race so always adopt righteous path and believe in almighty


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Dharma vs Evil story of Mr P Balasubramanian Energy auditor
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Sudalai Kumar <ss.kumar1987@gmail.com> 8 January 2020 at 11:52
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[1/8, 7:46 AM] Dr P Balasubramanian: DHARMA WILL ALWAYS WIN
Here is the story:
“I told the CEO of the company where I did audit during closing meeting, “You were energy efficient before 2 years, not now”.
He was shocked and  shouted  at  his  assistant  who  gave  the production figures. Then they failed to give further details required.
He refused to furnish even the basic data like the cost of the Natural Gas they were buying from ONGC. When the remainder for the final payment was sent, we got a long letter stating one of their transformers got burst after implementing our recommendations and we have to pay a compensation of Rupees One lakh. In fact, at that time, we have never given an oral or written report to the company. It is our policy to send the report only after getting 95% of payment. Generally, most of the Managers do not make the last payment on one pretext or other. I was not upset by the serious allegation as I am used to all these things after my experience in a refinery in Far East for 10 years under the worst of conditions of insult, teasing and threatening.
I replied back asking them to furnish the following:
1. The accident report submitted to the Government.
2. The insurance claim made by the company.
3. What were the parameters maintained?
There was dead silence. Then I wrote a RTI letter to Electricity Board to find out whether the accident was reported to them or not. EB replied “No” to my RTI query. This was a big relief to me.
I went to the company after receiving 75% of advance only. Hence, I did not lose much. It was a modern plant. The knowledge I gained was more. He did not pay the balance 25% when I told the report is ready with the available data.
Then I left the matter after serving a simple lawyer notice, which did not cost me anything since the lawyer is my friend. I cursed the cruel word and kept quiet.
As auditors, we are not in a company to find fault with them and we are there to help them only.
But this is a cruel business world and we have to be careful.
It is none of our business to check their production figures and there are many govt. agencies to check that. But unfortunately, energy is linked to production. Hence, we did that. I have forgotten the matter since we had many headaches at home and work.
After 10 months, when I opened the morning newspaper, there was a big front-page report stating that the Chairman of that company was arrested due to fraud done in excise duty, misuse of the Govt. quota of subsidized raw materials
The factory was closed for many months. I was shocked to know about the incident and thought God is punishing the wrong doers. My colleague told “Since you cursed, this happened”. I told “Nature is doing this and is maintaining the equilibrium.”
It was a chemical factory which employed most of the young operators from CEO’s village and were living in the factory compound.
Then I understood the reason.
I have seen in my life “Dharma” always wins in the long run. Everybody says “What they do is Dharma only” and but they do as per
their own convictions. In one of the recent High Court judgments, both the parties were saying, “Dharma has won”. I was confused too much. The nature only can decide who is right or wrong and the time will expose every body. Afterwards my love for Newton has increased too much and I am always praying to Newton only now-a- days. “Newton is my God”. Newtons third law of thermodynamics says “To each action, there is equal and opposite reaction” This is what Karma theory says.
I always believe “Service is prayer and work is worship” At this age of 73 years, I work for 16 hours a day and do free counseling to whomsoever comes to me for their problems in our free counseling centre.
[1/8, 7:56 AM] Dr P Balasubramanian: Do your honestly and keep quiet
When I was working abroad, one British man was disturbing me and irritating me by writing bad comments on log book. I just kept quiet. I was prepared to leave the company if Company takes action on me since I have already served the company for 8 years. Every body was jealous since the whole office was under my control. One one of colleagues told me that British man is in jail for drunken driving and later he was deported. I was dumb founded. It confirmed my belief that God always punishes the wicked people.
We should always be honest and ask for justice from government. Dharma will always win as you have seen in all of my cases. I always try to help all who come to me. All systems of Government have failed now except for Right to information Act. Keep trying and be bold. Do not hesitate to ask for information. Adharma will be destroyed. God will always be with you if you follow the Dharma and justice.

Dr. Sudalai Kumar, Chennai 74

எண்ணித் துணிக கருமம் துணிந்தபின்
எண்ணுவம் என்பது இழுக்கு.

Sudalai Kumar <ss.kumar1987@gmail.com> 8 January 2020 at 12:21
To: cgmchennai32@gmail.com, geomine@nic.in, cmcell@tn.gov.in, indsec@tn.gov.in, cs@tn.gov.in, homesec@tn.gov.in, Mahesh Pratap Singh Yogi M P Singh <yogimpsingh@gmail.com>, Bala <balasubramanian.energyaudit@gmail.com>
Another example of the  Dharma working for me.
Corrupt Government sector
This is to inform m you that the corrupt people in Government sector, Chennai were playing dirty politics. For 25 years, I was moving from one court to another court to get a payment of Rs.4 lakhs due to me. If I have bought a flat for Rs.4 lakh in Chennai in 1993, it would easily go for 4 crores now. The employees of Accounts and Civil Engineering departments of the company were purposely delaying the judgement by dragging the case. They know how to drag the case to 25 years and to bribe the lawyers. The company was doing corrupt practices for extracting money from companies. 25 years back, the government company awarded a contract to us to do maintenance of Sewage treatment plant. Since they asked for commission, we discontinued the operation after 2 years. For 25 years, they have been dragging the case by bribing the lawyers and court staff. Finally, we made grievance to justice department who sent a email to Registrar general vigilance, Chennai High court. They forwarded the case to Principal District judge. The Sub Court immediately disposed the case in 2016 after full trial and judgement was pronounced decreeing the suit. Many letters written to central Ministry to get payment were of no use. It has been decreed to my favour before 8 months.
Finally I threatened the Government Company that Regional director is the main culprit and he is using his staff to get commission from his staff. They got scared that they would be caught. Within a few days the Government Company sent a cheque for Rs.12 lakhs to me settling the matter out of court even though I have filed an execution petition in the sub-court. Then only I understood that almighty is in my favour since we were following Dharma in all walks of life.
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Shilpa Mishra
Shilpa Mishra
1 year ago

Undoubtedly great post one should follow the path of religion . Dharma always protect the man who pursues the Path of religion so one must not disparate if pursuing the path of religion so one must be honest in its worldly life.

Beerbhadra Singh
Beerbhadra Singh
1 year ago

if there is no rule of law and the government is not working in accordance with the framework of the Constitution then it is necessary that rule of religion must be applied in the country in order to save our country from the rule of Anarchy. Everyone knows that dharma tells us the art of the living and we must follow those arts.