Transgenders may also be given opportunity in police and judiciary as reformatory steps.




















Mahesh Pratap Singh Yogi M P Singh <>
Current situation can be controlled by only recruiting transgenders in judicial and police department for stopping crimes in India
1 message

Sudalai Kumar <>

4 December 2019 at 12:44



To:,,,, Bala <>, Mahesh Pratap Singh Yogi M P Singh <>,,,,


The women officers are recruited through corrupted way in all the departments of central and state government departments of Indian administrative, police and judicial offices for prostitution and they are also used for filling fake cases of harassment and mee too allegations on honest and accountable officers to escape the corrupted male officers who are in sexual relationship with them from the corruption scam.
When I gave complaint of malpractice of research publications against central government university professor for corruption in university of Hyderabad they involved me with woman student in the same university and threaten me. Then working in state government as CM cell in charge I received prostitution complaint on women staff members with several senior rank male officers. I have taken steps to curb prostitution in that department and these prostitutes are filled fake allegation on me and suspended me from service. I consider them all as prostitutes/flesh traders whoever have gone against me for the honest action taken by me. Even the youngsters working in the same department are controlling the basic instincts and not involving in sexual relationship with any women.
The police department also followed the same procedure against me for my complaint in police station after criminal attack on me and other crimes of harassment on me. They transferred the crime matter to women police officers and played with me for filling fake charges on me. These women police officers are also in line with prostitution with senior rank police officers and changed the direction of my cases with the help of corrupted officers.
They are all doing these crimes in coordination with senior rank police and judicial officers in government departments and  the indian economic slow down will further increase these kind of crimes in government offices. If this is the case in government department then what about the situation of women in private organisation? I think its too pathetic in there.
The government is keen on POCSO and women related crimes against them but government is lenient on crimes committed by women. For example government has relaxed the rule of law also on adultery case of women and given freedom for adultery. Only men will be charged for adultery but not women involved. The law makers and policy makers are all enjoying the freedom of women in only prostitution and adultery with them. They are not able to come with idea of giving freedom in job opportunities, education and independent thinking of their future.
Either you are giving slavery chance to women or complete freedom on committing crimes and you are never come with balanced rule of law. Its applicable to religion, caste and other minority issues.
If you don’t want any crimes related with women the suggestion is you can choose separate country, state, district and offices for women. Otherwise give a chance to transgenders or third gender in all top positions of police and judicial department to control and avoid the incidents of sexual crimes associated with women and men in working environment..

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I am S. Sudalai Kumar, Chemist in department of geology and mining under suspension period since July 2019. I am unemployed from 23 rd July 2019 to till today 02-11-19. I have not gone for any new job or committed with any business during the period of suspension and I have not got any subsistence and dearness allowances from August 2019 onwards from the department of geology and mining. Therefore, I request you to credit these two allowances from 1st August 2019 to November 2019. I also request you to follow the order of NHRC and cancel my suspension framed under fake charges. I also request you to credit the remaining salary deducted for suspension period under fake charges from July-November 2019.
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எண்ணித் துணிக கருமம் துணிந்தபின்
எண்ணுவம் என்பது இழுக்கு.







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1 year ago

Supreme Court of India
Ajay Kumar Choudhary vs Union Of India Thr Its Secretary & … on 16 February, 2015
Bench: Vikramajit Sen, C. Nagappan
The apex court in the judgment had said that suspension, spe ..We, therefore, direct that the currency of a Suspension Order should not extend beyond three months if within this period the Memorandum of Charges/Chargesheet is not served on the delinquent officer/employee; if the Memorandum of Charges/Chargesheet is served a reasoned order must be passed for the extension of the suspension. As in the case in hand, the Government is free to transfer the concerned person to any Department in any of its offices within or outside the State so as to sever any local or personal contact that he may have and which he may misuse for obstructing the investigation against him. The Government may also prohibit him from contacting any person, or handling records and documents till the stage of his having to prepare his defence. We think this will adequately safeguard the universally recognized principle of human dignity and the right to a speedy trial and shall also preserve the interest of the Government in the prosecution. We recognize that previous Constitution Benches have been reluctant to quash proceedings on the grounds of delay, and to set time limits to their duration. However, the imposition of a limit on the period of suspension has not been discussed in prior case law, and would not be contrary to the interests of justice. Furthermore, the direction of the Central Vigilance Commission that pending a criminal investigation departmental proceedings are to be held in abeyance stands superseded in view of the stand adopted by us.

15 So far as the facts of the present case are concerned, the Appellant has now been served with a Chargesheet, and, therefore, these directions may not be relevant to him any longer. However, if the Appellant is so advised he may challenge his continued suspension in any manner known to law, and this action of the Respondents will be subject to judicial review.

16 The Appeal is disposed of in the above terms and we desist from imposing costs.

………………………J [VIKRAMAJIT SEN] ………………………J [C. NAGAPPAN] New Delhi;

February 16, 2015.

Preeti Singh
1 year ago

Who is caring the grievances of this whistle blower ?
I am S. Sudalai Kumar, Chemist in department of geology and mining under suspension period since July 2019. I am unemployed from 23 rd July 2019 to till today 02-11-19. I have not gone for any new job or committed with any business during the period of suspension and I have not got any subsistence and dearness allowances from August 2019 onward from the department of geology and mining. Therefore, I request you to credit these two allowances from 1st

Beerbhadra Singh
1 year ago

Undoubtedly transgenders will provide us better result if they will act honestly and both women and men ruled us but they only provided us lawlessness and Anarchy now we must give the chance to the transgenders with the expectation of ray of hope from them otherwise we have no any other option as history is witness that transgenders remained more faithful in comparison to men and women.