Think about the fraud of Axis Bank Mirzapur, transaction successful but money not reached to account

Grievance Status for registration number : DEABD/E/2020/44837

Grievance Concerns To
Name Of Complainant
Yogi M P Singh
Date of Receipt
Received By Ministry/Department
Financial Services (Banking Division)
Grievance Description

Financial Services (Banking Division) >> Fraud

Department/Bank/Financial Institute : Other / Private Sector Bank.
An application under Article 51 A. The matter is concerned with irregularity in the transaction made in the account of Keshaw Pratap Singh S/O Rajendra Pratap Singh.
This account is opened in the Axis Bank, Beltar, District-Mirzapur. Account number-91101006070739
Transaction date and time-21/08/2020 and 21hour 48 minutes, Transaction ID-023421869642
Money was transferred from the account number 0067040100092033 to the aforementioned account of the applicant.

Grievance Document
Current Status
Under process
Date of Action
Auto Forwarded
Officer Concerns To
Officer Name
Betsy Rajagopal
Officer Designation
General Manager
Contact Address
Email Address
Contact Number
समन्वित शिकायत निवारण प्रणाली, उत्तर प्रदेश
सन्दर्भ संख्या:-  
लाभार्थी का विवरण
मोबइल नंबर(१)
आधार कार्ड न.
आवेदन पत्र का ब्यौरा
लाभार्थी का विवरण/शिकायत क्षेत्र का
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3 months ago

Axis bank is the private sector bank and because of corruption in the government machinery such banks are frequently violating the set up norms and always indulged in the unlawful practices like cheating customers and leaking the privacy of the accounts as its managers act like agent of the Max Life Insurance Company. Therefore they check every accounts and make efforts to cheat the account holders by luring them through cunning tricks.

Bhoomika Singh
Bhoomika Singh
3 months ago

These private sector banks keep under paid staffs whose eligibility is not in accordance with the post which is the root cause of such mis management and Anarchy which must be covered by the government functionaries but I think that they will not make efforts because of corruption which is rampant in the government machinery. I think that accountable staff of the concerned private sector bank must give the proper explanation on the portal of Government of India.

Vandana Singh
Vandana Singh
3 months ago

प्राइवेट बैंक में जाएंगे तो पैसे की सुरक्षा का खतरा सरकारी बैंक में लेनदेन को प्राथमिकता दे | सरकार का ढुलमुल रवैया ही समस्त परेशानियों की जड़ है |

Arun Pratap Singh
3 months ago

There is need to take stern action in the matter so that such irregularity may not repeat with the innocent customers as these customers are being targeted by the greedy staffs of the bank. If the transaction is successful, then where is gone the money?