There must be transparency and accountability in the judiciary of this country.

Case Status – Allahabad
Writ – A / 20121 /
2006 [Mirzapur]
Counsel (Pet.):
Counsel (Res.):
Petitions Relating To Secondary Education (non Teaching Staff) (single
Bench)-Salary And Allowances
Date of Filing:
Last Listed on:
19/07/2016 in
Court No. 7
Next Listing Date:
To be listed on
This is not an authentic/certified copy of the information
regarding status of a case. Authentic/certified information may be obtained
under Chapter VIII Rule 30 of Allahabad High Court Rules. Mistake, if any, may
be brought to the notice of OSD (Computer).

 It is submitted before the Hon’ble Sir that whether the act of the central public information officer ,High court of judicature at Allahabad is not lowering the dignity of courts in India. Whether such act on the part CPIO is not tantamount to assault on set high standard norm ,ethical values and impeccable integrity of temple of justice. To whom CPIO wants to shield by not revealing the sought information ? In view of your applicant ,working style in judiciary must be crystal clear instead of such inscrutable sphinx.

2 comments on There must be transparency and accountability in the judiciary of this country.

  1. When the direction of High Court was taken under teeth by director secondary education ,then why director i.e. respondent no.-1 didn't submit counter affidavit in High Court of judicature at Allahabad. Here DIOS Mirzapur was already interested to comply the order of High Court but bill prepared by DIOS Mirzapur was returned back by Director secondary education. Here multiple writs were filed by aggrieved but order of High Court was not complied by Director Secondary Education.

  2. Whether justice is available to common man in this largest democracy in the world if not why? Four writs have been filed but aggrieved still wandering from one place to the other in order to seek justice. Here four writs are signal of failure of judiciary in the country. Petitioner had no fault but terminated from the service and reinstated in the service with half of emoluments of salary by high court of judicature at Allahabad but concerned are not interested to pay half of salary.

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