Please provide the latest feedback in regard to progress of forwarded letter by chief minister office.

Please provide the latest feedback in regard to progress of forwarded letter by chief minister office.

Mahesh Pratap Singh Yogi M P Singh

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Please take a glance of  letter of chief minister office which was forwarded to Principal  secretary /secretary panchayati raj uttar pradesh.
With due respect your applicant wants to draw the kind attention of the Hon’ble Sir to the following submissions as follows.
1-It is submitted before the Hon’ble Sir that
कम्प्यूटर सँख्या PG05685566 , प्रेषित तिथि 10/09/2015, पत्रांक -PG05685566/लो.शि.-2/2015
विषय प्रार्थी के पत्र का अवलोकन कर उचित कार्यवाही करने के सम्‍बंध में 
प्रेषक श्रीएमपीसिहं मोसुरेखुपरम ,जबलपुर रोड मिर्जापुर उत्तर प्रदेश
प्रेषित प्रमुख सचिव/सचिवपंचायती राजउत्तर प्रदेश शासन
संदर्भ प्रकार अन्तरित
सन्दर्भ स्थिति – अन्तरितअन्तरण दिनांक : 10/09/2015
निस्तारण विवरणअन्तरित  आपका प्रार्थनापत्र निस्तारण हेतु प्रमुख सचिव/सचिव,पंचायती राजउत्तर प्रदेश शासन को प्रेषित कर दिया गया है  कृपया सम्बंधित अधिकारी सेअपने कम्प्यूटर सन्दर्भ संख्या के साथ संपर्क करने का कष्ट करें  
सम्बन्धित अधिकारी/विभाग द्वारा भरी गयी सूचना
अध्यावधिक स्थिति 
सम्बन्धित अनुभाग 
सम्बन्धित जनपद 
जवाब भेजे जाने की तिथि 
2-It is submitted before the Hon’ble Sir that
Dear Mr/Ms., M P SINGH
                  Your letter is received on 28/08/2015 at Chief Minister’s Office Email id, has been sent to Principal Secretary/Secretary Panchayti Raj for further action, Computer number of your reference is PG05685566 dated 10/09/2015. For further details, please visit the Chief Minister Office website
                                                                                                                            Akhilesh Yadav     
3-It is submitted before the Hon’ble Sir that matter is concerned with the misappropriation of public fund meant to poor and downtrodden section so proper attention is drawn of the Hon’ble Sir.
This is humble request of your applicant to you Hon’ble Sir that It can never be justified to overlook  the rights of citizenry by delivering services in arbitrary manner by floating all set up norms. This is sheer mismanagement which is encouraging wrongdoers to reap benefit of loopholes in system and depriving poor citizens from right to justice. Therefore it is need of hour to take concrete steps in order to curb grown anarchy in the system. For this your applicant shall ever pray you Hon’ble Sir.
                           ‘Yours  sincerely
                            Yogi M. P. Singh
Mohalla-Surekapuram, Jabalpur Road District-Mirzapur , Uttar Pradesh ,India .

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  1. कम्प्यूटर सँख्या : PG05685566 , प्रेषित तिथि 10/09/2015, पत्रांक : -PG05685566/लो.शि.-2/2015
    विषय : प्रार्थी के पत्र का अवलोकन कर उचित कार्यवाही करने के सम्‍बंध में ।
    प्रेषक : श्रीएम0 पी0 सिहं , मो0 सुरेखुपरम ,जबलपुर रोड , मिर्जापुर , उत्तर प्रदेश
    प्रेषित : प्रमुख सचिव/सचिव, पंचायती राज, उत्तर प्रदेश शासन
    संदर्भ प्रकार : अन्तरित
    सन्दर्भ स्थिति – अन्तरित, अन्तरण दिनांक : 10/09/2015
    निस्तारण विवरण: अन्तरित । आपका प्रार्थना-पत्र निस्तारण हेतु प्रमुख सचिव/सचिव,पंचायती राज, उत्तर प्रदेश शासन को प्रेषित कर दिया गया है । कृपया सम्बंधित अधिकारी सेअपने कम्प्यूटर सन्दर्भ संख्या के साथ संपर्क करने का कष्ट करें ।
    सम्बन्धित अधिकारी/विभाग द्वारा भरी गयी सूचना-

  2. How they will provide the feedback regarding progress as they file the letters of chief minister reference instead of taking action on the letters of chief minister reference. Here we are being ruled by sheer anarchy.

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