Now information sought from the ministry of consumer affairs in regard to spurious white board marker ink

जब उत्पाद ही वास्तविक नही है जिसके निर्माता कंपनी का ही पता नही फिर भी मोदी जी उपभोक्ता मामलो का मंत्रालय और अमेज़न ऑनलाइन शौपिंग का स्टाफ उसको न्यायोचित ठहराने और उपभोक्ता को चूना लगाने में कोई कोर कसर भी छोड़ रहा है ऐसे में उपभोक्ता संरक्षण का झूठा दावा सरकार के मातहत कैसे कर सकते है | कहा है सुशासन यदि है तो बताइये स्याही कंपनी का पता ठिकाना क्या है उसका पंजीकरण और उसकी स्थिति क्या है भारत सरकार के कार्यालय में |

Enter Registration Number DOCAF/R/E/20/00565
Name Preeti Singh
Date of filing 28/07/2020
Public Authority Department of Consumer Affairs
Date of action 28/07/2020
Nodal Officer Details :-
Telephone Number 01123381233
Email Id uspc-ca[at]nic[dot]in

Online RTI Request Form Details

RTI Request Details :-
RTI Request Registration number DOCAF/R/E/20/00565
Public Authority Department of Consumer Affairs
Personal Details of RTI Applicant:-
Name Preeti Singh
Gender Female
Address Mohalla Surekapuram , Jabalpur Road, Sangmohal post office
Pincode 231001
Country India
State Uttar Pradesh
Status Urban
Educational Status Literate
Phone Number Details not provided
Mobile Number +91-9336252631
Email-ID preetisinghgaharwar[at]gmail[dot]com
Request Details :-
Citizenship Indian
Is the Requester Below Poverty Line ? No
(Description of Information sought (upto 500 characters)
Description of Information Sought
1-Detail of the manufacturing company as not available on the Amazon online shopping platform.
2-Complaint is made against the seller but grievance is redressed through the report submitted by the staffs of Amazon online shopping if Amazon is the only facilitator then they must avail the reply of seller.
Provide the provision which allows the sell of the product of an unregistered company.
3-Provide the reason for not taking action against the unregistered company manufacturing whiteboard marker ink and selling openly in the market.
Concerned CPIO Nodal Officer
Supporting document (only pdf upto 1 MB)

Grievance Status for registration number : DOCAF/E/2020/02763

Grievance Concerns To
Name Of Complainant
Preeti Singh
Date of Receipt
Received By Ministry/Department
Consumer Affairs
Grievance Description
Grievance Details Grievance Number 1812895 Grievance Reg Date 26 Dec 2019 Complainant Name Preeti Singh.
The aforementioned grievance is submitted on the portal of the ministry of consumer affairs and they disposed of the matter arbitrarily by making the mockery of the consumer rights of the applicant so they may be directed to pursue the provisions and spirit of the consumer protection Act.
Whether such things are legitimate which is going on in this country. Sir, It is sheer unjustified to overlook the grievances of the applicant on the flimsy ground ipso facto obvious. Here it is quite obvious that the seller who sold the product is not a manufacturing company. He made a spurious whiteboard marker ink and making stupid innocent and gullible citizenry including the applicant. Undoubtedly Amazon did not make the ink but sold the ink so Amazon colluded with the seller in pursuing unlawful business. Such cheaters pursuing business on the Amazon online shopping must be subjected to penal proceedings per the law.
Grievance Document
Current Status
Case closed
Date of Action
Response received from company Please note that the orders are subject to the Amazon return policy as found on The policy allows for return for specified merchandise for a full refund in case the same are returned within the time as stipulated there under. Accordingly, we are unable to process your request for return and refund since the same has been placed after the expiry of the return window,which expired on 10th August, 2019. Further, it is submitted that our role is limited to that of an intermediary and we are not the seller/manufacturer of the products listed on our Website. The products listed on our Website are sold by independent third party sellers. In view of the above, the issue stands closed. NCH tried to contact consumer on 23-07-2020 at 12:14 PM to take feedback but could not connect on call as the call was not picked by consumer. Hence further advised that if you are not satisfied with company response , you may file a case in a District Consumer Forum against the company, following the procedure prescribed by them. For details you may refer Grievance closed from NCH.
Rating Remarks
Here matter is concerned with the spurious white board marker ink and when I will not confirm with it, how can I make complaint about it as before making a complaint against any body one must have substantial evidence against any body. Immediately it was not feasible to make complaint without using the product and a solid confirmation regarding the fake nature of the product. Here most important question is that whether a seller can be allowed to sell the fake product from the Amazon online shopping and can cheat innocent and gullible citizenry by selling fake item as genuine one. Initially it might be considered that seller was acting in caucus with the corrupt staffs of the Amazon online shopping and both were cheating innocent and gullible consumers but non action by the government on the repeated representations of the applicant is only showing that government functionaries are also colluded in such illegal practice which is illegal and unconstitutional. Too much embarrassing acts
Officer Concerns To
Officer Name
Prof. Suresh Mishra
Officer Designation
Contact Address
Suresh Mishra IIPA New Delhi
Email Address
Contact Number
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Bhoomika Singh
Bhoomika Singh
3 months ago

Think about the gravity of situation that a fake company is manufacturing White board marker ink and is being sold bi a seller and they are saying that consumer has not followed the proper rules to return the product but they are not saying that why are they selling impurious whiteboard marker ink? Here it is quite obvious that matter is concerned with the cheating and they are not interested to take action against the fake company and the seller therefore they are making pretext and trying to suppress the matter through such cryptic dealings.

Vandana Singh
Vandana Singh
3 months ago
Reply to  Bhoomika Singh

यहाँ बात चंचल सफेद बोर्ड मार्कर स्याही से संबंधित है और जब मैं इसके साथ पुष्टि नहीं करूंगा, तो मैं किसी भी निकाय के खिलाफ पर्याप्त सबूत होने से पहले किसी भी निकाय के खिलाफ शिकायत करने से पहले कैसे इसके बारे में शिकायत कर सकता हूं।विक्रेता अमेज़न ऑनलाइन शॉपिंग के भ्रष्ट कर्मचारियों के साथ कॉकस में काम कर रहा था और दोनों ही निर्दोष और भोले-भाले उपभोक्ताओं को धोखा दे रहे थे, लेकिन आवेदक के बार-बार प्रतिनिधित्व पर सरकार द्वारा गैर कार्रवाई केवल यह दिखा रही है कि सरकारी कर्मचारी भी मिलीभगत कर रहे हैं ऐसे गैरकानूनी व्यवहार में जो गैरकानूनी और असंवैधानिक है। बहुत ही शर्मनाक है

Pratima Parihar
Pratima Parihar
3 months ago

क्या ऐसी चीजें वैध हैं जो इस देश में चल रही हैं। सर, यह स्पष्ट है कि स्पष्ट रूप से कमजोर आधार पर आवेदक की शिकायतों की अनदेखी करना अनुचित है। यहां यह स्पष्ट है कि उत्पाद बेचने वाला विक्रेता कोई निर्माण कंपनी नहीं है। उन्होंने एक स्पष्ट सफेद बोर्ड मार्कर स्याही बनाई और आवेदक को बेवकूफ बनाया साथ ही निर्दोष और भोले नागरिको को बेवकूफ बना रहा है। निस्संदेह अमेज़ॅन ने स्याही नहीं बनाई, लेकिन स्याही बेची इसलिए अमेज़ॅन ने विक्रेता के साथ अवैध व्यापार का सम्पादन किया। अमेज़ॅन ऑनलाइन खरीदारी पर व्यापार करने वाले ऐसे विक्रेताओं को कानून के अनुसार दंडात्मक कार्यवाही के अधीन किया जाना चाहिए।

Beerbhadra Singh
3 months ago

How can it be justified that a non registered entity may manufacture whiteboard marker ink and a seller sells this spurious White board marker ink by colluding with the staffs of the Amazon online shopping. Most surprising is that National consumer helpline justifying this illegal stand in the cryptic manner. Think about the gravity of situation that our public functionaries are so incompetent that they cannot trace the wrongdoing and its perpetrators or you can say they are acting in caucus with each other.

3 months ago

Complaint is made against the seller but grievance is redressed through the report submitted by the staffs of Amazon online shopping if Amazon is the only facilitator then they must avail the reply of seller.
Provide the provision which allows the sell of the product of an unregistered company.
यदि शिकायत बिक्रेता के विरुद्ध है तो रिपोर्ट भी बिक्रेता का होना चाहिए यह कैसी आराजकता है जब अमेज़न ऑनलाइन शौपिंग सिर्फ फैसिलिटेटर है तो यह बिक्रेता का आख्या लगना चाहिए तभी आग कार्यवाही हो सकती है |