Narendra Modi only greeted the aggrieved instead of taking solid and strong action on representations.

Here this question arises that whether Hon’ble Prime Minister of India only greeted the aggrieved or took any action on submitted grievance. No doubt there is sheer corruption in the system which needs to be eliminated but possible only when action would be taken by concerned public functionary.
TNPSC Service Commission
bala Friendly Dear Hon’bleSir/ Madam, I launched many petitions in India including Tamilnadu to control the corruption or fishy practices in Tamil Nadu government but not yet I have received any motivational letter from the government of Tamilnadu for my efforts towards eliminating the TNPSC corruptions in staff recruitment. But now I have hope on Mr. Narendra Modi’s government after receiving this motivational e-mail from Mr. Narendra Modi office. The reply from the Hon’ble Prime minister office is mentioned below for your kind perusal. First I believed and Now I lost hope on Ms. Selvi Jayalalitha’s ruling government for this matter. Moreover, I don’t have any hope on my professional career with Tamilnadu government to serve because I feel sometimes this Tamil nadu government is only for elite people who are willing to give bribe not for common citizens. I studied my best to reach this level with having the hope of Tamilnadu government reforms in staff recruitment. But now this ruling government is not allowing me to proceed with my technical skills. Therefore I hope that only Mr. Namo as the PM can change the fate of this country. So I finally request you to forward all my petitions to the new Prime Minister Mr. Namo for the corruption free administration in government organisation. I expect him to expand his power in Tamilnadu also as the national party to eliminate the bribery in selection of lecturers, government staffs, medical and engineering students and political leaders for our nation to the greater heights.

Message from the new Hon’ble PM of India, Dear Friend,

I am delighted to receive your greetings and best wishes. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and encouragement. I am humbled by the faith reposed in us by the people and am sure that we will rise to the high expectations of the people.

India is a blessed land, known for its glorious culture. It is our land that has shown the way to the world time and again. Today, we need to once again ignite the lamp of progress that will take our nation to greater heights and I believe together we can.

Once again I thank you for your wishes and I seek your support and participation in our endeavour to create a strong, developed and inclusive India.


Narendra Modi

Yours Sincerely, Sudalai Kumar C/o. Prof. Dr. Ashwini Nangia School of Chemistry University of Hyderabad HYDERABAD – 500 046 INDIA.

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