Mrityunjay stotra makes the striver equipped with supernatural powers and provides long life

शिव जी का मृत्युंजय स्तोत्रं साधक को मनचाहा धनधान्य और समृद्धि प्रदान करता है और शत्रुओं का शमन करता है |


5 comments on Mrityunjay stotra makes the striver equipped with supernatural powers and provides long life

  1. One must dedicate itself to the Lord Shiva when listen these verses and this hymn is confidential text and common man can not understand it deeply. Striver of this Hymn is free from all kinds of diseases, epidemics and always remains fearless. Those who recite the verses of it lives a life of 100 years on this Earth. There are three types of miseries which may be categorized as Physical, Supernatural and bodily but the strivers of this hymn are never suffered with such ailments.

  2. Undoubtedly these verses can cure entire ailments of the body so everyone must recite these verses of the hymn by sinking its mind in the Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is the God of death and death occurs because of the ailments in the body so to overcome diseases we must worship Lord Shiva in order to do so, we must recite the aforementioned verses to please Lord Shiva by dedicating itself to Lord Shiva.

  3. Mrityunjay stotra is ancient quest of our saints to please Lord Shiva and this hymn provides extraordinary results to the strivers/ readers/ listeners.
    Excellent verses of this hymn dedicated Lord Shiva rejuvenating the cells of the body. It seems that ego is sinking in the rhythm of verses of the hymn. Undoubtedly excellent hymn must be recited multiply each day for the grace of God. Everyone knows that Lord Shiva is gracious to his devotees and bestows his blessings soon.

  4. Excellent remedy keep close your eyes and listen the verses of the hymn mrityunjay stotra you will be free from all kind of diseases.Excellent hymn dedicated to Lord Shiva its verses are echoing enough to quantize the the cells of the body thus bodily organs are getting rejuvenated because of the sounds of of this hymn. One must listen this hymn daily both morning and evening time in order to enhance the peace of the mind. These verses have extra ordinary healing powers so must be listened daily.

  5. नंदीकेश्वर ने कहा एक समय कैलाश पर्वत के स्वच्छ स्फटिक तुल्य सात्विक राजसिक गुणों से युक्त वृद्धा अवस्था एवं मृत्यु से रहित धर्म अर्थ काम मोक्ष चतुर विद पुरुषार्थ के आधारभूत समस्त ज्ञान का उपयोग उत्तरीय शिखर पर ध्याना अवस्थित सर्वदा शिव कल्याणकारी आदि देव महादेव से दोनों कर कमल को संपुटित कर नम्र भाव से साष्टांग प्रणाम करते हुए त्रिलोक पितामह स्वरूप चतुर्वेदी पुरुषार्थ के आधारभूत ब्रह्मा जी ने महादेव जी से इस प्रकार प्रश्न किया ब्रह्मा जी ने कहा हे देवाधिदेव महेश्वर किस प्रकार लोमश ऋषि दीर्घ जीवी हुए कृपा कर हमें बताइए शिव जी ने लोक कल्याण के लिए यह मृत्युंजय स्त्रोत मृत्युलोक के लिए प्रकट किया था

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