Mosquitoes on its rise but government inaction may cause spread of epidemic.

Mahesh Pratap Singh Yogi M P Singh <>
7:13 PM (1 minute ago)

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With due respect your applicant wants to draw the kind attention of the Hon’ble Sir to the following submissions as follows.
1-It is submitted before the Hon’ble Sir that whether it is justified that the department which is to solve the problems residents but unfortunately itself creating the problem for common people.Please take a glance of following links-
2- It is submitted before the Hon’ble Sir that why erring staff of the government don’t think that because of their carelessness an innocent bull again killed and more serious accident may take place again and again . Whether it is not tantamount to sheer dereliction of duty that drainage which must be covered was left uncovered by the staff of municipality.

Ek aur Sand Huwa Nagar palika parisad ki laparwahi ka sikar.
Batate hai ki kal Laxman prasad ki gali, wellesly ganj me do Sando ki ladai huyi aur wo khule nale me ja gira.
Prayaso k baad use usko bahar to nikal diya gaya kintu wo ghayal Sand aaj mar gaya.
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3-It is submitted before the Hon’ble Sir that problem of mosquitoes are prevalent in the city Mirzapur and recently it was reported that deputy jailor was died because of dengue fever but still no precautionary measure was adopted in order to face menace mosquito bite and resulting in deadly diseases.
 This is humble request to you Hon’ble Sir that Hon’ble Sir may direct concerned staff of municipality not to overlook the grievances of common people and make proper arrangement in order to control the breeding of mosquitoes by cleaning dirty collected water and proper spray of chemicals. For this your applicant shall ever pray you Hon’ble Sir.
                              Yours sincerely
                           Yogi M. P. Singh
Mohalla-Surekapuram, Jabalpur Road, District-Mirzapur (U.P.) India.

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  1. Layout of builders are passed by government functionaries by taking illegal gratification. They don't care about the basic amenities of residents but when a person purchases the land and construct house then he knows that he has been cheated. Surekapuram colony is a low-lying area and having no drainage but how municipality and other concerned authority passed the layout. Who cares about public?

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