Matter concerned with huge loss of fertilizer is being overlooked and wrongdoers are being shielded by corrupt

Fertilizer of millions of rupees destroyed because of rain water

Grievance Status for registration number : GOVUP/E/2019/36610

Grievance Concerns To

Name Of Complainant –Yogi M. P. Singh
Date of Receipt -10/11/2019
Received By Ministry/Department -Uttar Pradesh
Grievance Description
Here it is quite obvious that fertilizers of more than 20 million rupees destroyed because of the rainwater quite obvious from the reports published in the print and electronic media in the local daily. But it is unfortunate that our public functionaries are overlooking this huge loss and supporting the mismanagement in the department concerned. Whether they will justify this mismanagement? According to Department of Railways, the concerned department is not claiming any loss occurred due to the negligence of the department of Railways. Department of the government of Uttar Pradesh already gave affidavit to them not to claim any loss which means they were not cautious even when there was possibility of loss. But here it is quite obvious that there is a loss which occurred at a mass level quite obvious from the attached photographs. According to the Department of Railways, this could be avoided but it is unfortunate that concerned department of the government of Uttar Pradesh itself shown negligence in order to avoid the wastage of fertilizer otherwise fertilizer was directly loaded to the trucks from the wagon of the railway but not done so. Undoubtedly concerned staffs of the government are not serious about this loss because this detriment did not occur to them but actually occurred to the government and if someone other to whom this loss occurred those are the farmers of the area to whom useless ineffective fertilizer, they/ department of agriculture sold. . Here this question arises that why the department of the government of Uttar Pradesh gave the affidavit to the department of Railways that if any loss occurs then department itself would be liable and it would not be the responsibility of the department of Railways. If the huge loss of fertilizer could be avoided by direct loading the packets of the fertilizers from the wagon of the railway to the trucks then why the concerned department of the government of Uttar Pradesh did not do so. Here core point is that the Government of Uttar Pradesh is avoiding to take the action against the accountable staff and not fixing the accountability of its staffs. More details are attached to the representation.
Grievance Document
Current Status –Case closed
Date of Action -21/12/2019
Remarks –प्रकरण भारत सरकार रेलमंत्रालय से संबंध है।
Rating Remarks
The matter concerns with the deep rooted corruption and it is unfortunate that instead of taking action concerned accountable public functionaries are procrastinating in the matter since more than three years. Whether they can justify it on one side of screen, our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi Sir is claiming to provide good governance and corruption free government but his ministry is saying that the matter concerns with state government and state government is saying that matter concerns with the ministry of Railways. Whether government will solve the matter in this way even when the matter concerns with complete mismanagement of the Ministry of Railway as well as government of Uttar Pradesh. Here this question arises that why our governments are not taking action to overcome the corruption and Tyranny of the corrupt public functionaries which is ipso facto obvious. How they will overcome corruption if Owl is seated at every branch. Thanks Sir.
Officer Concerns To
Name of the officer -Shri Arun Kumar Dube
Officer Designation -Joint Secretary
Contact Address -Chief Minister Secretariat U.P. Secretariat, Lucknow
Email Address
Contact Number -05222215127
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beautiful images
11 months ago

Matter is concerned with serious mis management of the government staff but it is unfortunate that no accountable public functionaries are taking action in the matter because of the rampant corruption in the government machinery. Whether such huge loss of public exchequer can be tolerated why concerned staff is not being subjected to the penal proceedings because their dereliction caused huge loss to the public exchequer.

Bhoomika Singh
Bhoomika Singh
11 months ago

Fertilizer is good for the father and bad for the sons.”
–Dutch saying

For all of its ecological baggage, synthetic nitrogen does one good deed for the environment: it helps build carbon in soil. At least, that’s what scientists have assumed for decades.

If that were true, it would count as a major environmental benefit of synthetic N use. At a time of climate chaos and ever-growing global greenhouse gas emissions, anything that helps vast swaths of farmland sponge up carbon would be a stabilizing force. Moreover, carbon-rich soils store nutrients and have the potential to remain fertile over time–a boon for future generations.

beautiful images
11 months ago

Here we are giving our viewpoints on the loss just occurred on the platform because of the rain water and this loss occurred because of the dereliction of the duty of the government staff and both centre government and state government are accountable for it the loss which occurred to the public exchequer and accountability is not being fixed by the constitutional functionaries and they want to cover under the carpet this crucial matter concerned with the wide Public Interest.

Preeti Singh
11 months ago

Fertilizer of millions of rupees destroyed and no action was taken in the name of matter is concerned with ministry of Railway and ministry of Railway is saying that matter is concerned with the government of Uttar Pradesh.
Grievance Document
Current Status -Case closed
Date of Action –21/12/2019
Remarks –प्रकरण भारत सरकार रेलमंत्रालय से संबंध है।