Main challenge before common man party is to curb growing corruption in the system.

Indian media: Challenges for Common Man’s Party

At pArvind Kejriwal's party was born out of a strong anti-corruption movement that swept India two years ago

Arvind Kejriwal’s party was born out of a strong anti-corruption movement that swept India two years ago
News of the forthcoming retirement of PM Manmohan Singh came too late for most newspapers in India, who have concentrated much of their coverage on the formation of the new Aam Admi Party (AAP) government in Delhi.
Most agree that the the AAP, or Common Man’s Party, now has a challenging opportunity to build its image as a viable option in the upcoming general elections.
With support from the Congress party, the AAP secured 37 votes – one more than it needed in Thursday’s confidence vote.
It won 28 of the 70 seats in the assembly polls last month and decided to govern Delhi after seeking a referendum on forming a government.
Arvind Kejriwal, a former civil servant, was sworn in as Delhi’s chief minister at the Ramlila Ground on 28 December and subsequently won a vote of confidence in the state assembly.
“In effect, the AAP government probably has roughly six months to decorate its shop window, place its wares on the shelf and attract the right kind of audience in the 300-odd constituencies the party plans to contest across India,” a Hindustan Times editorial says.
The Indian Express too feels the AAP is facing tough challenges.
“Delhi is the AAP’s first heady success and its first foothold in power… But campaigning and governing have different impulses, and the AAP’s challenge will also be to negotiate that line daily… It needs to demonstrate its capacity for responsible governance if it is to become a national option that is seen to be credible,” it says.
The Hindi daily Dainik Jagran also says that the public has a lot of expectations from the AAP.
It says that the party has at least six months “to utilise its full potential and ensure that they win the confidence of the people”.
The AAP government can be challenged in the assembly only when it convenes after six months.
Meanwhile, Mr Kejriwal will be moving into two big adjacent duplex houses in Delhi after he refused to live in a sprawling house traditionally used by Delhi’s past chief ministers.
The papers say Mr Kejriwal’s choice is nowhere near as grand as the previous chief minister’s residence but “not quite the common man’s house either”, reports The Times of India.
The move is “likely to give a handle to the opposition, given his promise that he would live in a flat like a common man”, the report says.

Meanwhile, Indian websites and TV channels are also giving wall-to-wall coverage to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s first news conference in three years.resent time ,,Indian citizens are facing the rampant corruption in the system and they expect that new incumbent at Delhi is a ray of hope for them in order to provide relief from the anarchy which is at zenith. There is no doubt that Arvind Kejarival has been one of great people of this nation. The work done by him will never be forgotten by countrymen. He is not ideal only for Indians but also seen with respect in abroad. Every Indian bow its head before this great personality.We felt that this vast democracy of world will never come out from the clutches of corrupt executives ,bureaucrats and judicial members but this great man showed real courage in order to free our mother land from shackles of corrupt public functionaries. Undoubtedly congress leader Rahul Gandhi played positive role in nation building by opposing the growing corruption with tooth and nail.We expect that all the Honest leaders must come on the single platform in order to curb the cloud of corruption surrounded our Government machinery and made our system non-fertile and wrongdoer friendly.

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  1. We need really honest not those who itself corrupt but on public platform talk of honesty. Such pseudo honest public functionaries are not liked by public. Our system is submerged into the ocean of corruption from top to bottom and those who can give us ray of hope is congress leader Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejarival. There is need to make efforts collectively. Those who didn't favour the appointment of lok-ayukta in the state of Gujarat since decades whether ever can provide transparent and accountable government.

  2. More liberal administrator can not run in accordance with the frame work of constitution as wrongdoers without being penalized can not adopt right path. There is too much corruption in the system which can be rooted out by an honest administrator . Our system lacks honest public functionaries.

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