Maha mrityunjay kavacham Devishwar sambade dedicated to Lord Shiva

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Arun Pratap Singh
4 months ago

This Maha mrityunjay kavacham is a gospel of God to Goddess is a precious gem to Human society which must retained by each individual to free itself from clutches of worldly sorrows and miseries. Eco of this hymn is quantizing cells of the body as I listen. If anyone wants to save its hard earned money from the today’s doctors, then he must listen this hymn both in the morning and evening.
Yudhishthira replied, “Dharma is the only shield of man and not Bhima or Arjuna . If Dharma is set at naught, man will be ruined. … ” That was Dharma at its best.
Our final shelter is the Lord Shiva.

Preeti Singh
4 months ago

Each verse of this hymn Maha mrityunjay kavach rejuvenates cells of the human body as echo of the sound of verses of the hymns transfers its energy to the cells of the body. Through these verses, reader or listener dedicates entire bodily organs to various God’s forms for protection and finally his mind is freed from insecurities because of evil powers of the universe. Undoubtedly this universe is created, maintained/nourished and destroyed by the various forms of God so shelter of God is our final and supreme shelter.

Bhoomika Singh
4 months ago

It is said that Maha Mrityunjay Kavach can transmit life enery to a man at the stage depart to God’s port. Dharma tells us the path how to live and we should follow the path of the Dharma if we want to progress in our life. Without Dharma ones life is without destiny and our behaviour is like Damon if we are not following the path of the Dharma. Dharma only differentiate us from demons. By achieving the blessings of Lord Shiva demon King Ravana became the Conqueror of this universe whether it is not the achievement?

Vandana Singh
Vandana Singh
4 months ago

इस कवच का पाठ करने से सर्व कामना सिद्ध होती है सारे ग्रह पीड़ा का निवारण होता है दुश्मन का नाश होता है पुण्य की वृद्धि होती है त्रिकाल पाठ करने से अकाल मृत्यु नहीं होती है भोजपत्र में लिखकर धारण करने से भूत प्रेत का डर नहीं होता है चोर का भय नहीं रहता जीवन में बेटी सौभाग्य की वृद्धि होती है