Letter petition to Hon’ble Chief Justice of India.

Letter Petition/Resignation of my PhD

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Sudalai Kumar


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To Hon’ble Chief Justice                                                                                
Supreme Court of India                                                                                             
Tilak Marg, New Delhi-110 201
Hyderabad    17-12-14     
Respected and Hon’ble Sir,

                        I would like to bring in your kind attention towards some of the issues related to the corruption and non-transparency in the recruitment for government bodies in the last two years through the resignation of my PhD in Central University of Hyderabad. Because I don’t find any other way to bring your attention as I am aggrieved by the irresponsible behaviour of government officials towards RTI queries and their coordinated influence of suppressing my petitions throughout the country.  This letter petition is regarding the pending cases on Tamilnadu Public Service Commission in various offices related to the following recruitments TNPSC ADVT NO: 298, 21-03-12, TNPSC ADVT NO:01/2012 and TNPSC ADVT NO: 06/2013, 28-03-13.  I requested CJI of Madras High Court to register the PIL and action on my petitions but so far no replies yet come. I mentioned below the case reference for your kind attention and therefore I request you to issue the legal notice to the Madras High Court to take the action on my petitions which are supported by more than 140 Indian Citizens in http://chn.ge/17zzC0e website. I will be abide by the rules and orders of the supreme court of India and I hope you will respond to take the preventative action to ascertain rule of law, freedom of speech, movement, assembly, inquiry and the right to information.
I request you to impose the rules on our government to follow them for the welfare of research scholars and growth of scientific research in India.
1.      (a) To revise the research fellowship emoluments from April 2014 as like 2007 and 2010 revisions instead of October 2014 implementation. (b) To revise this fellowship periodically without any more delay hereafter (2014 onwards).
2.      To set up research ombudsman in all the research institutes/universities.

S. Sudalai Kumar, M.Sc., PhD.,   R.No.D-207, NRS Hostel,                                                                        
(CSIR-Senior Research Fellow)
Prof C R Rao road, University of Hyderabad,
Hyderabad-500046, Telangana (India).
Attachment: My PhD resignation letter and the references of my case details.
Yours Sincerely,
Sudalai Kumar 
C/o. Prof. Dr. Ashwini Nangia
School of Chemistry
University of Hyderabad
HYDERABAD – 500 046

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  1. Hon'ble Narendra Modi ji talk of good governance but wrongdoers are being spared. Why wrongdoers are running scot-free? Whether in such anarchy any one can get justice. Undoubtedly brain drain is on large scale. This is obligatory duty of public functionaries that this practice must be curbed at the earliest.

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