Information commissioner Mr.Gyan Prakash Maurya told real truth to public through media.

Information Commissioner Mr. Gyan Prakash Maurya articulated before the media
men  that bureaucrats of state in regard
to Right to Information Act 2005 are neutral and adopt lackadaisical approach
in concerned matters. He also quoted that because of Lackadaisical approach of
Public Information Officers and non interest in R,T,I, Act burden of complaints
are alarmingly on the rise before the information commission. He emphasized
that if the Information Seeker may get their sought information at time ,then
office of transparency panel may not be flooded with the bundles complaints.
Hon’ble Information Commissioner did the meeting with the officers of power
corporation on Saturday and asked them to dispose the matters concerned with
the transparency act in time bound manner. Hon’ble commissioner directed the
accountable functionaries of power corporation that information commission has
imposed Rs.25000.00 (twenty five thousand )
as pecuniary penalty on each PIOs in various 99 complaints and this
amount i.e. 99×25000=Rs.2475000  must be
recovered from their salaries and this information must be intimated to
concerned information seeker. Latter during the media briefing ,information
commissioner Mr Gyan Prakash Maurya told the media men that at present time
more than 44000 complaints are pending in the information commission because of
lack of information commissioners . He also told the media that at the place 11
information commissioners including C.I.C. ,there are only three information
commissioners including C.I.C. Despite this every day ,each information
commissioner is disposing more than 100 cases.   Please take a glance of following links-

Eight posts of information commissioners lying vacant in the U.P.S.I.C. must be filled.

Why state government is procrastinating on the appointment of I.Cs. in UPSIC?

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  1. Hon'ble friends-It is true that Hon'ble information commissioner wants that there may be fear in the mind of wrongdoer PIOs so that they may provide the information to information seeker but it is fact that no penalties are recovered from the erring PIOs in this state. Attached links are itself live explanation of events which are taking place in this vast state in regard to recovery of imposed pecuniary penalties and others. Entire provisions of the transparency act has been taken under teeth and made it ineffective in the state.

  2. This is very wrong practice on the part of state government that it is supporting the non recovery of imposed penalties from erring PIOs. Whether transparency and accountability can be promoted by non implementation of the order of transparency panel as going on in this largest state of India. Every one is apprised with this fact that why information is not being provided to information seekers.

  3. Whether it is justified to keep the post of information commissioners in the state vacant and RTI activist and the people who are seeking information and knocking the door and information is not being provided by the public information officers of the government how can be such practice may be justified in a good governance so action must be taken by the government in this direction at the earliest but it was not done by the government at that time.

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