If every one is guaranteed security ,then why whistle blower is being threatened with dire consequences.

Life Threatening after complaint


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Dear Sir,

Things happened around me.

1. One of my lab-mates brought to the place where there were no public in a bike. His Name is Maddiletti, PhD student of Prof Ashwini Nangia. There were only three fellows look like rowdies or rogues who just looked at me and wait for some calls. Finally Maddileti received one call and call me to come in bike. He just dropped me back in HCU.

2. Hostel NRS there were no snakes in first floor till my stay in HCU since three years. But somebody wrote something in the bathroom snakes are there and be careful.

3. Swineflu spread- I called you one dau and you said that don’t take food without any proper alert. On the same day Lunch I skipped because of my doubt that students didn’t touch one scoop of rice till 12.50 pm because it usually rice will be left around half scoop from the time starting time of lunch 12.30 pm.

4. I called to Nangia sir and said I scared and I am going home. His reply I am the in charge of Health center and I will admit you and I know Cheif Medical officer well.

The last three things shows that something want to show that natuiral causes happened to me.

These things are indicating that something abnormal in my life in HCU after I intimated his (Nagia’s) illegal activities in HCU. 

So please help me in this regard and inform the concerned that Prof Ashwini Nangia is responsible if anything happened to me. I don’t have any bad habits and physically strong also.
Thank you. 

Kind Regards
S. Sudalai Kumar 
C/O. Prof. Ashwini Nangia’s Group
School of Chemistry, University of Hyderabad, 
Prof. C.R. Rao Road, Gachibowli, Central Univ. PO,
Hyderabad 500 046, AP. INDIA.
Mob 919000782285

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– Swami Vivekananda
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  1. Think about the gravity of situation that a whistle blower is being taken under pressure by terrorizing him through goons. What can be expected from the government whose corrupt staff not only abusing his position and rank for amassing huge wealth but also forming a group which is being used for terrorizing the whistle blowers . Whether this is not signal of anarchy and lawlessness in this vast democracy in the world where Hon'ble Prime Minister of India few days ago delivered election rhetoric on several places that if he will come to power constitutional provisions will be protected. Dark is going to deeper and deeper what is impact of whistle blower bill passed in our temple of legislation.

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