If every one is alike before the law, then why action is not being taken against the judges of S.C.I.?

India sexual harassment case: Supreme Court to investigate second judge

On Wednesday a law intern will ask the court for an investigation into the alleged misconduct, which the judge denies and she says took place in 2012.
Correspondents say the charges against the judges have shocked India.
In the latest case, the law intern said on one occasion the former judge had placed his hand on her lower back when she was stepping out of his office.
“I felt quite uncomfortable and disturbed but I brushed it aside,” she said in her complaint, which was carried by sections of the Indian media over the weekend.
On another occasion, she said, the judge “put his right arm around me and kissed me on my left shoulder”.
“I was quite taken aback and shocked, and I excused myself and hurriedly left his room,” the intern alleged in her affidavit against the judge.

Second Indian judge faces sex case

Whether such culture is quite acceptable if not then why action was not taken against earlier judge facing the same charges? Whether such judicial members is not lowering the dignity of the apex court. Why we are pursuing the ideals of Lord Ram who abdicated his revered queen on the allegation of a citizen even when all the courtiers were supporting him, in order to win the faith of common people of state. Whether there is no value of the faith of countrymen as accountable functionaries are overlooking and not making efforts to win the confidence of common people of state. Whether these judges of the apex court ever regarded the human rights of other individuals. Earlier justice A.K. Ganguli made allegation of conspiracy that a corporate conspiracy was hatched against him but now what he will say? If the apex court don’t shield its wrongdoers ,then whether such allegations will remain quite common and accountable functionaries will have to face.  Justice without force is impotent and force without justice is tyranny. O Lord ,this is right time to incarnate on this mortal world ,and resurrect us. Please safeguard the religion and now you are sole protector.  

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  1. Justice delayed is justice denied and denial of justice creates anarchy in the system. Here this question arises that who is shielding the Justice S.Kumar ? The need of hour is to take action against such wrong doer but still stuck with the post of chairman is dilly dallying approach of government and creating disappointment in the countrymen . No one is above the law of land and every one alike before the law but these articulations are only to read and its practical aspect totally differs and contrary and law of land has been toy in the hand of influential politician , bureaucrats and judicial members. Whether the moral turpitude of judicial member can be overlooked because of his position and rank who lowered the dignity of judiciary in eye of common people of state. Whether such erring judicial members are not lowering the credibility judicial system. Conduct of judicial members must be exemplary which could be followed but whether such conduct could be pursued. Apex court must order an impartial enquiry so that justice may be provided to justice seeker. The face of justice behind the curtain is terrible which need perfect overhauling.

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