I took shelter in department of justice in order to get justice against anarchy.

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Status as on 08 Sep 2015

Registration Number : DEPOJ/E/2015/01353
Name Of Complainant : Yogi M P Singh
Date of Receipt : 08 Sep 2015
Received by : Department of Justice
Officer name : Shri Atul Kaushik
Officer Designation : Joint Secretary,
Contact Address : Jaisalmer House,
Mansingh Road,
New Delhi110011
Contact Number : 23385020
Grievance Description : Persecution by the court of A.C.J.M. First Mirzapur of your applicant is sheer illegal and unconstitutional . Whether it is justified that on the each fixed date , Judge may overlook the case of your applicant in the morning session and hear when entire business of court may be over. Consequently your applicant has to spend entire day in the premises of the court. As a formality in order to request of your applicant , call is made by the court attendant repeatedly but matter is taken up when no business of court remains. Whether such arbitrary act of A.C.J.M. First Mirzapur is not violating the human rights of your applicant. Matter is concerned with the court of Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate first Mirzapur i.e. A.C.J.M. (First) Court District-Mirzapur . State-Uttar Pradesh, India . Criminal Complaint NO. -2315/07 Complainant- Santish Dhar Dubey S/O -Mr. Shiva Nath Dubey Vill+P.O.-Nibee Gaharwar Police station-Vindhyachal Dist-Mirzapur ,Uttar Pradesh Defendant – Yogi M. P. Singh S/O -Shree Rajendra Pratap Singh Moh-Surekapuram ,Jabalpur Road Police station-Katra Kotwali Dist-Mirzapur ,Uttar Pradesh Prayer-Plea of your applicant dated Fri, Mar 6, 2015 at 2:58 AM which was sent to D.J./A.C.J.M. First Mirzapur on 07/03/2015 by your applicant by duly signing each page of application along with annexures may not be overlooked by A.C.J.M. Mirzapur on flimsy ground. Prayer of aforesaid application is as follows – Whether a summon case can be processed under section 244 of Cr.P.C. And plea of defendant can be overlooked by taking the recourse of aforesaid section under which warrant cases instituted otherwise than on a police report are processed. Please take a glance of attached scanned copy of aforesaid application. With due respect your applicant wants to draw the kind attention of the Hon’ble Sir to the following submissions as follows. 1-It is submitted before the Hon’ble Sir that Whether in the name of independence of judiciary tyranny can be allowed. Whether it is justified to process a summon case under section 244 of criminal penal code. On 6-March-2015 your applicant submitted grievance for redressal before various accountable public functionaries including Additional chief judicial magistrate first Mirzapur. On 17-April-2015 he partly heard the matter and asked me what is the difference if complaint is processed under section 244 and onward instead of chapter 20 of criminal procedure code. I replied that since my plea is not being considered by the Hon’ble court so in the interest of justice ,please pursue the chapter xx of Cr. P. C. . He called on counsel for complainants but his junior told him that he is busy in the another court. Counsel for complainant with half a dozen juniors entered into court at 3 PM . But A.C.J.M. First Mirzapur had joined at that day so seniors were inviting in their chambers and juniors were coming to his chamber. As he made the mood to hear case ,he was invited by C.J.M. Mirzapur. He returned back at 4:15 and told us that after taking a glance of the file , hearing will take place on next fixed date as fixed by him 22-May-2015. On 22-May-2015 ,junior was asked to inform his senior to argue in the case. Senior counsel Mr. Kripa

2 comments on I took shelter in department of justice in order to get justice against anarchy.

  1. It is submitted before the Hon'ble Sir that on 24/08/2015 ,your applicant was again physically and mentally tortured by the A.C.J.M. First Mirzapur by confining to court room for seven hours continually in the name of writing order in the case. Here this question arises that why your applicant is being targeted unnecessarily and tyrannically? Hon'ble Sir next date fixed for hearing in the case is 11/09/2015 and your applicant has been ordered to submit fresh application along with the court stamps by pursuing the aforementioned view points of learned counsel for plaintiff.

  2. Here this question arises that an honest person struggling for betterment of society, Why being conspired to face cumbersome process of court. Whether this is award of honesty in this country of corrupt public functionaries.

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