I couldn’t decide who is honest?

I couldn’t decide who is honest? More surprising that few one extreme corrupt expect from citizenry to value them like honest.

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    Hon'ble Sir-Initially there was corruption in the system but even after that there was credibility of the system but today there is naked dance of corruption and people are crying but have no option at all. Entire system has been exposed but our accountable public functionaries instead of taking solid and concrete action ,only considering the way so that they can put blanket on the wrongdoings . Consequently we are dividing our society in two categories 1-those having huge wealth 2-those deprived from two square meal. Such hungry people in order to quench its appetite will indulge in unlawful practice and pose great problem before the society. I am only doing my fundamental duty as prescribed under article 51 A.

  2. Here this question arises why did government of Uttar Pradesh remained failed to punish a wrongdoer bureaucrat. Two institutions play vital role in prosecuting a wrongdoer 1-investigating agency acts under Government 2-Judicial members act in coordination with executives and bureaucrats. Here one thing is obvious that rod of penal action which punish wrongdoers in the Government of India since centuries and new rod only punish whistle blowers and poor and downtrodden section.

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