Grievance disposed merely on the ground that matter sent to concerned public authority

Grievance Status for registration number : GOVUP/E/2019/34825

Grievance Concerns To Name Of Complainant-Yogi M. P. Singh
Date of Receipt-23/10/2019
Received By Ministry/Department-Uttar Pradesh
Grievance Description-Here this question arises that when because of the apathy of the concerned department as they have not sprayed the anti larva solution in the various Mohallas like Surekapuram and adjoining areas for many months culminating into alarmingly rising in the dengue cases in the area, why the government is not ordering the enquiry in the matter so that truth may come out of those who are drawing huge salary from public exchequer without performing duties to serve the people. Whether it is not a matter of concern that 80 percent of people suffering from an acute crisis of unemployment and those somehow arranged jobs in the public sector not doing duties and only drawing salaries from the public exchequer.
The applicant again wants to draw the kind attention of Honourable public functionaries to the menace of the infectious disease Dengue which is consequent of Mosquitos biting and now entire District Mirzapur is under the captivity of this giant disease. This terrible disease is prevailing in the district because of the lackadaisical approach of the concerned staffs of government at the district level. For detail vide attached documents to the grievance.
Grievance Document Current Status-Case closed Date of Action-13/01/2020
Remarks-अधीनस्थ अधिकारी के स्तर पर निस्तारित महानिदेशालय के पत्र संख्या 3फ समन्वय कैम्प अन्तरित 2020 64 दिनांक 08 01 2020 के द्वारा अपर निदेशक मलेरिया स्वास्थ्य भवनए लखनऊ के डिफाल्टर संदर्भाें निस्तारण के लिए प्रेषित
Rating Remarks
From the grievance it is quite obvious that matter was submitted by the applicant on 23rd October 2019 and today is 13th January 2020 which means more than three months was taken by the concerned public functionaries in order to redress the grievance of the applicant. When the matter was quite simple concerned with spray of anti larva solution in the locality which is spread by the concerned public staff within 15 days that is at the interval of 15 days. Most revered sir if the anti Larva will be sprayed after 3 months when the grievance was submitted before the concerned public functionaries then how the grievance was considered disposed without taking action against the wrongdoer staff of the department. Think about the gravity of situation Matter was concerned with the wide public interest but it was redressed by the concerned public functionaries in more than 3 months then think about the genuine problems of the innocent and gullible citizenry and in this matter also half a dozen
Officer Concerns To Officer Name-Shri Arun Kumar Dube
Officer Designation-Joint Secretary
Contact Address-Chief Minister Secretariat U.P. Secretariat, Lucknow
Email Address Contact Number-05222215127

संदर्भ संख्या : 60000190181909 , दिनांक – 13 Jan 2020 तक की स्थिति

आवेदनकर्ता का विवरण : शिकायत संख्या:–60000190181909

आवेदक का नामYogi M. P. Singh

विषयAlarmingly rise in the number of mosquitoes is creating a sensation in the mind of the citizenry in the district Mirzapur and on the complaint concerned public functionaries are not taking any action in regard to the cleanliness and sanitation drive of Prime Minister of India. Numerous applications have been submitted to the municipality Mirzapur as well as chief medical officer Mirzapur but both are reluctant to take any action in the matter concerned with the clean drive. Undoubtedly matter is serious but concerned are not taking it seriously which may cause Havoc to the life of common man. At present, if a genuine enquiry be made in the matter then in each village at least five patients of dengue will be found but it is almost ridiculous that in the report media could not succeed to provide the exact figure. Undoubtedly number game will not provide success to the public functionaries if the ground reality is no more changed. Work on paper cannot provide success if reality is changed. Thanks, sir .


शिकायत श्रेणी नियोजित तारीख12-01-2020

शिकायत की स्थितिस्तर

जनपद स्तर पद जिलाधिकारी

प्राप्त रिमाइंडरप्राप्त फीडबैक

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नोट– अंतिम कॉलम में वर्णित सन्दर्भ की स्थिति कॉलम-5 में अंकित अधिकारी के स्तर पर हुयी कार्यवाही दर्शाता है!

अधीनस्थ द्वारा प्राप्त आख्या :


सन्दर्भ का प्रकार

आदेश देने वाले अधिकारी

आदेश/आपत्ति दिनांक


आख्या देने वाले अधिकारी

आख्या दिनांक






लोक शिकायत अनुभाग -3(, मुख्यमंत्री कार्यालय )


कृपया शीघ्र नियमानुसार कार्यवाही किये जाने की अपेक्षा की गई है।



जांच आख्या अपलोड है




जिलाधिकारी ( )


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अधिशासी अधि‍कारी,नगर पंचायत /पालिका नगर पालिका परिषद


श्रीमान जी की सेवा में विस्तृत आख्या सादर प्रेषित है.


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Bhoomika Singh
Bhoomika Singh
1 year ago

While term “grievance redressal” primarily covers the receipt and processing of complaints from citizens and consumers, a wider definition includes actions taken on any issue raised by them to avail service more effectively.

beautiful images
1 year ago

Undoubtedly public spirited approach of the concerned public spirited person but it is unfortunate that concerned public functionaries are overlooking the grievances of the public spirited person because of the rampant corruption in the government machinery so action must be taken against the wrongdoer staff of the government in the interest of the public. Undoubtedly our public functionaries are big talkers on the public fora but in actual life they are different totally opposite what they speak on the public fora.