Excellent decision taken by U.S. administration which ought to be followed by law abiding country.

US ‘will not drop diplomat charges’    Devyani Khobragade attends a Rutgers University event at India's Consulate General in New York, June 19, 2013

Prosecutors are gathering evidence against Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade ahead of a 13 January deadline for her indictment, US sources tell Indian media.

US ‘to prosecute’ Indian diplomat

India has demanded an apology from the US over her alleged “humiliation”.
But Press Trust of India news agency quoted US sources in New York as saying that the US is gathering more evidence against the diplomat ahead of 13 January, the deadline for her indictment.
The sources said there was no question of dropping the charges against Ms Khobragade or apologising for the arrest.
Whether it is justified that a country may mount pressure on other country by using various techniques so that country stick with the rule of law may leave its justified stand and grant pardon to accused who violated the provision of law of land of foreign country. Please take a glance of following link-http://yogimpsingh.blogspot.com/2013/12/whether-indian-government-acts-under.html

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  1. When Right to Justice is fundamental right and guaranteed right under Indian Constitution under article 32 of constitution of India , then why few ministers are creating hindrances in seeking justice from appropriate united state court to Indian maid as crime perpetrated by the Indian diplomat in the name privileges granted to diplomats. Privileges are granted so that no can misuse power against diplomat but if diplomat itself indulged in wrongdoings then such privileges are meaningless. Indian Government must coordinate to U.S. Officials in order to speedy trial so that poor lady may get justice. U.S. Courts are transparent and accountable and competent enough to provide justice to justice seeker.

  2. This is foremost duty of every government to be instrumental in providing justice to women . How the Indian government can be stumbling block in providing justice to a lady of vulnerable section. Our constitution also supports the function of U.S. functionaries. How the privileges can be shield for a wrong doer? Now the old practice to shield influential must be kept aside.

  3. Where is the justice for poor in this largest democracy in the world? Think about the gravity of the situation that here judiciary is so reluctant to pay heed to grievances of the common people that they never entertain the application of such people only grievances of the specific people are entertained which is the cause of rampant corruption in the government machinery.

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