EPSON Company is not providing the warranty satisfactorily.

is concerned with Mahesh Pratap Singh (Yogi M. P. Singh ) Mohalla-Surekapuram ,
Jabalpur Road , Mirzapur city District-Mirzapur 
applicant purchased a printer from shop digital world Dundhi Katra Mirzapur
which cost Rs.9800.00 was paid to shopkeeper ipsofacto obvious from the
annexure. According to cash memo -warranty is given by manufacturer not by the
firm. It means warranty is subjected to Manufacturer i.e. Epson company.
printer colour head was short circuited , then company staff took two months to
repair. They usually tell  me that they
have sent the order to Bangalore and in one order we seek numerous repairing
parts so this usually comes in one month. Consequently they had taken two
months to repair my printer.
again it is not taking ink but after noting the complaint company staff is not
attending the phone which is being made by your applicant from phone number
7379105911 on Mobile numbers- 18004250011 , 9628372010 and 9628372009 . Whether
it is justified.
Their lackadaisical approach in regard to redressing my grievances
is on its zenith. Hon’ble Sir if they don’t want to provide the services ,then
they take back their product and return back my paid amount. The dull approach
of company staff in regard to providing services causing mental trauma to your
applicant. Concerned company may be directed to provide compensation to your
applicant Rs.5000.00 as damages in the form of mental and physical traumas .
Floor , The Millenia
Tower A ,
No. 1 , Murphy Road ,
Ulsoor ,
M. G. Bangalore -560008


2 comments on EPSON Company is not providing the warranty satisfactorily.

  1. Whether our consumer rights are safe in this anarchy. Once the companies get the price of their product their duty is over and terms and conditions are floated by their staff. They take two months to redress the grievances of consumers. They never try to experience the pain of consumers. Only they some how spend the the warranty time in procrastinating on the grievances of consumers instead of redressing them.

  2. If there is no effective control over the subordinates, then how rule of law can be prevalent in the system. Penal action is the integral part of disciplined system. Penal action creates fear in the mind of wrongdoers and if the rod of action becomes ineffective, then unlawful activities reach at its zenith. In indiscipline and chaos, civilian rights can never be safe.

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