Delhi police arrested 25 years old man for allegedly raping 8 year old girl.

Police in India have arrested a 25-year-old man for allegedly raping an eight-year-old girl in Delhi.
The girl was playing in the park when the accused offered her some sweets and took her away to a secluded area where he raped her, police said.
A neighbour found her in the park and informed her parents. She was taken to hospital and her condition is stable.The latest incident took place on Sunday evening in Delhi’s Bara Hindu Rao area.
Police say the accused is a relative of the landlord in whose house the girl’s family lives.
Last month, a 51-year-old Danish tourist was gang-raped at knife-point close to her Delhi hotel. A group of men assaulted her in the Paharganj area in the early evening after she lost her way and asked for help.
Also last month, an 18-year-old German was raped in Tamil Nadu on a train.

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  1. "Allegation of rape with the adolescent "
    When 8 year old girl was returning back from the shop along with her younger sister ,then she was forcibly taken to near by canal by the youth of same village and raped her. This Tragic incident took place on Friday at night . Alleged rape accused sent the younger sister to home by luring through chocklet . The parents of the victim lodged F.I.R. against the youth but police didn't lodge F.I.R. . Here concerned police station instead of lodging F.I.R. only took the application from the parents as usual. This is too much embarrassing situation that instead of examining the victim in order to get the medical report to verify the claim of aggrieved ,police is procrastinating in lodging F.I.R. . Whether police only provides the protection to influential and poor and downtrodden are deprived from lodging F.I.R.

  2. Whether our constitution quotes that if rape victim may knock the door of competent authorities then such government functionaries may adopt dilly dallying practice on such complaints so that existing evidences may be automatically be annihilated. Whether such subversion of clues can't be curbed to destroy. O God come on this Earth this is appropriate time to incarnate. Matter is concerned with the Jamalpur police station ,District-Mirzapur ,State-Uttar Pradesh ,Country-India

  3. Bahut aasharya ki baat hain ki system ke jimmedar karmachari har kam me paisa chahte hai jab ki unaki jimmedari hain public ki samasyaye sunana . Ak vyakti ki lanaki ke sath rape hua hai aur ye S.O. F.I.R. se pahle subidha shulk chahte hain. kya hame nyay mil sakta hain. Judge ke bagal me baitha lipik seedhe peshi vasulta hain. judge sahab mana nahi kar sakte ki kam kam hamare samne ye galat kam mat karo. Logo ke uper isaka kya asar panega.

  4. Whether this not attack on the dignity of women. Whether women are articles of enjoyment and few demons are using and throwing them. Whether Indian government will provide them justice. This is too much precarious condition and situation is going out of control.

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