Countrymen have so many expectations from Rahul Gandhi having neat and clean image.
Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has announced that he will not stay in the post if his Congress party wins the next election, due in the summer.

He said a Congress candidate would be named at the appropriate time, but that deputy leader Rahul Gandhi had “outstanding credentials”.
Mr Singh said it would be “disastrous for the country” if opposition leader Narendra Modi were elected PM.“Someone who presided over the massacre of innocent people should not be the prime minister,” Mr Singh said in uncharacteristically harsh words for Mr Modi.
Mr Modi is the chief minister of the western state of Gujarat and has been accused of doing little to stop the 2002 anti-Muslim riots there which left more than 1,000 people dead. Mr Modi has always denied any wrongdoing.Mr Singh spoke on a wide range of issues, including the economy, inflation and corruption.
“In a few months’ time, after the general election, I will hand the baton over to a new prime minister,” Mr Singh said in his opening remarks.
He said he was “confident” that the next prime minister would be from the Congress-led coalition and that Rahul Gandhi had outstanding credentials to be nominated as the party’s candidate.
We countrymen also want that our youth icon may reign this country and may give new dimensions to this country. The person who headed a government didn’t appoint Lokayukta (an anti-corruption ombudsman who entertains the the grievances of the people of state against corrupt public functionaries ) in state of Gujarat since ten years wants to wear the crown of prime minister of this country is sheer unjustified. These shameless people who throws mud on our Honest prime minister why don’t think that they are promoting a person for the post of prime minister who floated the norm of constitution time and again.  Whether any state government which is law-abiding will overlook the appointment of Lok-ayukta. During Godhara carnage ,even judge of High court was unsafe who belonged to particular section some how could be provided adequate security on the interference of chief justice of Gujarat High court. The person who allowed the genocide of particular community as the chief minister of state of Gujarat would be ever capable to preserve secular structure of country. Our veteran leader who retained the post of prime minister of India since ten years articulated rightly that to make Narendra Modi prime minister of India may prove fatal to this vast democracy in the world. 

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  1. The person accountable for massacre of 1000 innocent people of particular community can be made prime minister of this country.Whether the role of Narendra Modi doesn't come under cloud as chief minister of state of Gujarat, didn't try to curb the massacre of innocent people. How an individual occupied the highest post in the state can be presumed to be innocent when such a large scale massacre of people of state took place. There was need to book such people behind the bar but loophole in the system and lack of honesty always protects the wrongdoers. We are being befooled by media that individual accountable for non appointment of Lok-Ayukta will provide good governance to countrymen.

  2. These individuals are supported by like minded people who are well expert to explain wrong as right. How a person heading a government can't be made accountable for large scale massacre when there is solid and strong substantial evidence against them . Here influential are never subjected to panel proceeding of law but those raise voice against such wrong doers are implicated under false charges and these public spirited individuals have to move round the courts through out the life because of setting of corrupt executives , executives and bureaucrats and judicial members. Whether not to appoint lokayukta since 10 years was pursuing the spirit of constitution of India.

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