Corruption like termite have made life of citizenry hell. Government is reluctant to take action against it.


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Criminal Case of Mrs. Perachi Selvi and her family on Feud in her fetus before judiciary delay
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This case is pending before judiciary department for long time with out any valid reason. This case was given in NALSA after facing criminals of judicial department and police department. Main reasons for delaying this case and not awarding the divorce decree for welfare of youngsters is extract money from me for the settlement. This case can be closed without any delay by following points.
1. Many neighbors are  the eye witness for criminal attack on me and dacoity in my home.
2. The accused and her family played the criminal drama in my office and the witnesses are the colleagues there.
3. Mrs. Perachi Selvi locked herself inside the house and acted against me as some harassment. Witness is there. She said that she can commit suicide to demand money and early love affair for her family and tried to damage her head and with knife. Only truth serum can bring out the truth.
4. No transparency in the investigation of this case by police because no reply for RTI queries.
5. Written documents are there for herilegal abortion and pregnancy for destroying DNA evidences.
6. Many witness are there in home town for fighting with my mother foe second abortions.
7. Cybercrime can track the last location of my phone stolen by them and the evidences of her love affair conversation can be traced.
8. Approached lawyer for the divorce and they are coordinating with the corrupted police officers in nellai.
9. They are looking for permanent income by filling fake cases on me and refusing all their criminal activities registered in NHRC in legal notice. Family court judges in nellai may be corrupted as judicial criminalize judgement existing everywhere.
10. At this stage I expect only divorce decree under cruelty without complicating the issues and the punishment for criminal activities. All other thing mentioned in legal notice posted to them.

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Criminal Case of Mrs. Perachi Selvi and her family on Feud in her fetus.

1.      Mrs Perachi Selvi has got connection with her ex boy friend in Suresh academy palayamkottai where she went for coaching in getting government job. Her motive was either to get government job by coaching or to get government employed husband in the coaching centre. She got somehow second preference of government servant as her lover from SC/ST background. She knew that he is a permanent employee and working in Tirunelveli collector office. Both were continued in the relationship in mobile phone whatsapp etc., She informed her love matter to her father Mr. Athi Narayanan. She hided the SC/St background of her boy friend to her father. When her father came to know the SC/St background of him her father fought with her in their home. She replied him that now our house is also rented to SC/St person. So what’s wrong with fall in love with SC/St person and marrying him? Her father was not compromised with her decision and broken her mobile phone into pieces to disconnect her relationship with dalit community person. It was not repaired and returned to her until he find suitable match for her. Even he found match of me, Sudalai Kumar, in the month of November 2017 for his daughter he was not able to give her mobile phone back to her. He was suspicious her activities and given suicidal warning to her if she continue relationship with that person. She was only allowed in her father’s mobile phone to talk with sudalai kumar after marriage alliance.  Her phone was strictly prohibited in her house for any contact with her friends and her boy friend or lover. It seems that she might find her boyfriend again in mobile phone. Later on, her phone was handed over to her only after marriage fixed with me.
Evidence: Enquire her friends about her mobile phone problem and not solved even after some months. She was in her father phone for several weeks in connection with her friends. Phone was returned to her in December 2017 end and January 2018 beginning.
2.      Theft of Mrs Perachi Selvi’s gold chain in the marriage hall on 19-01-2018 and discussed among all relatives. Doubted person is her father and her brother Sankar. Still no complaints were given on it from their side. There was an issue between my family and her family about this theft of her gold chain in the marriage hall. My family members blamed her parents and relatives for this theft of gold items since marriage was conducted in their premises. My family members left her house with misunderstanding of gold chain theft and they never returned to her house after this incident.
3.      I found her love affair and other bad relationships in her mobile with her boy friend and her brother in law after returning from Tiruchendur on 21-01-18 night. There was a fight between me and her father on 21-01-18 about her love affair and the injury caused by him on my right hand. It was treated by their tenant nurse may be Parvathi. They have not allowed me for treatment in hospital. They threatened me not to reveal this matter of fight and love affair to anyone. I have not been allowed to talk with their neighbours after this incident.
Evidence: Enquire her nurse staying at their rented house.
4.      My family members and myself stopped relationship with her relatives, parents and sibling in phone calls, WhatsApp and etc .for the reason of robbery, love affair and attack with me on 21st January night 2018.
5.      Then the same issue was started in journey to Chennai with me and my family on 26-01-18 and she escaped to get down from train when her parents are not there. Only her maternal uncle was there to control her and stopped her in escaping from the train. There was a quarrel between two families in the train on this issue of her escape to nellai. She stayed in the train with unknown persons. May be she wanted to return to her boy friend/brother in law in nellai who was not interested to attend my function. Her brother in law didn’t come in that train due to guilty of illegal affair with her. Both families have got separated in the morning 27-01-18 and went on their own way on 27-01-18 morning from chengalpattu railway station. Her family went to maraimalai nagar with her and my family went to T. nagar.  I returned to polichalur for my house warming function in my flat. Both families and relatives attended function and left on 28-01-18 afternoon. Her family members are also left my house on same day and my family members left on next day.
6.      Her parents visited suddenly on 03-02-18 without any intimation. Her pregnancy was confirmed by her parents visit on 3rd February 2018 and the issue started between them for her pregnancy. They were planning to do abortion and destroy the DNA in relation to caste atrocities on SC/ST community. Abortion plan was dropped after my interference.  I was not aware of all these and not able to know what’s going on? I spent 10 days with her and not known the issue of importance of abortion from her family side. Every family get usually happiness but their family were eager on abortion.
7.      Her parents left on 3rd February evening from my flat after strong objection on abortion from my side. She was in argument with me for abortion on the same day and fear of DNA test. Then she abused me to my friends in my phone and neighbours on 3rd night February 2018. She locked herself inside my flat and created the scene of harassment against wife. My neighbour visited my flat in the morning and asked her to open the door on 04-02-18 morning. She refused to open the door and started abusing me in the early morning to that neighbour. I unaware of the criminal situation and totally confused me.
8.    Goons were hired by their family and attacked me in my home on 04-02-18 late morning. Goons attacked me and blood was released from my right hand which was attacked already by her father on 21-01-18. Five members including goons joined together and rolled with me on my floor and caused injury to my leg and blood came out. The cell phone and the jewels belong to me were stolen by Lachumanan and goons on 4th Feb. 2018 and destroyed the evidences of her love affair activities and her abuse in my phone. List of goons and others involved in the attack are forwarded to police already.


9.    Goons blackmailed me to suppress the truth of her love affair and unknown pregnancy before attack on me. I raised voice and left my house immediately and ran in street to polichalur police booth on 04-02-18 and directed by police booth to sankar nagar S6 police station. The mob and goons controlled/ influenced/ bribed the S6 sankar nagar police station and changed the case to fake dowry case on me in w35 women police station tambaram. Then I attended the AWPS W35 Tambaram with the blood on my right hand and leg. I was not even aware of medical treatment for me and reported the crime first in police station. Police has not given attention to me and the goons were brave enough to stand in police station with my phone and jewels in vehicle.
10. Two of my senior higher officers from my office visited W35 women police station and compromised me and saved me from fake cases. All gold jewels belonged to her and thaali chain were given to Mrs. Perachi Selvi by my senior officers on 04-02-18 evening and she left my flat with all gold ornaments. I was unaware of my gold chain going with her.
11. Whole of her family and relations visited my office and spoiled my image and spread the news of impotent allegations on 06-02-18. They changed the mindset of my senior officer who helped me on 04-02-18 by group drama and crying in my office. Whole office turned against me and lost support from colleagues to come out of their criminal activities and plan of threatening me in fake cases.
12. Fake case of dowry and domestic violence on me was enquired by W35 AWPS again on 07-02-18. Direction of criminal case given by me is totally changed by this police station and suppressed all truth of their attack and dacoity in my house.
13. As per the criminal plan an support of police in s6 and w35, the pregnancy of Mrs. Perachi Selvi was also aborted by them on 12-02-18 and not resulted properly by giving heavy dosages though mouth and vagina. Further taken her to thirumullaivoyal hospital for serious issue of treatment of aborting child and destroying DNA evidence. DNA was destroyed to know the person responsible for her pregnancy either Mr pechimuthu or Sc/st person. But this may be in relation to cast atrocities on SC/ST community over the cruelty on own daughter’s pregnancy.
14. In the mean time fake cases enquired by w35 AWPS police and started torturing me to accept the statements/allegation of fake dowry by them on Feb-Mar 2018. This is to threaten me not to file case on criminal attack and suppress the truth of her lover affair and illegal pregnancy.
15. She returned to me after three months gap on May 2018 with second pregnancy and confirmed the same with doctor. She came to me with fake promise of not involving in any criminal and bad activities od adultery with anyone. I waited for DNA test and it is possible after some periods from pregnancy.
16. Gynacologist Chennai doctor spoke to her about first pregnancy and illegal abortion for the safe treatment of second pregnancy. The doctor noted that it is induced mtp in the medical receipt means illegal abortion for the treatment and suggested lab for test.
17. She spent couple of weeks in my house with second pregnancy and created the issue of her abortion of second pregnancy. She said that she wanted go to back to her house to meet her brother in law for this abortion issue. Her brother in law and her house are just few meters in distance and child formed without proper safety condoms. She was there with him for three months after separation from me on 04-02-18. They involved in adultery when her parents out for jobs.
18. Her parents visited my native place Pattarpuram and fought with my stay alone mother for abortion on July month 2018. They irritated my mother by saying abortion of second pregnancy and recorded her angry words for fake dowry case. My mother was not aware of her illegal love with sc/st person and illegal affair with her brother in law. They took her under their custody for abortion on 14th July 2018 night time. They have taken abnormal route to escape from my village people at night time for abortion. It all happened when I was in Chennai.
19. Reported this incident to the area police Nanguneri and police has failed to save the DNA evidence on the same day complaint in CCTNS portal. Again the abortion was done after police complaint in Nanguneri and as usual dowry case given in AWPS against me. DNA was destroyed by them and reported as miscarriage in AWPS palayamkottai. Finally background of the abortion and her pregnancy is unknown in the custody of criminals.
20. Second Fake case of dowry 15 lakhs on me, my brother and my mother was in AWPS palayamkottai on Sep to Oct 2018 was by her family. This is to threaten me and family members for reporting their crimes of first abortion and second attempt to abortion in Nanguneri police station. They escaped as per usual formula of biased law.
21. Police showed special interest on fake cases and supported them by her fake allegation on me. Effective bribe might have played main role against me to suppress my case in Nanguneri police and file fake case in AWPS palai.
22. Legal notice was issued by me on November and December 2018 to know her opinion of restitution under conjugal rights with few conditions. Conditions are there to avoid any more criminal activities as police and judicial systems are corrupted. But no response for reunion or restitution from her or her family for my legal notice on 19-11-2018 and reminder notice on 17-12-18.
23. Main issue is not solved yet is now who is responsible for her pregnancy? From my investigation and witnesses Either Mr Pechimuthu, brother in law or her ex boy friend from Sc/ST category worked in nellai collector office are responsible for that. All evidences like my cell phone, DNA, Police records are destroyed by them with police support and witnesses office colleagues and eben my village people are being influenced by them with support of congress person.
24. Police investigation reports are delaying and RTI replies are pending before police stations. These criminal reports are main things along with my witnesses to file Divorce decree in Court as I can’t believe police and judicial systems in India for my protection and failures of controlling crimes.
25. RTI replies for her complaints in two AWPS are strong against me but they are baseless when uninformed witnesses to police are there to break them and they are all different from the enquiry held in police stations.
26. I received a letter/notice to appear on 23-05-19 in family court Tirunelveli-02 for the judicial separation and relief based on the fake allegation given by the other party Mrs.Perachi Selvi and her family. The allegations which made in this court petition are totally different from the allegation made in the W35 AWPS Tambaram and AWPS palayamkottai. It is proved that they are all baseless allegation motivated by police.
27. This is obtained from RTI replies from DC/AC office Tirunelveli. They indicated the fake allegation in RTI reply that the return of Jewels and psycho behavior are removed from this court petition and added new allegation of Rs. 10 lakhs (AWPS W35) in the first family issue of abortion and Rs. 1,00,000 (AWPS-Palai) in the second abduction issue for second abortion. I remember 15 lakhs allegation was made in AWPS palai in the presence of lawyer and witness. Now it is reduced to Total Rs.11 lakhs. of fake allegation in court petition. They have not mentioned any NHRC cases and police cases pending on them and denied the abortion matter.
28.  One more new allegation that made is I demanded money for the job reason of my Brother in the first instance of issue goons attack. At least this is matching with situation of my brother who was unemployed for four years for not paying bribe to get the job.
29. Second the same allegation put on my mother is she asked money in the second issue during second pregnancy ad abortion. At the time of this issue my brother settled well in job without giving single penny of bribe on April 2018.
30. Other allegation is that suspicious of her character and torturing her on the ground of chastity is totally fake. Even though she is wrong I tried to save her from abortion and saved her from other criminal activities of committing suicide etc.,. I have not hated her character and requested her in legal notice to change this character and live life peacefully without any criminal activities. She was secured in pregnancy in my home and with my mother. Abortions were done only in the criminal custody.
31. One more allegation is that I have broken her finger and damaged badly during her second stay with me. Truth is that the ring she worn was gifted by her brother in law after separation from me on 04-02-18. He gifted this ring for her love affair with him and continue sex relationship with her. She told me to remove it after reunion with me on May 2018. It was difficult to remove from her finger and got swelling. Took her for treatment and X-ray taken by me. There is nothing serious about it and Doctor laughed on this issue of my care about her. Nobody would hurt wife only the single finger for the sake of fighting.
32.  This is not good to continue relationship with evil family and evil character of Mrs Perachi Selvi in fact it is dangerous to me and family members. I am now in the fear of life threat on me and my family. She may kill me and my family members by giving poison in food or her family hired goons kill us and report the incident in police station as dowry harassment and escape from the murder of me and my family members. Police can change any evidence and witness to escape them from the crime of murder as already saw in two incidents of goon attack and abortions.
33. Further submitted to the court/commission to consider me as a victim of their several criminal activities and issue the divorce decree without any conditions or any demand from me on the ground of cruelty, life threat and survival. Effective Police Action is needed for the above criminal activities for the welfare of the society and Most of them were police motivated incidents like goons attack, abortions, fake cases, no FIR on criminal activities, defamation of my profile, fighting with my mother who stays alone in home, two times abortions and fake dowry cases.
Best Regards,
Dr. S. Sudalai Kumar M.Sc.,Ph.D.,
Chemist, Chemical Analysis Wing
Department of Geology and Mining

(Government of Tamilnadu)

TVK Industrial Estate
Guindy, Chennai-32

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1 year ago

Undoubtedly it is real face of this largest democracy in the world.
This case is pending before judiciary department for long time with out any valid reason. This case was given in NALSA after facing criminals of judicial department and police department. Main reasons for delaying this case and not awarding the divorce decree for welfare of youngsters is extract money from me for the settlement.

Arun Pratap Singh
1 year ago

Undoubtedly matter is concerned with the infanticide / foeticide and the need of the hour is it must be thoroughly investigated.
My mother was not aware of her illegal love with sc/st person and illegal affair with her brother in law. They took her under their custody for abortion on 14th July 2018 night time. They have taken abnormal route to escape from my village people at night time for abortion. It all happened when I was in Chennai.

Beerbhadra Singh
Beerbhadra Singh
1 year ago

If a person who is awarded doctorate degree in the subject of chemistry is not achieving justice being so highly educated then think about a common man how will he get justice in this anarchy? After drawing huge salary from the public exchequer indulged in the illegal activity of taking bribe from the innocent and gullible citizenry whether it is not an offence in this largest democracy in the world