Corona is originated from China accepted by entire universe but we couldn’t secure ourselves is bitter truth

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RTI Request Details :-
RTI Request Registration number PMOIN/R/E/20/01955
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Name Yogi M P Singh
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The speed to proliferate of corona virus pandemic is quite swift therefore we must be alert more than the normal. Our strategy to tackle this pandemic is bipolar 1-Prevention 2-Cure/remedy.
1-Please provide other measures adopted to curb spread of pandemic at the district level including diagnosis centres excluding lock down.
2-Please provide the measures were taken to fix the accountability of those whose dereliction caused this global epidemic to spread in India.
Concerned CPIO Nodal Officer
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Corona Virus Pandemic is global epidemic consequently we need global solution of it instead of a diplomatic solution. Diplomacy may not be allowed on this fatal disease on humanitarian ground as its result may be terrific. This epidemic may be monitored through a world level platform in transparent and accountable manner and entire countries must support it. This pandemic is the foe of entire human society not a particular section. All countries must share their successful initiatives in regard to tackle this global epidemic instead of promoting bargaining by selling its products at high rates to fill exchequer as our lives are priceless and this untimely demise of our people can’t be compensated.

There are poor non-developed countries facing crunch of resources to tackle this global epidemic so they must be supported in order to face this challenge created by the corona virus an enemy entire human society. In this hour of crisis we should forget our enmity among us so that complete annihilation of this global epidemic may be feasible as its existence is challenge to our existence. The speed to proliferate of this pandemic is quite swift therefore we must be alert more than the normal. Our strategy to tackle this pandemic is bipolar 1-Prevention 2-Cure/remedy. We are well apprised with this fact that in regard to cure of this notorious global epidemic, we could not achieve appreciable results although our efforts are continued in this direction but our preventive measures are quite successful. We are observing that those countries adopted preventive measures with due care and attention still free from this menace. Those remained inert despite the whistle of alertness only singing their stories false success. With this post, few preventive measures are given in this attached booklet so take the perusal of this booklet as your life is invaluable for us so please save yourself and save us.

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Preeti Singh
7 months ago

Undoubtedly it is most genuine question before the accountable public functionaries of the government of India. When the origin of this global epidemic is not India which means it has been imported to India. Here this question arises that where are we remained incompetent to curb this super giant from entering into my beloved country which is now making us easy prey? How had the mismanagement occupied place in this good governance of Modi Sir which is being monitored top most bureaucrats of this country.

Beerbhadra Singh
Beerbhadra Singh
7 months ago

Who is the superpower of this Universe? Even a layman can reply it corona virus is the superpower of this universe because it defeated superpower America and China as well. Entire world lost its patience before this giant power. We are far behind to understand the truth of this nature. This pandemic inspires us to understand mystery of the nature and science alone cn’t provide us full security.

Bhoomika Singh
Bhoomika Singh
7 months ago

When every country wants to be superpower then it is perfect time to prove to be superpower. Whoever will defeat Corona will be proved as superpower why not countries coming forward to defeat this giant power. Our science has been defeated by Corona it is perfect time to take shelter of the god. God is almighty who will protect us but for it there must be full dedication to God.

Arun Pratap Singh
7 months ago

There are no testing centres for corona infected patients and those available do not support the patients quite obvious from the Pizza boy case of Delhi. If the test is not available in the national capital then think about district head quarters and blocks. Think about the gravity, Pizza boy visited three times hospital but concerned doctors did not check him. Whether it is not mismanagement? In the name of preventative measures only lock-down but diagnosis and other measures are not being adopted to control the rising of patients and grasp the global epidemic.