Corona is global epidemic so we need a global solution of it and world level body for this specific purpose

Corona Virus Pandemic is global epidemic consequently we need global solution of it instead of a diplomatic solution. Diplomacy may not be allowed on this fatal disease on humanitarian ground as its result may be terrific. This epidemic may be monitored through a world level platform in transparent and accountable manner and entire countries must support it. This pandemic is the foe of entire human society not a particular section. All countries must share their successful initiatives in regard to tackle this global epidemic instead of promoting bargaining by selling its products at high rates to fill exchequer as our lives are priceless and this untimely demise of our people can’t be compensated.


Last updated: April 13, 2020, 02:13 GMT

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Coronavirus Cases:


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ACTIVE CASES-1,315,354

Currently Infected Patients-1,264,597 (96%)

in Mild Condition

50,757 (4%)

Serious or Critical


Cases which had an outcome:

423,554 (79%) Recovered / Discharged

114,247 (21%) Deaths

There are poor non-developed countries facing crunch of resources to tackle this global epidemic so they must be supported in order to face this challenge created by the corona virus an enemy entire human society. In this hour of crisis we should forget our enmity among us so that complete annihilation of this global epidemic may be feasible as its existence is challenge to our existence. The speed to proliferate of this pandemic is quite swift therefore we must be alert more than the normal. Our strategy to tackle this pandemic is bipolar 1-Prevention 2-Cure/remedy. We are well apprised with this fact that in regard to cure of this notorious global epidemic, we could not achieve appreciable results although our efforts are continued in this direction but our preventive measures are quite successful. We are observing that those countries adopted preventive measures with due care and attention still free from this menace. Those remained inert despite the whistle of alertness only singing their stories false success. With this post, few preventive measures are given in this attached booklet so take the perusal of this booklet as your life is invaluable for us so please save yourself and save us.

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Beerbhadra Singh
Beerbhadra Singh
7 months ago
Reply to  Yogi

Where is the Diagnosis Centre of the patients of Corona infected in the district Mirzapur if concerned accountable officer cannot tell me then what is the management to tackle this fatal disease? Where is the information available regarding the arrangement of district administration Mirzapur to face the challenges of Corona virus a global epidemic. How the transparency measures are being adopted in implementing the scheme concerned with the central government to curb this Global epidemic in the district Mirzapur?

Preeti Singh
7 months ago

We need full proof security which can’t be provided Lock-down alone because lock-down can control infection but it can’t search infected patients and here are only two support numbers in the case to deal with corona one provided by central government and other by state government which is not sufficient to deal with giant like corona.