Construction cost of the office of Narendra Modi is Rs.150 crore .

Whether B.J.P. Party is misleading the countrymen by misusing the money power as it is easy to lure the many greedy fellow .Now it has been burning question before the B.J.P. accountable functionaries that from where this huge fund is coming which is being spent on extravagant rallies and construction of costly luxurious offices . 
Kejarival must be applauded for 
“denying to take flat”only when media men questioned that a
common man don’t live in a duplay consisting of five rooms This is really a
lesson for leaders like Narendra Modi . We should meditate on it that office of
prime ministerial candidate of B.J.P. party has been prepared at cost of Rs.150
crore. Most important thing is that really congress Government is shielding
wrongdoers as no one is asking from where this fund has been collected. We
urgently need transparency and accountability in the system. It is true that
there is sheer corruption in the system but system is under the clutches of
corrupt executives ,bureaucrats and judicial members so it has been impossible
to take action against wrongdoers. Here action is taken against whistle blowers
cum public spirited persons in order to wreak vengeance for exposing the
corrupt deeds of public functionaries. Please take a glace of news story of Amar Ujala. 
करोड़ों का है मोदी का नया ऑफिस
दिल्ली के नए मुख्यमंत्री और आम आदमी पार्टी सुप्रीमो अरविंद केजरीवाल के
लिए पांच
पांच कमरे वाले दो डुप्ले
चुने गए
, तो राजधानी में बवाल मच
गया। ऐसा विवाद खड़ा हुआ कि अगले ही दिन केजरीवाल ने ये सरकारी फ्लैट लेने से
इनकार कर दिया।
केजरीवाल ने कहा कि वैसे तो वह अब भी चार कमरे वाले मकान में रहते हैं और
सरकारी फ्लैट में केवल पांच कमरे हैं
, लेकिन मेरे चाहने वालों ने फोन कर कहा कि इसे लेकर सवाल उठ रहे हैं। इसलिए
मैंने अब छोटा घर खोजने के लिए कहा है।

लेकिन इस बीच खबर आई है कि भाजपा के पीएम पद के दावेदार नरेंद्र मोदी का
नया दफ्तर बनकर तैयार है। वह बहुत जल्द इसमें तशरीफ लाने वाले हैं। यह ऑफिस
150 करोड़ रुपए में तैयार किया गया है।

2 comments on Construction cost of the office of Narendra Modi is Rs.150 crore .

  1. Whether an individual put before you as prime ministerial candidate expending enormous amount on construction of office and millions of rupees on its extravagant rallies would be ever capable to provide you transparent and accountable government. Prime minister of India is most accountable post and this crown must not be handed over to most inefficient person who may be habitual to break the law of land. If this person had little regard for democratic values then no delay of 10 years was made in the appointment of lokayukta in the state of Gujarat.

  2. Whether it is justified to mesmerize the countrymen with particular name by expanding huge wealth on extravagant rallies and construction of office. Today central minister Jayram Ramesh made the allegation of misuse of MGNREGA fund in the state of Gujarat but concerned government didn't take any action on the direction of central government. Why government of Gujarat is misusing the fund meant to poor and downtrodden.

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