CGRF Varanasi advised your friend to contact Mirzapur forum earlier advised by UPERC to contact former.

An application under section 142 of The Electricity Act 2003


Unstarred  Yogi M. P. Singh AttachmentSun, Aug 2, 2015 at 5:52 PM

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CGRF Varanasi


Mon, Aug 3, 2015 at 4:28 PM
To: “Yogi M. P. Singh” <>
Dear Sir,

It is informed you that your district does not belong to this forum. So kindly contact to Mirzapur Forum to redress your grievance.

WIth Regards,
(Ramajanm Singh),
Personal Assistant
CGRF, Varanasi

On Sun, Aug 2, 2015 at 5:52 PM, Yogi M. P. Singh <> wrote:

Hon’ble Sir-Attached PDF documents , Arbitrary billing by Executive Engineer EDD II Mirzapur contains 17 pages documents.
1-Letter of secretary of Uttar Pradesh Electricity regulatory authority.
2-Letter of Executive Engineer ,EDD II Mirzapur affirming your applicant that your connection is having sanctioned load of Kilowat which was proved after enquiry.
3-Three pages proposed tariff  for LMV-1 for year 2015-16 it means whatever tariff was in financial year 2014-15 was less.
4-From page 6 to 17 are electricity bills of various months.
Hon’ble Sir –Please consider my complaint submitted under section 142 of electricity act 2003 and also take perusal of aforesaid documents thereafter pass appropriate order in accordance with the law which must be exemplary.
                                                                           Yours sincerely

                                                                          Yogi M. P. Singh  

Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum,
64-Chandrika Nagar Colony (Behind Nagar Nigam),
Sigra-Varanasi (221010)
Phone – 0542-2223127

Every one is crying in the state because of anarchy created by electricity companies but UPERC redressing the grievances only on papers.


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Mahesh Pratap Singh Yogi M P Singh


AttachmentSun, Jul 12, 2015 at 12:24 AM
To:, pmosb <>, supremecourt <>, “sec.sic” <>, cmup <>, csup <>, “” <>,, uphrclko <>, urgent-action <>, secy-cic <>
Whether members and staffs of  Uttar Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission understands the spirit of regulation or only follow those lines prescribed for them.Whether this is not the last line of letter  No. UPERC/Secy/VCA/2015-452              Dated:   1.6.2015  If any excess amount has been charged on account of MD Penalty and additional  fixed charge, then it shall be duly adjusted in the next two billing cycles of the respective consumers . How much access  amount  extorted from consumers every one knows but not a single coin was returned by erring companies.
11 July 2015
With due respect your applicant wants to draw the kind attention of the Hon’ble Sir to the following submissions as follows.
1-It is submitted before the Hon’ble Sir that please take a glance of following e-mail which is chatting between two accountable staffs of Uttar Pradesh regulatory authority as consequent of representation as follows-
What is the value of direction of electricity regulatory authority for 
electricity companies in the Government of Uttar Pradesh? 3 messages
Mahesh Pratap Singh Yogi M P Singh <> Sun, Jun 21, 2015 at 2:56 PM To: pmosb <>, supremecourt <>,
 urgent­action <urgent­>, “” <>, csup <>, cmup <>,
 uphrclko <>,, “sec.sic” <>,, Detail is attached with this representation.
A K Srivastava <> Mon, Jun 22, 2015 at 5:19 PM Reply­To: A K Srivastava <> To:
  ­­­­­ Original Message ­­­­­ From: Dr. Amit Bhargava To: A K Srivastava Sent: Monday, June 22, 2015 12:24 PM Subject: Re: Fw: What is the value of direction of electricity regulatory authority for electricity companies in the Government of Uttar Pradesh?
Respected Sir,
If required, the sender of the e­mail may please be informed:
That the Commission as per the legal provisions is not empowered to hear consumer grievances.
Hence for the resolution of his grievance, he may approach the CGRF (Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum) of his area. The details of the same are available on the UPERC website at the following link ­ FormName=html/CGRFAboutUs.htm
D(Tariff), UPERC
Arun Kumar Srivastava Secretary, U.P.Electricity Regulatory Commission, 2nd Floor,Kisan Mandi Bhawan,Vibhuti Khand, Gomtinagar,Lucknow Phone 0522­2720426 Fax:     0522­2720423 Mob: 91­9415023365 website: email:
‐‐  Dr. Amit Bhargava Director (Tariff)  Uttar Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission, Lucknow, U.P. 09415023226
Hon’ble Sir from the subject of representation even a layman can understand the matter that it relates to function of Electricity Regulatory Commission but aforesaid staffs of commission either really incompetent to understand or mocking in planned way that they are not understanding the contents which is quite common in the system . If the order passed by Uttar Pradesh Regulatory Commission actually followed by the electricity companies , most of the grievances would be automatically redressed.
2-It is submitted before the Hon’ble Sir that your applicant immediately pursued the link made available in the e-mail sent by the secretary of Uttar Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission and in order to get redressal of my grievance and also sent the representation to the competent authority but representation is still un-redressed. Hon’ble Sir may be pleased to take the perusal of attachments.
3-It is submitted before the Hon’ble Sir that Hon’ble Sir may take a glance of letter of Uttar Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission sent to Managing director Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited through its secretary highlighting justice at consumer’s door steps. Whether such practice of Uttar Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission is not like elephant teeth which is only for show not to eat.
This is humble request of your applicant to you Hon’ble Sir that It can never be justified to overlook  the rights of citizenry by delivering services in arbitrary manner by floating all set up norms. This is sheer mismanagement which is encouraging wrongdoers to reap benefit of loopholes in system and depriving poor citizens from right to justice. Therefore it is need of hour to take concrete steps in order to curb grown anarchy in the system. For this your applicant shall ever pray you Hon’ble Sir.
                           ‘Yours  sincerely
                            Yogi M. P. Singh
Mohalla-Surekapuram, Jabalpur Road District-Mirzapur , Uttar Pradesh ,India

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R.T.I. Communique to Executive Engineer ,E.D.D.( II) Mirzapur.pdf
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Whether this bill is according to electricity regulatory commission..pdf
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null – Consumption.pdf
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3 comments on CGRF Varanasi advised your friend to contact Mirzapur forum earlier advised by UPERC to contact former.

  1. If required, the sender of the e­mail may please be informed:
    That the Commission as per the legal provisions is not empowered to hear consumer grievances.
    Hence for the resolution of his grievance, he may approach the CGRF (Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum) of his area. The details of the same are available on the UPERC website at the following link ­ FormName=html/CGRFAboutUs.htm­STATUS­02012012.pdf
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  2. More than two years passed but no accountable public functionary showed the keenness to the whistle blower in order to solve his problem. Initially bungling of 700crore came into the light but S.T.F. didn't book any engineer , Assistant engineer and junior engineer shows the lackadaisical approach of Government of in order to solve the problem of people by sending the wrongdoers behind the bar. 200 CRORE was extorted by electricity companies from consumers arbitrarily but Electricity regulatory authority remained failed to be instrumental in returning back additional charged bill by erring staff of UPPCL to poor villagers.

  3. कम्प्यूटर सँख्या : PG05669400 , प्रेषित तिथि 08/08/2015, पत्रांक : -PG05669400/लो.शि.-2/2015
    विषय : प्रार्थना पत्र अण्‍डरं सेक्‍सन 142 का विद्युतिकरण नियम 2003
    प्रेषक : श्रीएम0 पी0 सिहं , 2 तल किसान मण्‍डी भवन ,गोमती नगर , लखनऊ , उत्तर प्रदेश
    प्रेषित : प्रबन्ध निदेशक, उ.प्र.पावर कारपोरेशन लि., उत्तर प्रदेश
    संदर्भ प्रकार : अन्तरित
    सन्दर्भ स्थिति – अन्तरित, अन्तरण दिनांक : 08/08/2015
    निस्तारण विवरण: अन्तरित । आपका प्रार्थना-पत्र निस्तारण हेतु प्रबन्ध निदेशक, उ.प्र.पावर कारपोरेशन लि., उत्तर प्रदेश को प्रेषित कर दिया गया है । कृपया सम्बंधित अधिकारी से अपने कम्प्यूटर सन्दर्भ संख्या के साथ संपर्क करने का कष्ट करें ।
    सम्बन्धित अधिकारी/विभाग द्वारा भरी गयी सूचना-
    अध्यावधिक स्थिति : –
    सम्बन्धित अनुभाग : –
    सम्बन्धित जनपद : –
    जवाब भेजे जाने की तिथि : –
    अभियुक्ति : –

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