At least Modi Sir decided to help the victim of drought in Uttar Pradesh is welcome step.

steps taken by the Modi Government in regard to drought affected area of state
of Uttar Pradesh is praiseworthy but now still they have to ensure proper
implementation of this huge fund as history is witness ,most of the public fund
is siphoned by corrupt public functionaries in this state and when complaint is
made ,then no action is taken by accountable public functionaries of state and
centre overlooks the matter as matter is concerned with the state if more
activism,they will forward the matter to state functionaries which is filed in
the offices of government of Uttar Pradesh. 
पर सरकारी धन खर्च करने का तरीका अजीबो गरीब हैं यहाँ सरकारी धन नियमानुसार खर्च
करने के बजाय इस बात पर मंथन होता है की कैसा ट्रिक अपनाया जाय पूरा का पूरा
सरकारी धन अपने जेब में आजाय
| बड़ा
आश्चर्य है कि उच्चतम न्यायालय के फटकार का इतना असर हुआ की तुरंत इतनी बड़ी रकम
राज्य सरकार केंद्र ने दे दिया जब कि भाजपा को यह भय नहीं है कि राज्य में विधान
सभा चुनाव होने जा रहे हैं जिसमे जनता राज्य व केंद्र सरकार दोनों को जनता करारा
जवाब देगी  | मीडिया भी न तो सच लिखती है
और न सच दिखाती है |

Two Lakhs salary of public functionaries can be paid but meagrewages of MGNREGA workers can’t be paid.

Mahesh Pratap Singh Yogi M P Singh

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to presidentofind.pmosbsupremecourturgent-actionhgovupcmupcsupuphrclko
Whether this is not mockery of the system that chief minister of M.P. will draw Rs.2Lakh as emoluments of salary from public exchequer. On one side of screen people are dying of hunger while on other side of screen there is steep hike in the salary of legislators as well as executives.
01 April 2016
Central government couldn’t provide the fund consequently wages ofMGNREGA workers still not paid by the state government of Uttar Pradesh . Hon’ble Modi Sir ,where are our good days ? There are good days only for public functionaries and we are dying of hunger. Those speak truth are sent behind the bar on fabricated charges and face the prosecution for no offence done by them . Whether we don’t know what is going on in the system ?
With due respect your applicant wants to draw the kind attention of the Hon’ble Sir to the following submissions as follows.
1-It is submitted before the Hon’ble Sir that whether public representative means those who loot own people. Whether it is justified that by thumping the table may pass the bill by overlooking the interest of people . When our people will dye of hunger on large scale who will control us?
 2-It is submitted before the Hon’ble Sir that think about the gravity of situation that Rs. 1 crore and 25 lakhs amount of payment ofMGNREGA workers is pending alone in Mirzapur district of Government of Uttar Pradesh. We people are already facing wrath of drought and if the wages will not be paid ,then deaths due to hunger will not alarmingly rise. Please take a glance of attached documents. 
 3-It is submitted before the Hon’ble Sir that whether we are not apprised with the fact that since Uttar Pradesh is not B.J.P. Ruled state so share of state is arbitrarily withheld on flimsy ground so that aggrieved public may target the incumbent of the state. We know well that B.J.P. Instead of obliging  us that considerable portion of M.Ps. Belong to this populous state ,increasing our miseries in order to gain power in the state. We want justice and social equity not tyranny and arbitrariness . How long we will tolerate this arbitrariness and tyranny? Divide and rule is the policy adopted by the government during colonial rule but it seems that even after independence we didn’t get rid of this venomous policy.
This is humble request of your applicant to you Hon’ble Sir that It can never be justified to overlook  the rights of citizenry by delivering services in arbitrary manner by floating all set up norms. This is sheer mismanagement which is encouraging wrongdoers to reap benefit of loopholes in system and depriving poor citizens from right to justice. Therefore it is need of hour to take concrete steps in order to curb grown anarchy in the system. For this your applicant shall ever pray you Hon’ble Sir.
                                      ‘Yours  sincerely
                            Yogi M. P. Singh Mobile number-7379105911
Mohalla-Surekapuram, Jabalpur Road District-Mirzapur , Uttar Pradesh ,India .
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