At least Amazon understands the problems of its customers consequently better credibility comparatively

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Complaint Number: 600425
Complaint Reg Date: 2018-02-06 19:35:19
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Yogi M. P. Singh Mahesh Pratap Singh
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By Web
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E- Commerce
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Online Shopping
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Amazon Seller Services Private Limited
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Company Details <> 5 February 2018 at 19:01 Reply-To: To:
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E-COM – Wrong Promises
Complaint Details :
Following message was received yesterday at 7 O clock in the evening according to Indian standard time from Amazon customer service. It is unfortunate that 24 hours passed but not a penny was refunded. Hello,I am Shinitha from Amazon customer service. Please be assured that I am here to help you and will do my best to resolve this. Thank you for sharing the courier receipt with us.  I understand that you are concerned about the refund of your product. Please accept my sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused to you thus far. I do understand how frustrating this must have been to you if I relate myself in your situation. To help you with this I have checked with the refund details and I would like to inform you that the full refund would be processed within 24 hours.
Status :   Disposed
Company Remark :
This has reference to your complaint no.600425 filed with the National Consumer Help desk, in respect of your order having order ID 405-0305489-3945144placed with an independent third party seller on (“Website”). On a review of the complaint, we find that you have requested for a full refund. It is submitted that the refund worth Rs. 3,090.00 as requested and required by you has been processed into your account as on 6th February, 2018. As per the standard process, the refund will reflect in your account within 4-5 days from initiation. In case, you have not received the refund in the original mode of payment selected by you while placing the order, you are requested to contact the customer care department of your bank. The refund has been made from the nodal account managed by the designated bank as per the RBI guidelines. The nodal account facilitates collection and deposit of funds from buyers to be credited into the seller’s account / refunded back to the buyer as per the regulatory process for e-commerce transactions. It is submitted that the Reserve Bank of India, guidelines dated 24.11.2009 bearing No. RBI/2009-10/231,require opening and operation of such a nodal account for settlement of payments for electronic payment transactions involving intermediaries like Amazon Seller Services Private Limited. Further, it is submitted that our role is limited to that of an intermediary and we are not the seller/manufacturer of the products listed on our Website. The products listed on our Website are sold by independent third party sellers. In view of the above, the issue stands closed from our end. We appreciate your patience and strive to provide you with an exceptional customer experience. For any further clarification/s, please feel free to call us on 1800-3000-9009. Thanks! 
Remark Date  2018-02-08 18:38:37
Status :   Closed
Agent Remark :
Company has responded to your complaint as per their terms and conditions, if you are not satisfied with the company response you may file your case with Consumer forum following the procedure prescribed by them. Complaint closed from NCH 
Remark Date  2018-03-05 14:56:29
Status :  Disposed
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Undoubtedly monitoring of Amazon is excellent. I visited few others online shopping but I found more credibility on Amazon. But it doesn’t mean that I will not raise voice against wrongs if occurred during online shopping at the Amazon.

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Mahesh Pratap Singh Yogi M P Singh

Undoubtedly monitoring of Amazon is excellent. I visited few others online shopping but I found more credibility on Amazon. But it doesn't mean that I will not raise voice against wrongs if occurred during online shopping at the Amazon.

Mahesh Pratap Singh Yogi M. P. Singh

Undoubtedly the job of concerned staffs of Amazon online shopping is praiseworthy as there are many who remains busy in looting the pockets of others.