Are you sufferer of Atrocity of musclemen or corrupt public personnels or corrupt politicians?

Whether you are sufferer of human rights violations by Wrongdoers, then contact to your friend by sending detail on e-mail
Dear friends if you are suffering because of
1-physical exploitation of your boss at work place and on your complaint no action is being taken by the concerned Government functionary as your boss is Influential.
2-grabbing of your land by musclemen who may be gangsters, corrupt public functionary and you are knocking the door of concerned Department of Government but because of influence of wrongdoers, Government functionaries are impotent before them.
3-your loved daughter which you like most is burnt by the in-laws in the greed of dowery and police is adopting lackadaisical approach in taking action against the crime perpetrators because police is in tacit understanding with the in-laws because of unfair dealings.
4-for carrying bussiness you are being pressurized by gangsters and musclemen to provide goonda tax weekly in the name of providing security othetwise not allowed to do bussiness.
5-Atrocity and tyranny of police like not lodging the rape cases, pressurization of police to the family of rape victims in order to compromise with rapist, use derogatory language by the police with the aggrieved family.
6-those children whose parents have died are being deprived from public aid by corrupt staff of Government.
7-those who are being deprived from basic amenities because of discrimination and corruption in the Government system. 

3 comments on Are you sufferer of Atrocity of musclemen or corrupt public personnels or corrupt politicians?

  1. Hon'ble friends be informed that all the help and support to the aggrieved will be provided free of cost. Here we will require those documents from the aggrieved which have been submitted before the competent authorities during earlier representations with supportive evidences. We want betterment of our society and Government machinery free of corrupt elements.

  2. Great anticorruption initiatives commenced by Yogi Ji. There is no rule of law. Such initiatives be made from all quarters. Because of corruption in the system, no one wants to pay heed to grievances of poor and downtrodden. Undoubtedly praiseworthy efforts by Hon'ble member.

  3. The root cause of all evils is deep rooted corruption. This corruption is oriented from topmost of administrative hierarchy to lowermost rank. Earlier public functionaries used to indulge in illegal practices behind the screen but now they are openly demanding the bribe. There are substantial evidences of siphoning of public fund but competent authorities are not taking action and wrongdoers openly saying that we have sent the shares to them. Here protectors of law itself great violators of it. Whether this is good governance. During Dr. Manmohan Singh PMO was more transparent and accountable. At present it doesn't want to pay heed to grievances of common people. In this Government public will soon come on streets. Here intelligentsia class is on the verge of starvation.

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