After one month 14 days, revenue department forwarded application to D.M. under 6(iii)


Registration Number REVDP/R/2019/60032
Name Harishchandra
Date of Filing 08/12/2019
Status REQUEST DISPOSED OF as on 22/01/2020
Reply :- प्रकरण को अग्रेत्‍तर कार्यवाही हेतु सूचना का अधिकार अधिनियम 2005 की धारा-6(3) के अन्‍तर्गत जनसूचना अधिकारी कार्यालय जिलाधिकारी,मिर्जापुर को अन्‍तरित कर दिया गया हैा
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  Nodal Officer Details
Telephone Number 9454412840


Pasted from <>

Online RTI Request Form Details

Public Authority Details :-

* Public Authority Revenue Department

Personal Details of RTI Applicant:-

Registration Number REVDP/R/2019/60032
Date of Filing 08/12/2019
* Name Harishchandra
Gender Male
* Address Village Adampur , Post Nibee Gaharwar, Block Chhanvey
Pincode 231303
Country India
State Uttar Pradesh
Status Details not provided
Pincode Literate
Phone Number Details not provided
Mobile Number +91-7054703028
Email-ID preetisinghgaharwar[at]gmail[dot]com

Request Details :-

Citizenship Indian
* Is the Applicant Below Poverty Line ? Yes
BPL Card No.

(Proof of BPL may be provided as an attachment)

Year of Issue 1998
Issuing Authority District Supply Officer
((Description of Information sought (upto 500 characters) )
* Description of Information Sought The matter is concerned with Complaint number -40019919029515 of Applicant- -Harishchand which was entertained by Tahsildar sadar District-Mirzapur and detail is attached. PIO may provide the following information point-wise as sought.

 1-Provide the name and designation of the concerned staff, processed the aforementioned grievance.  

2-Provide the posting detail of concerned staff in the district..

3-Provide copy of Paimise report made by staff if not made then provide reason.

* Concerned PIO Sanjay Kumar Tripathi
Supporting document ((only pdf upto 1 MB))


Pasted from <>

In compliance of the aforesaid judgements of Honble Apex Court in the cases of Jagpal Singh and others supra and Hinch Lal Tiwari and others supra, the State Government issued Government Order on 23.03.2011 issuing directions to all the Divisional Commissioners, all the District Magistrates and Commissioner and Secretary, Board of Revenue, U.P. Lucknow to the effect that the provisions contained in Section 122B of U.P.Z.A L.R Act provides adequate provision for the protection of such propertiesland vested in gaon sabha or in a local authority and that appropriate proceedings be initiated to take action under Section 122B 1 of the said Act on a report submitted by the gaon sabha or by the local authority concerned. The said Government Order dated 23.03.2011 further provides that appropriate authority is empowered to initiate the proceedings for eviction under Section 122B 2 of the Act by taking suomotu cognizance of the matters. The Government Order further issued various directions for removal of the encroachment from the chakroads, drains or from other public utility land in case any complaint in that regard is received. The Government Order further directs the authorities concerned to dispose of such matters or such complaints relating to unauthorized occupation within a month and thereafter to take help of the police administration to remove the illegal encroachment.




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Beerbhadra Singh
11 months ago

Undoubtedly this is mockery of the law of land and it is obligatory duty of accountable public functionaries to correct it and such practices are stumbling block in seeking information from the public offices so there is need to take steps in this regard so that such practices may be stopped in wide Public Interest

11 months ago

Think about the gravity of situation that aggrieved individual suffering for two years and concerned Tahsildar and Lekhpal submitting the arbitrary report on the portal and no one taking action against them and this Lekhpal is posted in their home district since the date of appointment in the service. Whether corruption will not be promoted in the department because of such Local staffs.

Shilpa Mishra
Shilpa Mishra
11 months ago

Where is justice if this poor man is knocking the door of accountable public functionaries for for more than 2 years and no one is payingng heed to his grievances?